GLR Ch. 41.1

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The success of squirrel fish and braised pork ribs had made many newcomers look forward to the Huaiyang soup dumplings.

He took out the risen noodles and kneaded them again, then kneaded them into long strips, he then picked them into balls, and rolled them into round shapes. He took out the frozen meat jelly stuffing, used a spoon to dig a spoonful into the middle of the dough, closed it with his thumb, index finger, and middle finger, and pinched them into folds. The bun was like a crucian carp’s mouth, and a soup dumpling was completed.

It’s so beautiful, it’s amazing, just pinch a few times like this, and it turns into such a beautiful shape.

Old fan: What a fuss.

New Fan: Wait, I will say this one day.

This time, Su Yemu also had a lot of work. Jiang Xiaoyu and Erha were called by Su Yemu to help. Although Jiang Xiaoyu, who had been practicing for several days, could not reach Su Yemu’s level, the dumplings he folded were considered passable.

Yes, yes, you can leave the teacher.

When the farm opens, you will be able to eat Bobo’s craftsmanship.

Wait, I was horrified to find out one thing. After the farm opened, Bobo would become a chef. Will Bobo still broadcast live?

“After the farm opens, we may hire another chef depending on the situation, but everyone can rest assured that the quality will be guaranteed; the live broadcast will not stop, and we will still share the food with you, but there may be a time gap in the future.”

Su Yemu did not say that he was prepared to stay in the kitchen all the time. He used to cook state banquets with the chef only when foreign guests came. The rest of the time was either tasting delicious food at home or abroad or studying cooking skills.

When Mai Tian heard that Su Yemu wanted to recruit a chef, he waved his hand vigorously, pointed at himself, and silently called “I, I, I”. After seeing the farm, he liked it so much. How could he have a chance to live if he let it go?

So honest anchor, what to ask and what to answer! Also took out the bottom.

Brilliant, as long as Bobo is still there, I am still here.

He wrapped the soup dumplings and steamed them in a basket for five minutes.

One seemed to be able to see the soup shaking inside the skin of the dumpling night, the unique aroma of the bun and the looming thick soup inside spread, delicious and tender, the skin was thin and the soup was rich, making people salivate.

Su Yemu took out the buns so that they could take them easily, and at the same time reminded: “Be careful, soup…”

“Ahh…, my tongue!”

Before the broadcast room yelled, they yelled at the scene. When Su Yemu saw it, it turned out that Mai Tian had launched a live broadcast, and he couldn’t wait to taste it

I really want to ask who it is, but I think it’s important to eat soup dumplings.

Hearing the screams at the scene, it is wise to take a small bite first, but I really want to drink this soup, it is so fresh and fragrant, and my saliva is about to drop.

I can’t help it anymore, let me watch it and don’t eat it, if it doesn’t exist, I would rather be scalded to death than starving to death.

Oh my God, the skin is really thin, and there is so much soup inside, why is it not broken? Miracle.

Huaiyang soup dumpling was a state banquet snack, and its taste obviously must not be bad. When you bite down on the thin bun skin, the rich soup overflowed in your mouth. The filling of tendon, duck foot skin and chicken was delicious and chewy. Everyone ate it with great joy, the people at the scene swallowed, and Mai Tian covered his mouth with tears, he really wanted to eat!

Seeing that everyone had finished eating, Su Yemu said, “The farm is finished today. This is the last day to have such a large number of lucky draw gifts, so this time I made more than 300.”

Bobo fainted last time, which scared me.

Well, it’s okay, the farm is open, I’ll take a star ship to watch Bobo.

The one in front is so good, I’d better take the spaceship!

Bobo, it’s finished, when will it open?

“It may take a few days before the opening, but tomorrow there will be a work dinner, and we will eat hot pot at that time, and we will reserve a table for everyone, so in tomorrow’s live broadcast, we will be eating hot pot.”

Thank you Bobo, Bobo is my favourite, what is hot pot?

A table? Looking forward to it, I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

Add the front, I suspect that I will open my eyes until dawn tonight, such a novel name, it sounds delicious.

“It’s a long story, but you’ll find out tomorrow; then let’s draw a lottery today!”

No, no, I finally found it, why is it over?

Ahead, I’m luckier than you, arriving right around the time the braised pork ribs were in.

No matter, eat first, there is nothing to eat later.

The number of people pouring in continued to rise. After the system announced the winners list, the number suddenly reached 10 million, and Su Yemu turned blue.

Su Yemu couldn’t help but smile.

Old fan: Bobo’s smile is so scary.

Newcomer who watched the previous video: Why did you read the lines so quickly? It’s not right! Can we do it all over again? Not keeping pace with the organization.

Newcomers who hadn’t watched the previous video: What kind of meme is this, why don’t we know, what organization did you set up? Can I join?

“Then today’s live broadcast is over, thank you for your support, goodbye.”

The terminal was turned off, Xiaonan and the others also came in to help pack, a total of 335 copies, including those for General Gu, Mr. Chen and He Yunting.

“Brother, who is this for? Why is it such a big portion?”

“This is Marshal He’s. He helped me yesterday, and he is also the owner of 033. There are two soup dumplings for 033.” Although he knew it couldn’t eat, but it also showed his heart.

“Brother, you found 033, where is he?”

“He lives in the Marshal’s Mansion! If I have a chance, I’ll take you to him.”

“Yeah, when I see him, I will definitely ask him why he ran away.”

Su Yemu smiled lightly, Xiaonan didn’t say anything, but she was always thinking about 033 in her heart, and would occasionally call 033 by slipping her tongue, and when she realized it, she would remember that 033 was no longer there.

The rest of the kitchen: Marshal? What a great look.

Erha, who was still in the kitchen, stared wide-eyed, wanting to rush forward and shake his master vigorously: Master, this is a terrorist and we will be targeted.

However, in the end, he endured it and cheered himself up secretly: I have decided, I will work hard and stand up to prevent that terrorist from approaching the master.

“By the way, where is Professor Li!”

When everyone was eating, Su Yemu finally realized that something was wrong.

“Professor Li said that he discovered many ancient Chinese civilization relics here. The Chinese civilization may not be lost. It was brought to Saier and hidden, so he is looking for it everywhere now!”

Su Yemu discovered it at the beginning, but he didn’t expect this thing to really exist.

Twenty-five minutes later, all the people who were sent received their package from Su Yemu, and they all entered a good mood. Mr. Chen carried the box and went out humming a ditty, but was stopped by the president at the gate.

When General Gu received Su Yemu’s delivery, he saw that there was a whole portion of food inside, and his facial expression softened rarely.

In the Marshal’s Mansion, He Yunting opened the food box, and the first thing he saw was a note stating that two buns were for Kong Yi.

The note was folded twice by He Yunting and stuffed under the vase.

Kong Yi: “I can read.”

He Yunting: “You can’t eat it.”

Kong Yi: “I have a sense of taste and touch, and my radio waves can become tentacles.”

He Yunting: “Stand still, turn back.”

Kong Yi: “Tell the master to go.”

He Yunting: “Come back.”

He reluctantly gave up two buns, and He Yunting had five left.

“Marshal, I smell it.”

Before anyone arrived, General Heka’s voice came first, and he ran into the room: “Hey, where is the Marshal!”

“Kong Yi, hehe…”


Kong Yi disappeared instantly, General Heka: “!”, It’s amazing to be able to escape the dimension?

“General Alan!”

The next day, Su Yemu, who hadn’t dreamed, woke up refreshed. He received news from Grandpa Zong that the batch of porcelain was ready. Su Yemu took a group of people to move the porcelain. After moving, Su Yemu invited Grandpa Zong to eat hot pot with Boss Hei and Bai Jun.

Boss Hei approached Su Yemu, just as he was about to do the same thing, and hugged his shoulders, suddenly a person jumped out beside him, very cleverly separated Boss Hei.

Boss Hei raised his eyebrows, a man of spiritual power, fighting, tsk, interesting.

“Xiao Yezi, who is this!”

“The staff I hired, Da Zhuang, helps me take care of the farm.”

“Get out of the way, you’re hindering me from speaking.”

Boss Hei pushed people away live, even using his mental strength. He crushed their mental strength, and Da Zhuang’s expression changed slightly.

Seeing him walking away with Su Yemu in his arms, he clenched the hand hanging by his side tightly.

Su Yemu, who was carried forward by Boss Hei, wanted to turn back, but was dragged away by Boss Hei.

“Xiao Yezi, let’s make money.”

Boss Hei said a number in Su Yemu’s ear, and Su Yemu’s mouth instantly changed into an o shape; this, this money was really easy to earn, what area did Xiaonan want to go to, she could go directly to Neptune to study up.

“Let me just say it! Those noble ladies must like to eat it. Let me tell you, Bai Jun also ate a lot. Although he ate it secretly, I know…”


Bai Jun coughed twice, not letting Boss Hei speak more gibberish.

A group of people returned to the farm and began to get busy. The tableware was moved to the kitchen. Some woodcarvings carved by Ace’s father were also placed by Su Yemu, and the one in the screen lobby was also finished.

The flowers, birds, rockery and flowing water were carved by Chunyi, and the three-meter-long screen was opened, raising the level of the lobby to another level.

An adult-high blue and white porcelain vase was placed on both sides of the gate, the color and screen complemented each other, standing on the balcony of the lobby, looking at the entire lobby, Su Yemu couldn’t help being a little dazed.

It was too familiar, the familiar taste of the imperial capital.

“Brother, what’s the matter?”

Xiaonan held Su Yemu’s hand uneasily, for some reason, her brother at that moment made her afraid, as if she would lose him.

Su Yemu regained consciousness, saw the fear on Xiaonan’s face, and shook her hand instead: “Don’t be afraid, brother is here.”


Xiaonan wrinkled her nose and smiled.

Boss Hei stood under the stage, saw the interaction between both brother and sister, and laughed twice: “Ah Jun! This Su Yemu is not bad.”

Bai Jun glanced at Boss Hei, didn’t speak, took out the terminal, grandpa didn’t talk all year round. He had looked for him, why did he contact him all of a sudden?

Boss Hei also saw the name displayed on Bai Jun’s terminal, and grabbed Bai Jun’s hand: “What does this old man want from you?”

“He is my grandfather!”

“You are not allowed to go back. You are my military adviser.”

“Who told you that I want to go back?” Bai Jun patted Boss Hei’s hand away, went outside to connect to the terminal and heard his grandfather’s words, then Bai Jun turned his eyes to Su Yemu, why was he being targeted by his grandfather?

After Bai Jun hung up the terminal, Boss Hei stretched out his head: “How is it? What did he say? Let me tell you, don’t be soft-hearted. Back then, when he stood by your father, he just didn’t value you, just…”

“I didn’t say I was going back, he just wants me to discuss a business with Su Yemu.”

Hearing Bai Jun’s words, Boss Hei finally smiled: “What are you talking about? I’ve taken care of Xiao Yezi’s business. Let him come and talk to me.”

“People should be watching by now. Grandpa just said that several major culinary families in Neptune are already looking for Su Yemu, and if grandpa intervenes, they will still have concerns.”

“What business do they have?”


Bai Jun had also watched several videos of Su Yemu recently. His ingredients and recipes were his real wealth. As long as there are recipes and seasoning usage was popularised, what dishes couldn’t be cooked?

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