RCFS Ch. 88: You, Get Out 3

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Everything that they had calculated went in vain, but Ye Yunxi made great progress all the way, and even kicked them out of the gate of the Ye family!

It was useless to say anything today!

The old man obviously didn’t care, everything was a foregone conclusion!

Ye Junlai gritted his teeth and said, “Wanting’s legs aren’t healed yet. Since the heir is decided, then we won’t wait any longer!”

After speaking, he pulled Ye Wanting up, turned around and left.

“Dad, Dad!!”

Why should we go!

Dad, I’m going to tear that trash’s mouth off!

“Let’s go!”

Ye Junlai’s face was so gloomy since he had to leave today like a lost dog. One day in the future, he would definitely get back!

“Since the second uncle has no objections, which one of you still has objections?”

Ye Yunxi pinched her waist with one hand and stood arrogantly in front of the main seat.

The luxurious Xinghe long dress looked like a sky full of stars, making her whole person look like a little bit of stars, which was extremely dazzling!

These people could see that Ye Yunxi was asking them what they wanted, she was simply bringing Ye Junlai down to operate against Ye Wanting!

By the way, also letting them know that she was the heir of the Ye family!

If you have objections, you have to hold her back!

This move was simply killing chickens and warning monkeys!

Now, in the banquet hall, no one dared to say a word!

Ye Junlai came and fled, so what were they!

“Since there is no objection, the family banquet will continue.”

She turned her head indifferently, stood in front of the old man, and whispered, “Grandfather, wake up, eat something before going to bed.”

Ye Jianxing, who pretended to be asleep, moved his eyelids, then he opened his eyes like a child and wondered, “Hey, did I fell asleep?”

Ye Yunxi wanted to roll her eyes, hehe, you really haven’t slept, you were really just pretending to be asleep!

But even so, Ye Jianxing looked very happy.

“Hey, where’s your second uncle?”

Ye Jianxing asked deliberately.

“He went back to pack up, tomorrow he has to make room for me and Dad.”

“Oh, yes, the family home is originally reserved for the owner and heir.”

The old man’s words completely confirmed Ye Yunxi’s position. For the rest of the people, you look at me, I look at you, and no one dared to make trouble.

On the other side of the fourth uncle, there was a young man who was yawning, while resting his chin on one hand, as he stared lazily at the beautiful girl who seemed to contain the galaxy.

Ye Yunxi?

Huh, interesting.

The family banquet had a lots of ups and downs.

Even when they saw the clothes that Ye Junpo and his family were wearing, not many people laughed.

At first, they thought it was just a clown jumping on the beam in a dragon robe, but at the end they were surprised to find that they were indeed the royal family!


Ye Yunxi was the heir!

After all, the might of the Ye family returned to Ye Jianxing’s hands, no, it was in the hands of the heir.

“Big brother, it’s still your ability. Yunxi is really good. In the future, you will have to help your brother!”

“Yes, brother, I always thought that you can do it, no problem! When the movie is released, I will definitely go see it. Jiayou!”

When the heir changed, the third uncle and fifth uncle also followed the wind, and started surrounding Ye Junpo with incomparable attentiveness, while toasting him. Ye Junpo felt uneasy, as whoever badmouthed and put them down previously, had now come back to please them.

But the third uncle and the fifth uncle didn’t care, they were still close together, who could call them two faced?

After eating, everyone dispersed. This time Ye Junpo didn’t take a taxi, because Butler Wen personally called the Ye family’s car and sent them back in person.

Jiang Baichuan was left by Ye Jianxing to entertain alone.

Because he desperately wanted to know what Ye Yunxi did to get the first place in the exam!!!

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