RCFS Ch. 86: You, Get Out! 1

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On their own merits?

The person standing beside Ye Jianxing should be her!

The position of heir should also be hers!

Even Junyao’s admission letter should be hers!

This waste, actually took all this away from her!

Ye Wanting gritted her teeth, feeling more and more unhappy in her heart.

“I still have a question.”

Ye Wanting looked at Ye Junpo, her eyes gloomy as ice: “I heard that the uncle is making a movie?”

When he was named, Ye Junpo was slightly startled, and everyone in the family stared at him.

“Filming? Is he still obsessed with this?”

“He didn’t even think about why I hewas kicked out of the house in the first place?”

“The mission of the family is to return to the Sword of the Empire as soon as possible. What’s the matter with him filming?”

The difference?

Everyone in the Ye family knows that it was because Ye Junpo insisted on filming that he had a big fight with Ye Jianxing and was kicked out of the family. Otherwise, even if Ye Junpo was a waste, at least he could stay at home without worrying about eating and drinking, unlike now, where he lived a tense life.

“So, Ye Yunxi is not qualified to be the heir, right? With such a father, where did she get the face to be the heir?”

It’s going to have such an impact on his daughter!

It was a good thing to inherit the family business, but if his daughter missed this opportunity because of him, he would blame himself for the rest of his life!


Before he could speak, Ye Yunxi had already taken a step forward, standing arrogantly in front of everyone.

“Shut up!”

With a scolding, everyone quieted down, because it sounded too gloomy!

“I am the heir of the Ye family, and I will take care of the future of the Ye family. This has nothing to do with my father. Whether he is filming or doing nothing, it has nothing to do with all of you and the future of this family!”

With a gloomy tone and arrogant attitude, dark eyes looked down, everyone watching subconsciously averted their eyes and closed their mouths.

This waste was so powerful!

“It doesn’t matter.”

Ye Wanting was still unrelenting. Today, she had lost face here, so she also wanted to make Ye Yunxi lose face!

“But everyone knows that uncle has never filmed at all. If he becomes popular, he will give face to the clan leader. If he does not become popular, then he will embarrass the entire Ye family! For the sake of the family, uncle should change his decision of filming as soon as possible!”

Yeah, what was he filming anyway?

It was better to stay at home and be a rice bug!

Did he think he was a big name or a famous director?

Had anyone seen what he had filmed?

It was okay for him to busy yourself, but he shouldn’t embarrass the Ye family!

Ye Junpo’s face became very ugly. He didn’t expect that he would still be humiliated this time when he came back!

What happened with filming?

This was his dream. Even if he left his home and was penniless, he still had a dream that must be fulfilled!

What right did they have to say that about him!

The more Ye Junpo thought about it, the more uncomfortable he felt. He really didn’t want to stay in this place for a moment!

However, Ye Yunxi said lightly: “You don’t need to worry about it. I’ll also give my dad a hand. This movie will definitely be a hit!”

Under the bright lights, the girl’s unfathomable smile, her confident and determined look, she seemed to have already won the ticket!

[Ding! +10+10+10…]

At this moment when the Awesomeness XP burst out, the system was excited.

Great host!


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