GLR Ch. 40.2

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At this moment in Neptune, several big families were not able to be calm, they all thought that their own children could take the lead, but who would have thought that an unknown little person would appear and steal the limelight? The Queen and His Majesty the Emperor also watched it, so that’s okay.

Kaili got a headache from being scolded by his family, and ran into the room, turned on the terminal and slipped into the [Food Live Broadcast Room], he looked at the dark live broadcast room and sighed, hey, will Bobo broadcast live today! It’s really annoying.

Sophie went home and lost her temper, shouting loudly to find Su Yemu to settle the score.

Senator Hill’s face sank: “Okay, it seems that His Royal Highness is familiar with him, and you are not allowed to make trouble until you find out his details.”

Sophie said angrily, “What are you afraid of? He is just someone who was rejected by His Majesty. Sooner or later, I will make him look good.”

Senator Hill snorted softly: “What do you know, the generals of the Galaxy Fortress support His Highness Kevin, the generals of Neptune support His Highness Ryan, and the most important thing now is Marshal He’s army. Whoever’s side he stands on will be able to ascend the throne.”

In other words, he was the last person to offend now.

The Su family, when the head of the Su family got to know about Su Yemu from Yunying cannot get married, his eyes darkened: “Let’s see the situation first, there are some ways to deal with him.”

Yunying cannot get married responded obediently, his eyes full of hatred.

Su Yemu started to process the ingredients when he got home. Mai Tian was watching Su Yemu’s live broadcast and screamed. Xiaonan four plus two, five pairs of eyes stared straight at him, emitting a dim blue light.

After Su Yemu finished ordering the ingredients for tomorrow, he started to place an order for the ingredients for today. He decided not to announce the time to surprise the fans. When he exited, Su Yemu went to the store again and asked her to make twenty panda aprons for spare.

At the same time, Su Yemu got another news that the store owner’s grandfather went to the museum, saying that he was going to dig out the skeleton and make full preparations before going.

Su Yemu: “I’m really just a cook.”

Twenty minutes later, the things Su Yemu ordered arrived, he took the things into the kitchen, and Su Yemu was about to start the live broadcast.

Mai Tian, who was watching the video, heard that Su Yemu was going to start a live broadcast, and immediately ran to help happily, but at this time there were already three people in the kitchen, when he was about to move a chair to sit by the door, Xiaonan and No. 2 had already occupied it.

No. 033 No. 2 glanced at him and turned his head: Chirp, chirp, chirp!

Mai Tian wanted to say: Brother, your pet despises me.

After sorting things out, Su Yemu gave the live broadcast command to the terminal.

Ahhhh…, it is indeed right to watch the live broadcast, it must be right, love Bobo. Pro Bobo, hug Bobo and circle around.

What did I see, it was really you, hahaha, I have been looking for you for a day, and I found you in the tens of billions of messages on the Chefs Association.

I watched all the live broadcast videos of the anchor in the previous episodes, no wonder he can make such delicious food, he’s so handsome, and I’m a fan.

Obviously the king, but he has to dress up as bronze; he has already ruled the world, and he has to chop monsters with a knife, alas, what should he do? Pet it!

In the front, the anchor is obviously playing an upgraded streaming game, what’s going on? Stay with me! How capricious!

Alas, I really can’t help you!

There were a lot of unfamiliar messages in the live broadcast room, and the tone was special and pampering.

Su Yemu: “!”

He felt very subtle, he was clearly an adult.

“Hi everyone, I’m Su Yemu, welcome to the food live broadcast room, what I bring to you today is, yes, yes, yes…”

What’s going on? Stuck?

Crazy? What era is it? Still stuck on the network?

No, no, it should be that the anchor’s terminal can’t stand such a large traffic.

What are you kidding, only three million people.

Su Yemu: Three million people. Before he went to take the exam yesterday, there were only more than one million people. The number of online people remained at about 800,000. Now there were three million people online. Looking at the number of followers, it was 5.6 million.

“Brother, go to Xingwang to buy an extender.”

Seeing that his brother was stunned, Xiaonan at the kitchen door hurriedly reminded him.

“Big, big, everyone, wait a minute…”

Su Yemu didn’t expect that his terminal would be stuck, so he quickly turned to the Xingwang to search for the extender. After Su Yemu bought the extender and installed it, it was already five minutes later.

Just now, did someone call me brother, or I was too stuck, and I misheard.

Bobo, what’s your address, I’ll send one to you! Newest.

Raise your hand, Bobo, I know that there is a new terminal that is super powerful, and it can compete with the main brain. Let me buy one for you!

“Thank you everyone, no need, let’s start! Today I brought squirrel fish[1], braised pork ribs[2], and Huaiyang soup dumplings[3].”

It sounds delicious, looking forward to it!

Squirrel fish? It can’t be fish made of squirrels! Isn’t it too cruel.

No, I believe in Bobo, how could it be possible to use squirrels as fish.

“The squirrel fish is not a fish made of squirrels, but a squirrel made of fish.”

Is this okay? Expect.

Move the chair and sit in the front row, I always feel that this anchor still has a lot to discover.

Su Yemu took out the ingredients, took the hen, trotters, and duck feet, soaked them in water, put them in a pot under cold water, added green onions, ginger, and cooking wine, brought them to a boil on high heat, turned to low heat and simmered for 30 minutes, then picked them up, removed the bones and cut them into pieces, diced it, put it into the pot to simmer for 15 minutes, then he added finger-sized dried shrimp, simmered for 5 minutes, then added salt, white wine, white pepper powder, chopped green onion, minced ginger, stirred it well, put it in the refrigerator to freeze.

So complicated, and a lot of materials.

The previous one, this is not much, you didn’t see it when Bobo used more than ten flavours of seasoning before!

The newcomer asks questions, the old man answered, Su Yemu kept moving, and the background board was practicing knife skills, kneading dough, and carving flowers.

In other words, those three people…

Bobo’s apprentice, one, two, three brothers.

While making Huaiyang soup dumplings, Su Yemu took advantage of the time to knead the dough. The white and tender dough appeared, attracting the curiosity of the new fans, they poked, they poked again and again being amazed.

Old fan: I have never seen the world.

After the dough was kneaded, let it rest for thirty minutes.

Su Yemu started to make braised pork ribs. He cut the ribs into half the length of a finger, blanched them in water, added oil in a hot pan, and fried the sugar. After the sugar turned brownish red, he poured it on the ribs and stir fried evenly. He added ginger slices, peppercorns and star anise. After stir frying, he added an appropriate amount of salt, cut the onion into strips, added cooking wine, soy sauce, and appropriate amount of water, brought it to a boil over high heat, then simmered it over medium heat.

It smells so good, it smells so good, when can I eat it?

It’s amazing, I’ve been looking for an anchor for so long today, it’s worth it.

After fifteen minutes, he collected the juice and removed it from the pot.

The brown-red sauce-coloured pork ribs were fragrant and bright in color, which especially aroused the appetite.

The pork ribs are crispy and delicious. I even chewed the bones into my stomach.

Salty, tasty, plain rice, I want a bowl of plain rice.

This is what people eat! Absolutely, the gift must be brushed up.

Three million people’s gifts exploded, and a person named Gabe voted the most. The captain voted one by one, and directly drove the meat eater who hadn’t appeared for a long time to the first place, and sat on it himself.

Local tyrants, do you want to make friends?

I’m really surprised, how did the TV platform hide this anchor, with such a big hand, it has been hidden for so long.

The audience expressed their approval one after another, only old fans wanted to cry, two places, almost 4 million people online, want to cry!

Su Yemu started to make squirrel fish, using mandarin fish as the raw material. He removed the scales, washed the internal organs, removed the head, and removed the middle bone. He remember that the fish meat on both sides was connected with the tail.

He put the skin down, laid it flat, cut cross-cuts, then he cut it obliquely, and cut it again in reverse.

I’m so nervous, such a big knife, he really can’t cut it with a click, right?

The cut is so thin and beautiful, like a grid.

I think it looks more like a rhombus, like a flower. I used to see the host carving flowers on the radish and thought it was amazing. Now, even the meat is not spared.

The live broadcast room was amazed. After Su Yemu was finished, he put it aside to drain the water, cut the fish head from it, and connected it to the back. He marinated it with salt, cooking wine, and pepper for five minutes.

He took sugar, vinegar, soy sauce, starch and other seasonings, added appropriate amount of fresh soup and thicken juice for later use.

He put the oil in the hot pan, heated it to 70% heat, patted the marinated fish body with dry starch, then he turned the fish body upside down, with the skin facing down, made an arch and fried it in the pan until it was golden brown, and put it on a long plate. Here, the fish head was also patted with flour and fried in a golden pan, and arranged in a squirrel shape.

The shape came out, so beautiful, really like a squirrel, Bobo is so powerful, I have loved Bobo for ten thousand years.

It smells so good, I want to eat it. Excuse me, are there any rules here? Is it ready to eat?

“It’s not ready to taste yet, wait a minute.” Seeing that everyone couldn’t help it, Su Yemu couldn’t help reminding.

Hey, who dares to steal, beat him up.

As soon as this remark came out, the person who was about to make a move immediately withdrew his hand.

Su Yemu reheated the oil, added ginger and garlic, sautéed until fragrant, then added bamboo shoots, shiitake mushrooms, and peas into the wok and stir-fried. When cooked, he poured in the previously prepared Gorgon sauce, boiled it over high heat, and then he poured it over the fish.

He cut a carrot in half, quickly carved a rose, put two leaves on it, and the plate was complete.

On a clean white plate, a brightly coloured squirrel fish was in full bloom, and the sweet and sour aroma wafted out, which could make the saliva spring out of control.

It’s so beautiful, I can’t bear to eat it.

This was art.

It smells so good, eat the fish body first, then the fish head.

This was a foodie.

Fresh, tender and crispy, the outer skin was crispy when bitten down, the taste was sweet and sour, the deliciousness of the fish was perfectly locked inside, no matter how much you ate, you will not get tired.

There was no one talking in the live broadcast room, they were all immersed in the hard work, and the newcomers were all lamenting that they didn’t get it in the previous episodes, so they died of a loss.

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