TBVSR Ch. 43.1: The Dance

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After dinner, Jiang Yu walked alone on the green grass trail in the park, taking a walk to digest food, and at the same time made a video call to Qiu Li.

The video was connected, but the picture on the phone was pitch black.

Jiang Yu thought it was because of her network card, and was about to turn off the video and dial again. Unexpectedly, in the dark, a man’s deep voice came: “The school environment looks good.”

“It’s not good, it’s very good!”

Taking advantage of the afterglow of the sunset, Jiang Yu turned her phone horizontally and showed Qiu Li the endless green grass in front of her: “In the distance is an artificial lake, and there is a swan sculpture by the lake, and right in front of it is our art building, where high-rise offices are located. The next few buildings are dance studio buildings.”

“That’s good.”

“Qiu Li, are you at home?”


“Why is it so dark over there? Are the lights on?”

He seemed to chuckle. After a moment, his voice sounded: “Your video call came at the wrong time.”

“Why?” Jiang Yu glanced at the time on the screen: “It’s only seven o’clock, it’s not time to go to bed, you won’t have gone to bed so early, right?”

“I didn’t sleep.”

“Then what are you doing with the light off?”


“You turn on the light and let me see you?”


Seeing that he didn’t respond, Jiang Yu called again: “Qiu Li?”

After a long time, Qiu Li reluctantly said, “Hang up first, I’ll call you later.”

“No way!”

Seeing Qiu Li hesitating, she was very worried and insisted on getting to the bottom of it. After she figured it out: “What the hell are you doing!”

“It’s hard to say, hang up.”

Jiang Yu was slightly angry: “Are you self-harming again? You forgot what you promised me!”

“No.” Qiu Li replied, “No self-harm.”

“Then why don’t you show me.”

“I’m not wearing trousers.”


Jiang Yu reacted for a while, and suddenly wanted to understand what this guy was doing in the dark.

Something all boys his age would indulge themselves in doing.

A gust of wind passed, Jiang Yu felt her cheeks warm, and she didn’t even dare to look directly at the darkness in the picture.

Her shy expression and red cheeks were projected on the screen, and Qiu Li had a panoramic view.

The behaviour that had no feeling at first suddenly gave birth to some taste, and it was entangled in his heart, stimulating his nerve endings that were not that sensitive.

“I… I’m hanging up!”

“Don’t hang up.” Qiu Li’s breathing was slightly rough: “Just let me look at you.”

“You look at me…?”

“You’re too far away from me.” His voice had deadly sexiness: “It’s too far, I can’t feel anything, and the food is tasteless, it’s unreal…”

“Everything is just your psychological effect.” Jiang Yu lowered her eyes and looked at the stone road under her feet and said: “You have to overcome it yourself.”

“I can’t overcome it.” His breathing was stagnant, but his voice was extraordinarily gentle: “When you are by my side, only then can I feel that I can live like a fucking person…”

“So, don’t hang up.”

Jiang Yu softened again, knowing that she shouldn’t condone him, but she couldn’t help it.

She sympathized with him and pitied him, listening to his words, her heart seemed to melt.

Maybe… she could do anything for him.

“Qiu Li.”


“We can meet in half a month.” She tried to find some other topic.

“I definitely won’t be able to get into Beicheng University, but I can get into other schools, and I will definitely stay in Beicheng anyway.”

“Is it for me?”

“I want to stay in Esmera, I finally got in, I definitely can’t go to other places, although there are branch campuses in other places, but the North City is the headquarters, with the best teachers and stage.”

Qiu Li looked at the screen. The street lamps shone on her face, her cheeks were flushed, her lips were also very rosy, and her clear eyes were as smart as a small beast, blooming with brilliance.

The way she smiled was sweet.

Qiu Li liked to see this kind of light in her eyes when she talked about her dream, that kind of light made a person who once fell deep in the dark hell feel the existence of hope.

“Persevere well.”

In the dark, he looked into her eyes and said very seriously: “Stand on the biggest and most beautiful stage and show me your dancing.”

Jiang Yu smiled and nodded: “Then you should applaud me with the greatest strength.”

“Well, I’ll cut off my hand to applaud you.”


It’s not necessary!

“I’m going to turn on the light to do my homework, and I’m hanging up.”

There was a sound and a paper towel being drawn over the video, and Jiang Yu said casually, “So soon?”


Jiang Yu immediately realized that she had said something wrong, and quickly explained: “No, I mean, the chat is over so soon, I don’t mean to look down on you…”

Qiu Li chuckled lightly: “I didn’t say it either.”


“Hang up!” Jiang Yu felt that she was really stupid, and the more she described it, the darker he became.

After hanging up the video call, she walked alone along the greenway, and soon, Qiu Li sent her a photo of his homework.

After doing bad things, you still haven’t forgotten to do your homework, you are really a scholar.

Jiang Yu was still reluctant to say goodbye like this, so she sent him a message: “Your grades are so good, and you still work so hard, can you give us people with poor grades a way to live?”

“Xiao Yu, I want to be the best.”

Everything was getting better now, and with her his life had meaning, so he wanted to be the best version of himself.

He had to go to his mother and tell her that her choice to leave him was wrong.

Not only will he not discredit her life, instead he would be her pride.

Jiang Yu asked again: “How is your living condition, do you have money to eat? Would you like me to transfer some money to you?”

Qiu Li smiled: “You’ll really take care of me?”

Jiang Yu quickly said: “You don’t think like I’m helping you, you will pay me back in the future.”

Qiu Li: “Then my girlfriend should take care of me.”

Jiang Yu: …

She transferred 4,000 yuan to Qiu Li. After Qiu Li accepted it, he sent four words: “Thank you girlfriend.”

Then he paid her 5,000.

Jiang Yu: “?”

Qiu Li: “I have the highest amount of scholarship from Yuxi Middle School, so my living condition is no problem.”

Jiang Yu: “My boyfriend is amazing, he can still get a scholarship.”

Qiu Li: “I will make you proud.”

Jiang Yu: “I’m proud of you!”

“Actually, staying here is half for my dreams, and half for you.”

She edited this paragraph before sending it. Not far from the lawn, she could see Lin Miao and Mu Zixian coming over.

“A girl laughing like this, she is definitely chatting with her boyfriend?”

Mu Zixian said: “Look, the corners of her mouth are about to bloom.”

Jiang Yu nodded without shyness: “Yeah! Boyfriend.”

Lin Miao said enviously, “Wow, it seems that our Xiao Yu likes him very much.”

Jiang Yu was shocked: “How did you see it!”

“If you don’t like someone very much, how can you show such a happy smile.”

“I’m just smiling normally!”

Lin Miao seemed to be very experienced: “No need to explain, just make it clear that you just like people.”

“It’s not…”

Jiang Yu still refused to admit it, but she and Qiu Li’s relationship could not be understood by others.

But… even if you like your boyfriend very much, it’s not a shameful thing.

“By the way, the two of you came to see me together, is there anything?”

Mu Zixian hurriedly said, “I almost forgot about the business, there is a welcome party in the hall, I want you to come and play with me!”

“Let’s go. Take a look.”

Jiang Yu and her friends came to the hall, and sure enough the party had already started, the girls had worn their own beautiful dresses, put on makeup, as they all walked into the hall.

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