CFCS Ch. 208.2: Apocalypse World (12)

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The moment Qi Yun’s healing ability was transmitted to Shang Yue through the instrument wire, Shang Yue’s body shook violently, and his body bounced significantly.

“Hurry up!” Professor Cui, who was looking at the screen value, shouted loudly, “The ability is repelling, stop it quickly!”

Qi Yun seemed to have been hit in the chest by a large electric hammer, because he was lying on the ground. Because of this, he swallowed a mouthful of sweet blood before spitting it out. The intense pain in his chest made him tremble, and the pain eased a little only when the instrument was turned off.

Shang Yue felt very uncomfortable, he breathed hard, and then opened his eyes with difficulty.

All the values on the screen showed that Shang Yue’s current physical condition was very poor. After the experimental treatment just now, the values dropped significantly, proving that his condition had become worse than before. Neither Professor Cui nor the doctors thought of it. But Shang Yue actually opened his eyes and woke up in such a situation.

“Qiu, Qiu Jin.” It was difficult for Shang Yue to make a sound now, but he still called Jing Yang’s name very forcefully.

“What did you say?” Seeing that he seemed to be about to say something very important, the doctor listened carefully to his ear.

“Look, Qiu, Jin. Qiu, Qiu Jin.” Shang Yue tried his best to say what he wanted to say and fell into a coma again.

“He said he was looking for Qiu Jin.” He heard what Shang Yue said to the doctor and looked at the others with puzzled and nervous expressions, because they didn’t know who Qiu Jin was.

The other doctors didn’t know who Qiu Jin was either, so they could only look at me and look at you at a loss.

“Qiu Jin is the boy who took me in before and was brought back by Shang Yue with me. How could I forget him, hurry up and find him.” Professor Cui said eagerly to his assistant.

Jing Yang originally wanted to see Shang Yue’s grandfather, the top leader of the military region, but learned that Shang Yue’s grandfather was not in the military region now. Just when he wanted to think of another way, the guard told him that Professor Cui’s assistant had come to pick him up.

Finally, being able to see Shang Yue, Jing Yang felt a little relieved, as long as he could see Shang Yue, he would definitely have a way to save him.

Qi Yun was helped off from the operating bed by the doctor’s assistant. His chest was still very painful, and his face had turned pale from the pain. But when the doctor’s assistant wanted to help him go to a ward to rest, he shook his head and refused, and endured the pain without saying anything. Because he heard that Qiu Jin was coming, the person he regarded as his biggest opponent and also his enemy. He had been defeated by him again and again, but this time, he had an unprecedented idea of not wanting to lose to him.

Shang Yue rejected his healing ability, which meant that it was impossible for him to change his fate by saving Shang Yue. A huge sense of despair eroded his heart, and he tried his best to comfort himself. Although he could not save Shang Yue, it did not mean that Qiu Jin would definitely be able to save Shang Yue. Shang Yue rejected his healing ability, and he might also reject Qiu Jin’s healing ability. He must watch Qiu Jin fail to make him feel better.

Jing Yang quickly glanced at Shang Yue who was in a coma through the glass wall, endured the heartache and reluctance, and went to the side to do the energy test of supernatural powers.

When he stood on the supernatural energy test bench and activated his supernatural power according to the instructions, the value of the energy displayed on the screen quickly soared to the highest point, and even exceeded the highest value set by them. There was no way to test it, such that everyone in the laboratory was shocked.

The doctors looked at each other with disbelief, and even Professor Cui never thought that Jing Yang would have such a strong ability. What surprised them even more was that there was such a powerful person in their military region, and they didn’t even know it, because he was basically hidden by Shang Yue.

Qi Yun had seen Jing Yang’s ability before, and knew that he had obtained a super power crystal core, so he was not surprised that Jing Yang had such a strong ability. He could only pray now that Shang Yue would also reject Jing Yang’s ability.

“With the strength of your power, if Shang Yue doesn’t reject your power, his body can quickly recover. But if you’re not sure whether he would reject it or not, don’t use too much energy, test it with a little bit of energy. Otherwise, he may not be able to withstand it, and his physical condition will become worse than before. He is already in a very dangerous situation now, you must be careful.” Professor Cui told Jing Yang, while glancing at Qi Yun, what he said implied that because Qi Yun used too much force at the beginning, Shang Yue’s physical condition became worse.

Jing Yang didn’t have the mood or mind to care about Qi Yun now. After listening carefully to Professor Cui’s advice, he walked in and stood next to Shang Yue and looked down at him.

“Come here and lie down.” The doctor patted the operating table next to him.

Jing Yang went around and said to the doctor, “Please put our two operating beds together, I want to be closer to him.”

The doctor gave Jing Yang a puzzled look, but he put the two operating beds together without saying anything. Because now Shang Yue was really in crisis and it was important to save people quickly.

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