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Warning 18+; some sensual scenes

How could Zou Ji not have noticed what Su Yu and the others who were watching the fight could have discovered.

He stared at Si Huang with more and more surprise, and now it had turned into horror and a hint of “it should be like this” – only such a genius could be trained by Master Qin himself.

He found that Si Huang’s physical fitness was very good. Although his fighting skills were not very good, he could fight against him with his superhuman speed and agility. The most important thing was that he was not only good in physical fitness, his comprehension and learning ability was also beyond the pale. It had been 20 minutes since the two of them started fighting. 20 minutes ago, he was still struggling to defend, but now there was gradually a taste of ease.

What did this mean? Did Si Huang deliberately pretend to release the water[1] at the beginning? No! Zou Ji clearly felt that it was Si Huang who had adapted to his rhythm in twenty minutes, and keenly observed his fighting moves, absorbing all these learnings into his own! As time went by, the more Si Huang learnt, the faster he adapted, and the easier it was for him to deal with himself.

Twenty-five minutes later.

Zou Ji found that Si Huang was now able to predict his moves in advance and defend against them. His punches and kicks were blocked “easily” by the opponent. After such a long battle, people couldn’t help but feel a sense of frustration that they couldn’t beat the opponent at all, forcing them to feel irritable.

This irritability made Zou Ji frown, wishing he could immediately deal with the boy in front of him and end this suffocating fight.

It was just that he had used the fastest speed, strength and offensive momentum so far, and there was no way to continue to improve unless he used other tactics.

Zou Ji suppressed the impulse brought by the boiling blood, his eyes flashed, and he intentionally revealed a flaw to Si Huang.

Si Huang noticed this flaw at the first time, and instinctively wanted to attack, but suppressed it in time and turned a blind eye.

Zou Ji raised his opinion of him in his heart. His observation and self-control were much better than children of the same age, even older youths.

Half an hour got over.

Qin Fan’s voice sounded, “Okay.”

The two stopped at the same time and took a step back from each other.

At this time, Su Yu and the others didn’t speak a word. From their eyes, it could be seen that their hearts were shaking.

Qin Fan handed the mineral water bottle to Si Huang, his eyes turned from her slightly flushed cheeks, and his tone was cold, “Don’t be proud, Zou Ji didn’t do his best.”

“Huh?” She turned her eyes.

“Zou Ji is best at muay thai boxing. If he really fought, you would have been injured.”

Si Huang nodded. No wonder she felt that Zou Ji was always suppressing something when the fight just started, and the strength of his fists had not been restrained at all.

“Unless Su Yu is really in danger, the time to calm down is very short.”

Si Huang raised her head and took a sip of mineral water, squinting at Qin Fan during the period, knowing that he had rung the bell afterward because of this.

This look made Qin Fan clench his palms and squint his eyes slightly to stare at her drinking lips, his eyes were unstoppably deep, but his tone didn’t change at all, “If it’s real rock climbing, you can’t compare to Yang Xian.”

“Got it.” Si Huang put down the mineral water bottle, without any frustration, a cold light flashing across her beautiful eyes, “Restrain your eyes.”

Qin Fan straightened his lips, then raised the corners of his mouth slightly, and said in a serious tone: “But it’s pretty good to be able to do this in six days.”

The five people including Su Yu who were listening to their conversation next to them were speechless, and said in their hearts: This is not only good? It’s just too good, too genius, too monstrous, isn’t it!? As far as they knew, the only ones who could reach the level of Young Master Si were the proud sons of heaven from the big families in the capital. It’s just that among these heaven’s favored children, which one was not cultivated with all their heart since childhood? Before Master Si met Master Qin, he should have lived the life of an ordinary young master, right?

Apparently, they didn’t pay attention to what Si Huang meant by ‘restrain your eyes’.

Qin Fan didn’t know whether they listened to it or not, so he took back the mineral water bottle for Si Huang and drank a few sips.

The mouth of the bottle was the one that Si Huang had just drunk from for a few seconds.

Si Huang looked at him immediately and found that Qin Fan took a big sip of water, and his Adam’s apple was obviously rolling after each sip, but his eyes were fixed on herself.

The man’s eyes were dark and deep, it was hard to see what he was thinking, the action of gulping water coupled with the presumptuous look in his eyes felt very domineering. Si Huang was in a trance for a moment and felt that Qin Fan’s appearance was very sexy. His eyes were said to be presumptuous, but it was better to say that he did not have the concept of presumptuousness at all, and he stared straight at Si Huang without any intention of shifting his eyes.

Five Treasure’s voice sounded in her head, [Oh, so embarrassing! He is sending His Majesty the pheromones for union!]

Si Huang: “…”

“Master Qin, almost all the members should be here at this time.” Yang Xian’s voice sounded.

Qin Fan turned his gaze away, “Yes.” He said to Yang Xian and the five of them, “We will gather at the venue in half an hour.”

“Come with me.” This was to remind Si Huang.

Si Huang raised her eyebrows and followed.

The five people looked at their backs until they could no longer see them, then Su Yu said, “Master Qin is really nice to Young Master Si, did he really recognize him as a younger brother?”

“With such a talent, it’s not surprising that Master Qin favors him.”

“This is the first time I’ve seen Master Qin speak so softly to people.”

“I also think that I haven’t heard of Master Qin personally training anyone one-on-one before. Such careful mind and body training together, teaching sentence by sentence.”

Si Huang knew nothing about their comments. Maybe it was because from the time she met Qin Fan to the present, the attitude of the other party was far from being cold, so Si Huang really didn’t know what Qin Fan was like towards others, nor did she feel how different his attitude was to herself, he just cared about being disciplined a little, right? Even the way he looked at her, Si Huang felt that there was not much change. It could only be said that he pierced through the window paper, and now she understood what the eyes that he had always locked on her used to represent and why they felt different.

The two walked together on the staff road without bumping into anyone else.

“Is it natural to like men?” A deep voice came out of nowhere.

Si Huang was startled and turned her head to meet Qin Fan’s downcast eyes.

She realized that the reason why he asked this question was probably because of what she said that day to disgust him.

“Pfft.” With a laugh, Si Huang raised his eyebrows and squinted, “I believe what I said was disgusting.”

“I don’t believe it.” Qin Fan spoke without the slightest pause.

The smile on the corner of Si Huang’s mouth diminished.

“You like men.” Qin Fan’s eyes seemed to see everything, “When you said that the other day, it was really disgusting to be a little awkward and uncomfortable. I won’t lose my mind in an instant.”

Under the gaze of these eyes, Si Huang had nothing to say.

No matter how miserable her previous life was, she was a normal woman who hated scumbags, but not to the point of hating all men.

Thinking about it this way, Si Huang recalled the situation that day—saying that kind of words to a man who had a passion for her was almost the same as actively seducing him, no wonder Qin Fan would explode.

It was just that before that, she really didn’t think that Qin Fan would have such thoughts towards her, and even thought that he hated gay men.

Si Huang’s eyes shimmered, she stared at Qin Fan’s face carefully, and asked seriously: “Then do you like men?”

Qin Fan’s expression paused, some confusion appeared, and he looked at Si Huang without speaking for a long time.

Si Huang stared at his hardened expression, narrowed her eyes and smiled, “I remember you said that day that you thought of the woman’s face in the film as mine.”




“Actually, we’re an unscrupulous pair.”

Qin Fan was stunned, and after turning his head slightly, he understood what Si Huang said.

Bang –

Si Huang felt his shoulders being slapped, and there was a muffled sound in her ear, and her vision was suddenly plunged into darkness.

They were still in the corridor before, and she didn’t know which room in the corridor Qin Fan opened to bring her in.

The lights in the room were not turned on, and there was a smell of disinfectant. From light to darkness, even if Si Huang had night vision ability, she couldn’t adapt in an instant.

The man’s breath touched her cheek, Si Huang swung her fist, her wrist was grabbed, her leg was kicked, and she was crushed, and her whole body was squeezed against the door.

She secretly sighed, what Qin Fan said was right, in a head-on fight, she was no match for him at all.

Then her cheeks were touched by a moist heat.

Si Huang knew that it was Qin Fan’s lips, unexpectedly, the lips of a man who looked cold and hard were actually soft.

Being touched like this in the dark gave Si Huang the illusion that a wild beast was licking its prey, tentatively looking for the best place to bite.

“Qin Fan.” Si Huang’s voice was very calm, “When I don’t want you to do such a thing, it is sexual harassment.

“Heh.” A muffled laughter came from deep in his throat, magnetically attractive, and it surprised Si Huang that this man who usually looked uninteresting still had such charm, “Are you a woman?”

He said so, but his lips did leave Si Huang’s cheek, and the person who was so close to her moved not far away.

Si Huang thought that he should calm down and plan to let go of herself, who knew…

Qin Fan grabbed her hand and lifted up his shirt, then pressed her hand on his chest and stroked it.

Si Huang was rarely stunned.

The strength of the opponent’s grip on her wrist was just enough to prevent her from breaking away.

What her palm touched was the temperature of another person, the touch of the skin, and the restrained strength of the texture.

The abdominal muscles from the pectoral muscles to the lower abdomen had the men’s characteristic slightly rough and firm skin. The undulating and obvious lines of the muscles rose and fell slightly with the man’s breathing, and the mermaid line was hidden in the pants.

Si Huang’s heart sped up involuntarily. It was not that she had never seen the body of a male model, but she had never truly experienced the kind of sexiness that belonged to a man, like today. It was obvious that her hands were caressing the man’s body wantonly, but there was a kind of thrill of being attacked by the opponent.

The skin on his body was not as delicate as her fingertips, touching it made her palms feel numb, as if there was fine velvet grass sticking to her palms… she didn’t want to let go.

Si Huang’s eyes also gradually adapted to the darkness, and she could see Qin Fan’s face clearly in the dimness. Only there was no expression, he was so cold as if he could not be violated, with curly black hair and dark eyes staring at her almost fiercely.

His gaze seemed to have a substantial weight, covering the top of her head, and Si Huang felt oppressed from inside.

The two stared at each other silently for an unknown period of time, until Si Huang was awakened by the shock felt in the palm of his hand.

She lowered her eyes and saw that her palm had moved to touching the man’s left chest at some point, and the powerful heartbeat under her palm was getting faster and faster.

“Your palms are hot.”

Si Huang heard his hoarse voice and raised her head, “What do you mean?” As soon as she opened her mouth, she found that her throat was a little dry, so she couldn’t help but lick her lips.

Qin Fan’s eyes sank, “I make you willing.”

Si Huang felt the skin under her hands become tighter, as if that person was restraining something.

“Huh?” She pulled her hand away but didn’t pull it completely away.

Qin Fan slid her hand down again, stopping between his lower abdomen and pants, “Do you want to try the bottom? It will meet the first standard you like.”

Si Huang’s face was a little tense. You can still maintain a serious face when you say such things, do you think it is an inspection of homework?

“But there may be reactions, and you have to be responsible.” Qin Fan’s tone was undeniable.

Si Huang decisively cut off the touch in her heart, “No need.”

Qin Fan was silent for two seconds, let go of her hand, and stretched out her long arm with a “pop”, and the light in the room was turned on.

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[1] Be lenient.

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