RCFS Ch. 87: You, Get Out 2

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“Absolute fire? Ha, who do you think you are?”

Ye Wanting thought it was ridiculous!

Who dared say these words to her face!

“Hey, I think you should believe it. After all, what I’ve calculated for you has come true, hasn’t it?”

Ye Yunxi casually untangled her long hair, and her dark eyes fell on Ye Wanting with a smile that was not a smile.

She had figured out that Ye Wanting would never be able to pass the Junyao test in her life!

These words were like a curse, this thought suddenly appeared in Ye Wanting’s mind. She was so angry that this bastard was humiliating her again!

“By the way, I also plan to build a studio for my father. In the future, filming will be his official job. Anyway, there is an heir, why can’t he do what he likes?”

Keep making noise.

“Is their family rich?”

“Isn’t a lot of money required for filming?”

“Can it really be filmed?”

“I heard that Ye Junpo borrowed a lot of money, and the Heishe Club came to collect the debt a few days ago. It’s gone!”

“The Ye family won’t be smashed by him, right?”

“It can’t go on like this!”

Seeing everyone’s reaction getting stronger and stronger, Ye Wanting became happy.

This was what she wanted!

If the heir couldn’t do it, then no one could do it!

Seeing that the scene seemed uncontrollable, Ye Yunxi frowned, and she looked at Ye Jianxing subconsciously.

This white-haired grandfather had actually closed his eyes and seemed to be taking a nap, he had no intention of getting involved!

Oh, what, are you going to give her the rights of an heir now?

That’s right, there are three fires when the new official takes office. She had just become the heir, and her position had not yet been warmed up. If she did not show the status of the heir, how would she give orders to move this group of superlative relatives in the future?

Ye Yunxi hooked the corner of her mouth. She was used to being a soldier in her previous life. Although the promotion was a good thing, it should be hanged. Otherwise, how could one lead the team?

She narrowed her eyes and looked at the second uncle’s family.

Since it was you who are picking things up, let’s make a cut on you!

“Since I can move back to my home, then, second uncle, you have to make room.”

Ye Yunxi fiddled with her long hair lazily, her black eyes getting deeper and deeper.

Ye Junlai groaned in his heart, and subconsciously looked at Ye Jianxing, the old man was actually taking a nap!

“But have we been living in our own house?”

Ye Junlai gritted his teeth.

“The family home has always only been for the head of the family and the heir. Second uncle, it doesn’t matter if you don’t like me, or if you want to grab my position, you are welcome to come and find fault in secret, but that home is not a place for you to live.”

At that moment, Ye Junlai’s face contorted.

This was blowing them away!

Damn, his daughter didn’t get the position of the heir, and they had to be blasted away in front of everyone’s eyes!

This Ye Yunxi!


“Grandpa is sleeping. Second uncle should not disturb the old man. I am the master of this matter. I will move it today, and we will move back to our home early tomorrow morning.”

After she finished speaking, she glanced at him with a smile. Ye Wanting, as expected, her complexion was extremely difficult to see.

But Ye Yunxi wasn’t finished, she still said: “Wanting, the two curses I gave you have been fulfilled, how is it, right?”

Ye Yunxi!!!

Ye Wanting was about to explode!

In less than half a month, you will get out of Ye family home!

Where did she get out of the Ye family home, she was now being kicked out of the Ye family home!

Damn trash!

You have come to go against me!

Ye Wanting was furious, but Ye Junlai knew very well that at today’s family banquet, their heads had been completely stepped on!

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