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Since entering this banquet, Ruan Ni had been sitting on the sofa motionless. She hated this place, and even more hated her brother’s arrangement for her——

“Ni Zi, if you can’t choose a suitable marriage partner today, then you can only let me, as a big brother, choose for you.” The man in the suit and leather shoes smiled softly but couldn’t hide the gloom in his eyes, “Don’t worry, I will definitely choose a good man for you.”

She couldn’t bear to watch him, and as time passed, the fire in her heart became more and more prosperous, and she couldn’t wait to do something.

She lowered her eyes, pursed her lips tightly, stared at the cup on the table in front of her, she couldn’t help wanting to smash it when she squeezed it…

“May I have this dance?” A nasal and hoarse voice sank into her ears seductively.

Ruan Ni was startled, and then said coldly: “No.”

“Sorry to disturb…” The owner of the voice did not bother.

“Ni Zi, what did you say!” A familiar voice interjected.

Ruan Ni’s shoulders froze, and her hand was grabbed on to fiercely, with absolutely no strength on the surface, her brother Ruan Feihan’s flattering voice sounded above her head, “Young master, Ni Zi rarely comes out to see the world, so it’s easy for her to be shy, don’t take it seriously.”

Ruan Ni raised her head in surprise and caught sight of a smiling face, even if half of her face was covered by a mask, this only added a mysterious charm to this person.

Her heart shrank, it was undeniable: Few women could refuse such a man.

“Ni Zi, why are you still standing still? Why don’t you go with the young master!” Ruan Feihan grabbed Ruan Ni’s shoulders harder.

Ruan Ni’s rebellious mentality soared, “I…”

“You scratched her.” Si Huang’s eyes fell on Ruan Ni’s bare shoulders.

Ruan Feihan was startled, and quickly released his hand, “I didn’t exert any strength.” However, when he released his hand, it revealed the red finger marks on Ruan Ni’s bare shoulders.

At this time, the next dance song was already playing, she had noticed that many women here were eager to dance with her, Si Huang thought about it, and turned around.

She just needed a dance partner, it didn’t matter who it was.

A hand suddenly grabbed her arm, “I’ll dance with you.”

Si Huang looked back at the beautiful young face, “Okay.”

She gently pulled the girl into the dance floor.

In the eyes of other people, the man was tall, straight and elegant, while the woman was pretty and lovely, and the dance was perfect and pleasing to the eye.

On the dance floor, Si Huang was dancing with his dance partner, and suddenly heard her whisper, “What are you looking for?”

Si Huang looked down at her without hiding anything, “Looking for someone.”

“You used me.”

“No. You can too.”

“…” Ruan Ni was silent for a second, then said, “Your status is very high.”

Si Huang smiled and said nothing.

Ruan Ni gritted his teeth, “Do me a favor, and I’ll help you this time.”

Si Huang’s wrist forced her to turn around in her arms, and then fall into her arms with the sound of music. After a pause, Si Huang lowered her head and said, “The difference between the two tasks is too big.”

“I haven’t said what I want you to help with.” Ruan Ni held back her heartbeat and stared at her, “It may be very easy for you, it’s just a matter of words.”

Si Huang shook her arms and made her stand up straight again.

At this time, the dance music had entered the second half.

Si Huang felt that her dance partner was still staring at her, so she lowered her head and looked at her, “My words can only help you temporarily, but it will bring you more trouble.”

Ruan Ni thought that this was said because she wanted to deliberately shy away, but a close look at the other person made her see the sincere and clear eyes behind the mask.

The owner of these eyes was not lying.

Ruan Ni’s heart sank.

The dance got over.

The two bowed to each other and parted.

Si Huang said softly, “Although it’s a small favor, I still owe it to you.”

Ruan Ni moved her lips without making a sound, then she raised her head a second later, and said arrogantly, “I will find a chance to get it back! My name is Ruan Ni.”


When Si Huang and Ruan Ni had been on the dance floor, Jia Wei had been trembling with fear.

He finally found an opportunity to please the Young Master, and he must not be robbed by the Ruan family.

Jia Wei was afraid that the Young Master would start liking Ruan Ni in the blink of an eye, and the chips in his hand would become useless.

Thinking of this, Jia Wei didn’t dare to bank on to the appetite of the ‘Young Master’. When he saw Si Huang getting off the dance floor, he immediately greeted him enthusiastically, “The Young Master dances really well, unlike us rough people!”

Si Huang smiled lightly: “You flatter me.”

Unsure of his thoughts, Jia Wei quietly handed her a room card with a meaningful smile, “I don’t think the Young Master has any other interest in the banquet. It’s better to go up and enjoy it. The Young Master will definitely be satisfied.”

Si Huang did not take the room card, and didn’t play vague cards with him, “I don’t have to participate in the auction?”

Jia Wei: “Haha, what the young master said, it’s yours if you like it.”

Si Huang said lightly: “Where’s her mother??”

“It’s all there, let Young Master handle it.”

Si Huang was silent.

Seeing this, Jia Wei became nervous, and the room card in his hand became hot.

When Si Huang reached out and took the room card, Jia Wei’s whole body and mind relaxed.

“There’s going to be chaos in the underworld lately, you pay attention.” Hearing this, Jia Wei was startled for a moment, then ecstatic, but he suppressed it and did not show it on his face, “Yes, yes, thank you Young Master for reminding me.”

Si Huang squinted and looked away, “That’s the president of Fenghua.”

Jia Wei looked in the direction of her gaze – a man in a dark blue suit with a black panther mask, holding a glass of champagne, stood in the crowd with an elegant and decent appearance.

Jia Wei had been in contact with him before, so he really knew, “Yes, it’s Si Zhihan.”

The corner of Si Huang’s mouth rose slightly, and the startling glance at the beginning, and the observation of the dance floor later, had been enough for her to confirm the identity of Si Zhihan.

“Let him stay overnight and send him three doses of BI4.”

Jia Wei’s pupils tightened.

BI4 was an addictive drug. A small amount could make people addicted for life, adding fun in all aspects, and they felt that there were no sequelae.

This drug had not yet been circulated, and only a few gangs knew about it.

‘Young master’ could say it casually, but in Jia Wei’s opinion, it was a matter of course, it only made him more convinced of the identity of Si Huang as the ‘Young Master’.

It was just that Jia Wei also knew that once BI4 was used in excess, it would seriously damage the spirit, and at least make a person lose the X function and be sterilized.

“Don’t let him be stupid.” Si Huang said again.

Jia Wei was silent for two seconds, struggling violently in his heart, but he was a little relieved to hear this.

Si Zhihan was the president of Fenghua Entertainment, and their transactions that were a little unclear on the road had really crippled people but had a very small impact on him.

Jia Wei whispered: “Young Master, what you say, Jia will definitely not refuse, but Jia is a little puzzled, this Si Zhihan…”

Si Huang smiled lightly: “Offended someone who shouldn’t be offended.”

Jia Wei knew that he couldn’t ask anything else.

He gritted his teeth and made up his mind, “I will handle it.”

He had to be careful with this kind of thing, so Si Zhihan did not know that he did it, and in exchange for the favor of the Young Master, it was worth it!


Si Huang went to the suite with the room number indicated on the room card.

Zhou Jun walked in with her, and as soon as the door closed, he said, “You…” He looked annoyed and forbore, but before he blurted out his words, he was stunned by a terrifying look from Si Huang.

“…” Zhou Jun even thought for a moment that Si Huang was going to kill someone. Until Si Huang silently said: Monitor.

Zhou Jun was shocked, and the annoyance on his face became heavier.

Si Huang ignored him, and the moment he walked into the suite hall, his eyes were instantly frozen, and he said to Zhou Jun, who was about to follow, “Stay outside.”

Zhou Jun paused and left obediently.

The door to the suite closed again.

Si Huang walked to the sofa, Yu Ling was wearing a gauze dress and was tied up in a shameful posture. She was sober, and the moment Si Huang walked in, her eyes fell on her.

Yu Ling didn’t shout or show any aggressive hatred in her eyes, instead she looked calm and obedient.

[Your Majesty, she is malicious towards you.] Five Treasure appeared at this moment.

“I know.” Si Huang replied silently with consciousness.

Yu Ling pretended to be obedient, but she couldn’t escape her eyes as an actress.

Now Yu Ling was like a lurking piranha, she looked sweet and delicious, but once she really bit, she would do her best to give you a fatal blow, even if the consequences were the same for her.

Si Huang picked up the fruit knife on the table and approached Yu Ling. At that moment, she felt Yu Ling’s body tense.

When she cut the rope for Yu Ling, she lowered her head and whispered in her ear: “It’s me, Si Huang.”

Yu Ling shivered violently, and when the rope was cut, she was still trembling on the sofa.

Si Huang stood up straight, looked at her quietly for a second, and said in a still disguised voice, “There should be spare clothes in the room. After you put them on, bring your mother out.”

Yu Ling opened her mouth and said nothing, she just lowered her head. Then she headed towards the room immediately.

About five minutes later.

Seeing Zhao Limei who was supported by Yu Ling walk out together, Si Huang couldn’t help but sigh about the coincidence of fate.

“Let’s go.”

Si Huang stood up.

Zhao Limei squeezed Yu Ling’s wrist.

Yu Ling wanted to explain that she should not be nervous, but she was afraid of affecting Si Huang’s plan, so she could only use her eyes to appease Zhao Limei.

The tacit understanding between mother and daughter after adversity was even better. Zhao Limei didn’t understand why Yu Ling suddenly calmed down, but she still chose to believe her.

Si Huang opened the door and saw not only Zhou Jun but another man in a black suit outside.

As soon as Zhou Jun saw Si Huang, he immediately shouted: “Young Master.”

Si Huang did not look at the man in the black suit, and said to Zhou Jun indifferently, “Go and prepare the car.”

Zhou Jun responded.

The man in the black suit didn’t seem to recognize Si Huang’s identity, so he said with a smile: “The nightlife has just started, why are you in such a hurry.”

Si Huang smiled lightly, showing alienation, “I don’t like hotels.” Then he walked away.

The man in the black suit dialed the phone when he couldn’t see her anymore and told Jia Wei on the other end of the phone.

After Jia Wei hung up the phone, he only complained bitterly in his heart: Too picky! Shouldn’t even the cover have to choose the flavor!


As soon as Zhou Jun got off the elevator to the parking lot, his cell phone rang.

He picked it up and looked at it, and his whole person was like being hit by a lightning strike.

The number from which the text message came was unfamiliar, but the content of the message was: Xiaojun, I don’t like betrayal.

Standing there for a few minutes, the elevator behind him opened again, and Si Huang and the two people walked out from inside.

“What’s wrong?” Si Huang saw at a glance that Zhou Jun was wrong.

This sentence awakened Zhou Jun, he said dryly: “…he knows.”

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