IHSB Ch. 23

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Because of Nuan Nuan’s initiative to get close, Gu Linmo was overjoyed, and his eyes lighted up with a smile like a silly father.

He shook the soft little girl in his arms, only to feel that his heart was softened into a ball, this was really his little treasure.

Mr. Gu hummed, took his mobile phone and sent all the photos taken today to his circle of friends.

Title: My little granddaughter is too fond of animals.

In the photo, his little granddaughter was holding a kitten, which was cute and lovely. She had also spread her arms and buried almost the whole body on the large snow white dog Satsuma, it was just like she was holding a soft cloud. Satsuma was very patient and gentle towards Nuan Nuan, and the screen was full of warm little cuties.

Of course, there were photos of him and Nuan Nuan as well.

The old man was a leader among his peers when he was young, and he learned quickly even though he was old. In a short period of time, he mastered the essence of taking pictures and showing off his granddaughter.

As soon as the photos were sent out, he immediately received greetings from several old friends, who were basically all praising his granddaughter. The old man was satisfied immediately. Sure enough, his family’s Nuan Nuan was the best-looking and best-behaved.

Old Man Gu also saw that the butler in the old man’s circle of friends had immediately saved those photos, and he also forwarded it to his own circle of friends.

These butlers also had their own circles!

How could such a cute and well-behaved lady in their family not be shown off!

“Lao Lu, has your lady really come back?”

“Right, Miss Nuan Nuan from my family came back not long ago. Although she hasn’t been at Gu family house for three years, she has a good temperament. She is polite and well-behaved. The old man’s health was getting worse and worse, and he couldn’t eat much, but after Miss Nuan Nuan came back, he eats a lot more, and the young lady walks around with the old man to bask in the sun, such a young girl even knows how to take the initiative to go and ask Master Xiao An to teach her to read…

The butler opposite: “…”

It’s alright, I know how good your lady is, can you not show it off?

He sighed, the young masters and young ladies in his family were raised too indulgently, and he had to have several people chasing and coaxing them to feed at each meal, otherwise they would just sit on the ground and roll around.

But look at the photo sent by his friend, the little girl with curvy eyebrows had a very soft aura at first glance, and there was no need to worry about her at all, really…some people were more luckier than others!

Miss Gu was really polite and well-behaved. Many people in the wealthy circle had received the news, and they were still secretly guessing that Miss Gu may have a bad temperament because she was raised in a small village. They were all paying more attention to this matter.

Butler Lu snorted coldly and said that they were jealous, Miss Nuan Nuan was a thousand times better than their children!

Not taking care of one’s own family affairs day by day, and even criticizing their young lady, I am really fed up!

“Did Nuan Nuan have a good time today?”

After saying goodbye to the reluctant Mao Tuanzi and the programmer uncles, Nuan Nuan took her father’s big hand and walked back to his office step by step.

The cute little girl was hugging the light pink plush rabbit with one hand, so she turned her head upside down when she heard the words, and answered in a milky voice.

“Well, happy, there was father and grandpa to play with Nuan Nuan, and the kitten and puppy, the kitten was so beautiful, chubby and fluffy, the puppy was white and soft like a cloud, and Nuan Nuan was lying on the ground. It felt so warm, but Nuan Nuan still likes Briquettes and Rhubarb…”

Her voice was soft and smiling, her curled eyelashes were like the beautiful wings of a butterfly, and she blinked from time to time as she talked. Her dark eyes were moist and shiny, and a light seemed to be shining in them, it could be seen that she was really happy, and was therefore talking more and more.

But none of the people present felt impatient. Instead, they would smile unconsciously when they listened to her. This little girl always had a relaxing and healing magic that made others feel better.

“If you like it, come and see them often in the future, okay?”

Dad Gu wished that his good daughter could come to the company with him everyday. Of course, it would be great if he could retire earlier and hand over the family business to his son.

It was a pity that that stinky boy was not willing to live or die, not only was he not willing to inherit the family property so early, but he also went abroad to do things by himself!

Sure enough, his son was not a good boy!

“Mr. Gu, it’s time to eat.”

Nuan Nuan looked at Dad Gu eagerly, eating, she liked it.

She didn’t know if it was because she was very restrained and was often hungry during the three years in Xiaoxi Village. But now that she could open her stomach to eat so many delicious things, what Nuan Nuan looked forward to most now was the time to eat.

Dad Gu was stared at by the pitiful big eyes of his good daughter, and could not wait to put all the good things in the world in front of her.

“What would Nuan Nuan like to eat? I’ll ask Special Assistant Chen to buy it for you.”

Nuan Nuan said softly and in a well-behaved manner, “Anything is fine, Nuan Nuan is not picky, Nuan Nuan can eat whatever Grandpa and Dad eat.”

Such a sweet little cutie!

Special Assistant Chen suggested from the side, “Don’t forget to bring Miss Nuan Nuan to the cafeteria, so that they can make her favourite dishes.”

The dishes in their cafeteria were very clean and delicious. Gu Linmo had the food from there many time, in fact his meals were all brought back from the cafeteria.

Gu Linmo thought for a while and nodded, then he simply hugged his fluffy little daughter beside him. Despite his elegant temperament, he also exercised regularly, so it was no problem for him to hold Nuan Nuan with one arm.

Nuan Nuan sat sideways on her Dad’s arms, her little heart was thumping, her little face was flushed, and her curled eyelashes drooped slightly to hide the shyness and excitement in her beautiful big eyes.

“Nuan Nuan hold tight, Dad will take you to lunch.”

The shy little girl nodded softly, and said “Okay.”

Then she hugged her Dad’s neck, and was hugged back by her Dad’s arm while going out.

Grandpa Gu followed him and muttered, dissatisfied with his son, “I can hold Nuan Nuan, I’m your father.”

Dad Gu was full of pride, “You’d better say goodbye now, you can hug her, but if you walk with her, you won’t feel alright. What should I do if your waist gets sprained?”

Old Man Gu snorted loudly, “Who said I can’t hold Nuan Nuan? Give her to me!”

Dad Gu said in his heart, “Don’t be self-willed, Dad.”

What he wanted to say was interrupted by a warm and soft voice.

“Grandpa shouldn’t hold Nuan Nuan, Nuan Nuan is heavy, Grandpa shouldn’t pressure himself, but Nuan Nuan can kiss Grandpa.”

As she said that, she swayed and kissed Grandpa Gu on the face, and the fluffy little head was still there. Then he gently rubbed against him like a kitten.

“Grandpa, Nuan Nuan wants you to be in good health.”

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