TBLF Extra 10 (Ch. 110.2): Soft Master × Testy Disciple

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A Rang: “Who is your master?”

Qi Ying: “Xuanqing Zhen…”

A Rang: “Useless waste!”

Qi Ying: “…You are not allowed to say that about my master!”

A Rang glared at her, really wishing to pick her up and pour out all the things she had learned before.

He taught Qi Ying to practice again.

However, she had a deep relationship with her master, and she firmly believed that it was impossible for him to harm her. She usually looked cute, but she was stubborn when it came to her principles.

A Rang had to say it in another way: “The world of cultivation is so big, there are thousands of cultivation techniques. It’s not that your master’s technique is incorrect, but that it’s not suitable for you.”

He put the spiritual sense in, took over her spiritual sense, and taught her a little bit how to use spiritual energy to cultivate.

Sure enough, it was different.

Qi Ying had never been so happy before as when she was full of spiritual energy, so she rushed to hug him: “Apprentice, you are so amazing!”

Her body was soft, fragrant and sweet. A Rang sat on the spot and waited for her to hold him, very comfortably, thinking, was it because she had eaten a lot of fairy grass since she was little, so she was so fragrant?

In the end, Qi Ying blushed and moved away from him. Seeing him indifferent, she was silently relieved.

With A Rang personally teaching her every day, Qi Ying made rapid progress, and gradually made up for her lack of foundation. She had eaten too many treasures of heaven and earth. The previous method was wrong, and the energy was accumulated in her body. After A Rang taught her everything, he left Liuying Fu to find Rongling Pill for her while she was meditating and practicing.

As soon as he walked out, he noticed that someone was following him around.

He stood there and said coldly: “Come out!”

The wind rustled, four black people appeared in front of him, knelt down on one knee: “Master, we found you.”

He didn’t change his expression: “Since you’re here, go and find some kind of elixirs for me.”

The men in black: “…” The news they got showed that the master lost his memory. Why did he seem to know them? The man in black hesitated: “The master knows who we are?”

Ji Rang: “I not only know who you are, but I also know how you will die in the future, do you want to know?”

Okay, this tone could only come from master.

The man in black said joyfully: “Why didn’t the master return to Beidou after he has recovered his memory?”

Ji Rang glanced at them impatiently: “There are so many questions, why don’t you become the master? Still not going?!”

The men in black nodded and quickly disappeared.

When they came back, they brought back the medicine he needed. He took advantage of Qi Ying’s carelessness and secretly put it in her water bag.

In the middle of the night, Ji Rang was awakened in his sleep. Qi Ying’s blush was about to bleed through, her eyes filled with moisture, she stood by the bed and cried to him: “Apprentice, I’m so hot, there seems to be a fire burning in my body.”

Ji Rang stood up to take a look.

Oh, he didn’t consider her qualifications, the pill was ruthless, and her spiritual energy had skyrocketed, and her body couldn’t take it anymore.

He hugged her, teleported out of the cave, walked up all the way, and soon reached an ice spring on the top of Yunhua Mountain.

Qi Ying burned in a daze and passed out in his arms. He jumped into the ice spring with her in his arms and reached out to help her fuse and dredge the soaring spiritual energy.

Her clothes were all wet with water, under the clear moon, her curves were nice, and she was soft when lying in his arms. The blush on her face gradually faded, leaving only a faint pink halo, but her lips were red, plump and soft.

Ji Rang separated her mind to help her unblock her energy, and started to appreciate the beauty.

Appreciating for a long time, he bowed his head and kissed her lips.

It was fragrant and soft, and it actually tasted of fairy grass.

He couldn’t help going deeper and when he was kissing her, Qi Ying opened her eyes.

His lips were still pressed against her.

Big eyes stared at small eyes.

Qi Ying reacted, her eyes widened, and she pushed him away with a palm, moving in the water back and forth, and couldn’t help screaming: “What are you doing, apprentice?!”

Ji Rang said as if nothing had happened: “Kissing you.”

The flush that had faded came back again, she was really ashamed, so she patted the water and shouted: “I am your master!”

Ji Rang: “So what?”

Qi Ying: “You, you, you!”

Ji Rang: “Me, Me, Me?”

He grabbed her hand that was still in the water and dragged her back. Qi Ying still wanted to struggle, he shouted at her: “Don’t move!”

She really didn’t dare to move.

He was satisfied now and brushed the corner of her mouth with his thumb: “Master, be obedient.”

The two people soaked in the ice spring all night, and the aura in Qi Ying’s body finally calmed down. Not only was it stable, but also her cultivation base was greatly increased. Qi Ying even had the illusion that she was about to break through the bottleneck and enter the pill formation stage.

Ji Rang pulled her up from the water: “It’s not an illusion, prepare to pass the tribulation.”

Qi Ying: “???”

He took her to the Feng Lei Platform where the powerful disciple Du Jie lived in the Yunhua Palace.

As soon as he left, someone immediately appeared. Du Jie who was ordered to guard the Feng Lei platform saw him, and suddenly said, “Why is it you again?! Why are you back again!”

Ji Rang snorted coldly: “You attacked me while I was clearing my tribulation, I came back to take revenge.”

Du Jie: “…Didn’t you stun our guards first and steal the Feng Lei platform of our Yunhua Palace? Is there any reason for the wicked to sue first?” He paused, and then said suspiciously, “No, why is there the token of my Yunhua Palace on your body?”

Ji Rang drew Qi Ying to the front, who was hiding behind him: “Introducing my master. She is going to pass her tribulation now, and we are going to seal the Feng Lei platform so bring your men to roll.”

Du Jie: “???”

Are you so confident when using other people’s stuff?

But before, the Lord of the Three Palaces took advantage of his ninth tribulation lightning to take advantage and attack and then seriously injure him. He did not expect this man to have such a deep cultivation base, not only being able to survive the ninth tribulation lightning, but also rushing out of the encirclement and escaping. He had now successfully crossed the tribulation; he was already beyond their powers and they couldn’t stop him anymore.

Du Jie quickly transmitted the matter to the Lord of the Three Palaces.

The Lord of the Three Palaces: “!!! The madman of the Big Dipper Palace is here again? What? A little disciple in the pill formation stage? My disciple of the Yunhua Palace? Forget it, what is there to care about with the madmen of the Big Dipper, it is my Yunhua Palace. She is a disciple of my palace, let her use it. But you tell him that if we let him use the Feng Lei platform, the previous accidental injury to him will be wiped out. From now on, he must not entangle with my Yunhua.”

The people of the Big Dipper were all lunatics, and their cultivation was fast and deep. Although they never participated in the things of their cultivation sect, they were the existences that the entire cultivation world was afraid of.

Half a year ago, the Demon cultivators were rampant. There was a lot of friction with Yunhua Palace. This lunatic appeared on the Feng Lei Platform in the middle of the night and knocked out the guards. The Lord of the Three Palaces thought it was a Demon Cultivator who came, and the voice transmission made him injure him by mistake.

Du Jie relayed the words of the Lord of the Three Palaces, but Ji Rang interrupted him impatiently: “Talking too much! Get out of here!”

Clouds in the sky rolled, the tribulation lightning was approaching.

Du Jie watched him carry the white-clothed woman on the Feng Lei platform and couldn’t help but remind him: “You can’t help her through the tribulation! Otherwise, the power of the thunder tribulation will increase exponentially!”

Ji Rang glanced at him disgustingly.

Then Du Jie understood the meaning of the look in his eyes just now.

Nine bolts of lightning tribulation, all of them were cut off by him.

Qi Ying didn’t feel anything, and the tribulation was over.

Later, everyone knew that the apprentice Qi Ying picked up was a lunatic of the Big Dipper family, who had great power even in the Qi refining stage.

This apprentice, taught her how to practice, protected his master, and protected her from lightning tribulation.

Whoever said that his master was not good at all, he was chased by him for thousands of miles.

Qi Ying, whose brains were not good enough to practice cultivation, picked up an apprentice to protect her, and since then walked sideways in the cultivation realm.

What kind of damn luck was this?!

The crowd cried with envy.

In Liuying Fu, Ji Rang dragged Qi Ying and pressed her on the bed: “Master, I like you.”

Qi Ying looked horrified: “No way!”

Ji Rang: “Give me a kiss. Why not?”

Qi Ying: “I am your master!”

Ji Rang waved his hand, and the stone gate at the entrance of the cave smashed into ashes with a bang.

Ji Rang: “Didn’t you say that we are dew master and apprentice? It is dew, and the dew evaporates as soon as the sun shines.” He waited for three seconds, “Okay, it has evaporated, come, give me a kiss. “

Qi Ying: “…”

Smelly hooligan!!!

T/N: I feel that each of these extras could be an independent story…

P.S. Feng Lei Platform means Lightning Sealing Platform, I think it is a platform for facing lightning tribulation..

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