RNMG Ch. 46.6

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Who knows? Know what?

Si Huang figured out the meaning of these words in two seconds, and calmly said to Zhou Jun, “Send the people back first.”

Zhou Jun followed her.

The four walked to the parking space of their car but saw a man in a black T-shirt and dark blue jeans sitting on the bonnet of their car. Hearing the voices, he turned his head and looked over. When his wolf-like gaze swept over Zhou Jun, it was very cold, and when he turned to Si Huang, he showed an indescribable surprise.

He jumped off the front hood and muttered, “Two times.” Then he walked to the window of the back parking space of an unremarkable blue private car in the adjacent parking space, tapped twice and said, “Boss, the people are here.”

The window rolled down slowly.

A handsome face appeared in front of him.

The man’s skin was very fair, and his straight black hair was neatly trimmed, making his fair face look even more pure and flawless. His eyes were also black and white, his nose was pretty, and his lips were bright red. When you see him, you think about the blue sky, the clear and the gentle breeze, so refreshing and pleasant that it made people feel comfortable. This comfort would make people unable to guess his real age.

When this man turned his attention to you, the comfort was still there, but there was an unattainable elegance and alienation.

Si Huang sighed inwardly: Zhou Jun’s few words did not even express half of this man’s style.

“…Master.” Zhou Jun pursed his lips, took two steps closer, and shouted with his head lowered.


The man in jeans suddenly punched him in the stomach, knocking Zhou Jun down to the ground. The man raised his foot again. If he kicked him this time, he would have taken half the life of Zhou Jun.

A leg swept over and intercepted the leg of the man in jeans.

“Tsk! You have a lot of strength!” The man in jeans took a half step back, staring at Si Huang in surprise.

Si Huang didn’t look at him, but looked directly at the man in the car, “He has to help me send someone off.”

His low, mellow and gorgeous voice was amazing.

In front of the original owner, there was no need for Si Huang to disguise her voice.

The man in the car moved his eyes and smiled.

This smile was elegant and gentle, and the affinity was beyond the table.

He pushed open the car door and stepped out with long legs, he was wearing a light gray knitted sweater on the upper body and off-white trousers on the bottom. From the clothes’ effect on the upper body, it could be seen that the clothes were all customized according to his body size, which matched his temperament and style and made him look even more charming.


“Retreat.” The gentle voice was very suitable for him.

Si Huang watched the man stretch out his hand to him. The well-defined hand’s manicured nails were round and clean, and on the wrist, he was wearing an iron-gray handmade watch. Everything revealed the man’s sophistication and delicacy.

“Hello.” The man smiled and said, “I’m Xia Qitong.”

Si Huang looked at him for half a second, then stretched out her hand to take off the mask on her face. The perfect outline of her face seemed a little deeper in the dim parking lot, making her look more delicate and imposing.

“Hello.” Si Huang shook hands with him, “I’m Si Huang.”

Xia Qitong’s eyes became wider with a smile, which made him seem very easy to get along with, “Sure enough, I knew it when I heard your voice.”

The two of them held hands and released each other politely and decently at the same time.

Hearing his words, Si Huang asked, “Have we met?”

“Night.” Xia Qitong smiled and glanced at Yu Ling and her mother, “You are here for them.”

Si Huang nodded, “What conditions do you have?”

Xia Qitong’s smile remained unchanged, “I want to be friends with you.”

The jean clad man and Zhou Jun both looked at Xia Qitong in surprise.

Si Huang also laughed, “It’s that simple?”

Xia Qitong: “I’m happy.”

Si Huang: “It’s up to you.”

As a friend, Xia Qitong asked to exchange numbers, and Si Huang agreed indifferently.

The two were separated, the jean clad man and Zhou Jun went to drive separately, and they were both a little confused.

The car drove out of Jinhong building.

The phone in Si Huang’s pocket, who was sitting in the second seat, rang, she took it out and answered it after a glance.

Xia Qitong’s gentle voice came, “I just forgot to say it.”


“You sing and act very well.”

“So you are my fan?”

Xia Qitong laughed softly from the other end. After two seconds of laughter, he said, “I want to be your boss even more.”

Si Huang replied indifferently: “I’m sorry, you are destined to be disappointed.”

Xia Qitong: “There will always be a contingency.” He smiled, unable to hear Si Huang’s response, and continued, “I will be your fan and friend for the time being. I will pay attention to you seriously, please Jiayou.”

Si Huang: “Thank you.”

In the low-key car in the other direction.

Xia Qitong put down the phone.

“Boss, is this really the case for today?” The man in jeans who was driving looked at Xia Qitong behind him through the rearview mirror from time to time.

Xia Qitong looked out of the window, but there was no point in his eyes, “Cheng Hong, what do you think about Si Huang?”

The jean clad man Cheng Hong clicked his tongue: “He’s bold and strong, and he can fight without looking.”

“Do you think he is the right person to make friends with?”

Cheng Hong thought about it carefully, “It’s worth it.” Then he said, “But today it’s still too much? He’s messing around in the name of BOSS.”

“If this was not the case,” Xia Qitong said: “There would be no chance meeting today.”

It was because of Si Huang’s fault that he could easily get the upper hand and befriend him.

“It’s worth it.” Xia Qitong said.

Cheng Hong stopped talking.


In the alley.

Seeing Yu Ling and his mother getting out of the car, Yu Xi immediately greeted them excitedly. Si Huang gave space for their family of three and walked outside the bungalow by himself, there she saw that Zhou Jun had not left.

Zhou Jun also saw her, walked over in silence for two seconds, and said to Si Huang, “We have cleared things up.”

“Yes.” Si Huang glanced at him.

Zhou Jun moved his lips, and had nothing to say, then turned around and returned to the car.

Si Huang said: “Have a safe journey.”

Zhou Jun’s car drove out.

About ten minutes later, Yu Ling walked out to Si Huang, raised her head to look at him and whispered, “It’s cold outside, why don’t you sit in the house?”

“Okay.” Si Huang smiled at her and walked into the house with her.

Along with them was Xu Wanjun.

In the room, Zhao Limei and Yu Xi had sorted out their emotions and looked good.

As soon as Zhao Limei saw Si Huang, she immediately stood up and wanted to bend on her knees in front of her, but was supported by Si Huang in time, and he said ahead of her, “I’m still young and can’t stand your courtesy.”

Zhao Limei felt both grateful and helpless, seeing the persistence in Si Huang’s eyes, and knowing the little gentleman’s character, she stood up and continued to support herself without bothering Si Huang, and gratefully said: “Master Si, this time it’s really because if you! If not for you…” After a pause, she said in a more serious tone, “Xiaoxi has already told me, it is a blessing for him to be able to follow you. If there is anything he needs to do in the future, just speak up.”

Si Huang looked at the solemn appearance of Yu Xi, shook his head and smiled, “I really need more help from Yu Xi in the future.”

“It’s best if you can use it.” Yu Xi said.

In the ensuing conversation, Si Huang got to know the reason why the Yu family suffered this misfortune-their dead father’s business failed, and all the bad debts he owed, after his suicide fell on them.

Even though Zhao Limei had been working hard for so many years, she still couldn’t pay it off. Probably the people in the Sea God group felt that they had given them enough time, so it would be better to get the debt paid by the young girl Yu Ling.

The original one-story house had been smashed to the point that no one could live in it, and no one knew if anyone would come here to make trouble in the future. Si Huang suggested: “Aunt Zhao still has the spare card key of my house. You live in my place first, as long as you don’t enter the room on the second floor, you can use other places as you like.”

Zhao Limei: “How can this be done…”

Si Huang smiled lightly, “It’s okay, I knew you had children to take care of before, and I’m going to central city again. And Yu Xi has to leave with me. Now that I know your relationship, the house just happens to be empty, and it’s more reassuring for someone to live in it.”

She said, “I don’t want extra people to go in when no one is there.”

Zhao Limei looked at the expression on her face and was suddenly reminded of the expression she had when Si Zhihan came over.

Si Huang added: “I plan to rent the company’s office building in Beijing next year. At that time, Yu Xi, as an employee, will have his own apartment, and you can live with him.”

The four people present looked at her, surprised.

People who were only 16 or 17 years old were about to start a company and had already planned their future.

They were shocked, but no one felt that Si Huang was delusional.


In the villa, after settling Yu Ling and the others, Si Huang returned to his room on the second floor.

After a tiring day, and taking a shower and changing her clothes, she leaned on the bed and used her mobile phone to browse the web to see if there were any new changes in the news about herself on the Internet. After confirming that no reporter had found out that she had left central city, Si Huang put down the phone and fell asleep.

The next morning, Si Huang’s biological clock woke her up, and when she went downstairs, she saw that Zhao Limei had already prepared breakfast, just like when she lived here before.

It’s just that there were two more people there, Yu Xi and Yu Ling.

“Morning.” Yu Xi greeted him, and then said, “I booked a plane ticket to Yangcheng at nine o’clock in the morning for today.”

“Yeah.” Si Huang nodded to him.

After the four of them had breakfast together, Si Huang and Yu Xi were about to go out in disguise, when Yu Ling suddenly shouted, “Master Si!”

Si Huang turned around, “Just call me Si Huang.”

Yu Ling’s expression changed, as if making up her mind.

Si Huang also quietly waited for her.

“Si Huang…you told me before that what you learn is not necessarily suitable.” Yu Ling organized the language and looked directly at Si Huang, “I thought about it a lot yesterday, I mean…if I go to learn makeup, can I join your company and be your makeup artist?”

Si Huang was surprised that she had woken up so quickly, but her face remained calm, “Why did you think of this?”

Yu Ling was nervous when she saw that she did not refuse. Her fear also weakened a lot, and she said what she wanted to say, “Last night I saw your appearance and suddenly thought, I am very sensitive to colors, and I have painted for… some women before, I think in this way, I can work for you like my brother.”

“Do you like it?” Si Huang asked her.

Yu Ling looked at her, her eyes silently outlined her silhouette, and said seriously: “I like it, I like it more than painting on paper.”

Si Huang smiled, “That’s it.” Her appearance did not change. It was not like she was lying, “You will definitely become a makeup artist who will disturb the whole circle in the future.”

At this time, Yu Ling regarded Si Huang’s words as encouragement, even if it was just encouragement, it still gave her endless power and something to aim for.



Si Huang, wearing a hat and a mask, was sitting in the waiting room and swiping his Weibo on his mobile phone.

After brushing up on the latest news from various places for a while, Si Huang clicked on her private messages.

There were a lot of private messages from people who didn’t follow him, and Si Huang went down all the way, but didn’t read them one by one. When the boarding announcement came in his ears, Si Huang stood up and was about to turn off his mobile phone, when the latest message suddenly popped up in the private message.

The ID ‘Indus V, Waiting for you to live in” slammed into Si Huang’s eyes, causing her steps to freeze immediately and her eyes to shrink.

“Si Huang?” Yu Xi whispered in surprise, “We have to board the plane.”

Si Huang didn’t hear it, her eyes were fixed on the ID.

She stared at the ID in silence for three seconds, her eyebrows slowly stretched out, and a bright and gentle smile appeared.

It was a pity that this absolutely stunning smile was hidden behind a mask.

“Si Huang?” Yu Xi raised his voice slightly, “What happened?”

Si Huang shook his head: “It’s okay, let’s go.” She put the phone back in her pocket.

After nearly an hour’s flight, Si Huang and Yu Xi got off the plane, took a taxi and drove to the hotel of the crew.

At this time, Si Huang had time to look at her private message in Weibo, and came to the information of that ID.

Indus V, waiting for you to live in: Dage, can you follow me back? [Rock emoji]

Indus V, waiting for you to live in: Why don’t you post a Weibo?

Indus V, waiting for you to live in: Hello, I believe in your innocence, don’t be defeated by public opinion, I will always watch over you.

There were three in total, one per day for the three days since she left Yangcheng.

Maybe she got into the habit of reading Weibo’s private messages because of this ID.

It was this ID in her previous life, who followed her silently from the very beginning. She had never seen the real person and only knew him across the layer of internet. She still got to know this person between the lines – he was a man, and he was not very good at being cute, but he still worked hard. He pretended to be a man who used emoji to show cuteness. He was always on business trips, he would go to many areas that ordinary people couldn’t go to, and he would send her pictures and explanations of some weird creatures. After she accidentally showed an interest, every time he went out, he would send her pictures from time to time.

A person who was always out of town seemed to know what she was doing and what she needed all the time. When she was sick, he would send a private message to tell her to rest more and not work too hard, and then she would receive medicine by express the next day. When attacked by public opinion, he would privately ask her if she had done it, and when she answered no, he would believe it, and then the public opinion would disappear inexplicably the next day.

At first, this feeling of being secretly monitored and controlled made Si Huang feel disgusted and frightened, and she did not pay attention to him for a while. However, as time passed, she felt that this person had no intention of disturbing her in reality at all, and even when she offered to meet, he refused.

His request of her was only the occasional voice message, to let her speak while he typed.

To her, he was a fan, a friend, a teacher, and the little bit of understanding that she needed.

He taught her to be stronger, let her see more novel things, and gave her a sense of comfort, but he was always separated by a layer – he didn’t show up, and he didn’t want to meet; and she was afraid of his in-depth understanding and letting him discover something unbearable behind the brilliance.

According to the previous life, this ID only appeared two years later, but now…

Si Huang’s fair finger pointed on the ID displayed on the phone screen, and a name suddenly appeared in his mind: Xia Qitong.

She looked stunned.

She didn’t think there was anything special about Xia Qitong’s words before, but now that she thought about it… Was it really a coincidence?

“Hello, I believe in your innocence, don’t be defeated by public opinion, I will always watch over you.”

“Hello, I’m Xia Qitong. As your fan and friend for the time being, I will pay attention to you seriously, please Jiayou!”

These two sentences were so similar, the ID and his name are also similar, and even the time of their appearance…

Si Huang fell into deep thought.

All the coincidences showed her a fact.

However, looking back on the first meeting with Xia Qitong, as well as the communication with the ‘Indus V, Waiting for you to live in’ in the past life, there was always a sense of indescribable disobedience.

Finally, when the taxi arrived at the hotel of the crew, Si Huang temporarily put aside the problem.

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