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“Xiao Yezi! Wait a minute.”

Su Yemu, who was about to get on the hoverboard, was called to a stop, and when he turned around, he saw the president of the association.

“Come here, let’s talk.”

The president put Su Yemu on his exclusive small spaceship without saying a word, Mai Tian thought for a while, and hurriedly followed.

As soon as Su Yemu got on the car, the entrance of the association was full of hovering cars, small airships, and spaceships. Everyone had only one purpose: to find Su Yemu.

They had no choice but to go to the star network to find him. They could always find people. Then, this situation appeared on the star network:

Person N: Do you know Su Yemu?

Insider: I know!

Person N: From where.

Insider: Guidance to the live broadcast room.

Person N: Damn, the TV platform hides too much; it will make people angry.

Su Yemu didn’t know anything about being sought out; when the three of them came to a restaurant, Su Yemu and the president went directly into the private room, and Mai Tian was blocked outside.

“Xiao Yezi, come on, this is General Gu.”

Su Yemu suddenly remembered what the president told him yesterday, he had been meaning to talk to him then.

“Hello, I’m Su Yemu, what can I do for you?” This was a lady, dressed in the military uniform of a senior general, with a strong momentum.

“You’re welcome, please sit down,” General Gu pointed to the seat, and then said, “I have something to ask for this time.”

“You’re too polite, please tell me.”

“I know your farm is about to open. I have a request. I hope you can send me a soup every day. The premise must be that you make it yourself.”

Su Yemu: “I, the soup I made by myself?”

“Is it special?”

Su Yemu didn’t think it was strange that he was invited over like this, and it was a request from such a person, but he was too dumb.

General Gu turned his gaze to the president, who shook his head with a smile.

General Gu replied: “Because your cooking is high in green pigment, and I have a patient in my family. The person has had some improvement after drinking your soup before. This time I would like to ask you for help.”

Su Yemu smiled: “No problem.”

Su Yemu was refreshing in response, there was a knock on the door, and the dishes they ordered were ready.

The robot came in with the dishes, and Su Yemu suddenly thought that there was no waiter on his farm.

The president and the others had ordered eight dishes and one soup, sliced banana fried meat, coffee meat, chocolate eggplant, fish head bread, fermented bean curd mixed with tomato, fried preserved egg with diced fish head…Su Yemu endured it, his face turned green.

Huaguo also had some special dishes in the eyes of outsiders, such as bean cakes[1], cow dung hot pot[2], soybean juice[3], but apart from bean cakes, Su Yemu had never heard of other strange snacks. Now, the strange dishes in front of him really challenged his limits.

Mai Tian, who had just been invited in, waited for the president and the others to move the first chopsticks, and excitedly picked up the chopsticks, holding fish head bread. Su Yemu’s throat twitched, and he couldn’t bear it until he turned his face away.

Cooking paid attention to the taste, and it was not unreasonable to rank first in color. If his master was here, this table must be smashed by him.

But now it was a treat, Su Yemu managed to pick up a piece of banana with his chopsticks, took a small bite, and drank half a glass of water.

His willpower completely collapsed when the president gave Su Yemu a piece of fish bread head and put it in his bowl; those eyes stared at Su Yemu with his dead eyes, his body was still buried in the bread, Su Yemu immediately covered his mouth, rushed to the bathroom, and vomited with a woo.

Back then, Su Yemu chose to become a chef. Apart from liking to see others happy to eat his food, there was another thing he liked to eat.

His master said that the things that go into his mouth must be of state banquet level. Later, he really became a royal chef and cooked state banquets with his master.

Su Yemu’s face turned pale, which frightened the president.

“What’s the matter? Is it poisonous? Call the police.”

The president supported Su Yemu and yelled at the assistant.

Su Yemu said weakly: “It’s okay, it’s my problem.”

General Gu looked at the dining table: “Is it too unpalatable?”

Su Yemu smiled: “The taste is different, I’m not used to it.”

“Tsk, You are so serious, just say it if you are not used to it, why do you force yourself to eat it?”

The president was annoyed: “But seeing your exam today, I also know that the things you make are exquisite, and these things are really incomparable.”

Su Yemu smiled. His Grandma had taught him since he was a child that everyone had their own preferences, and you can’t embarrass others because you don’t like it; the president was an elder and a treater, and the dishes had already been ordered. If Su Yemu directly said he didn’t like it, no matter whether the president himself cared about it or not, Su Yemu couldn’t do this kind of thing that slapped an elder in the face.

“By the way, when the farm opens, I can’t miss it.”

“Of course.”

Su Yemu was puzzled. How did they know that the farm would be opened? Could it be that they all watched his live broadcast?

After the meal, the president sent Su Yemu directly to the spaceship.

Mai Tian followed Su Yemu all the time, endured it, and couldn’t help but say: “I think it’s delicious.”

Su Yemu thought of that table of dishes again, and he decided that he must make a table of dishes today to erase that picture.

After a fifteen-minute journey, Su Yemu and the others arrived at Saier Star. Xiao Nan and Erha were already waiting here. Seeing Su Yemu, Xiao Nan rushed over happily.

It seemed that Neptune’s discovery had not received any news here.

A group of people went home in a mighty way. On the way, Xiao Nan told him that another person had awakened his spiritual power, and it was S-rank.

Su Yemu: “!”

What could he say? Only congratulations!

Back home, after Su Yemu introduced Mai Tian to everyone, he wanted to go to the farm. According to what he said before, the work could be finished today, and there was also the matter of the waiter.

Mai Tian was very interested and wanted to visit, so he followed Su Yemu and walked out with his hand on Su Yemu’s shoulders.

Xiao Nan: “My brother, mine.”

Erha: “I’m not happy, hum.”

Jiang Xiaoyu: “Any action?”

Ace: gloomy. JPG

033 No. 2: Chirp tweet!

After Su Yemu came to the farm, he nodded with satisfaction. Everything was in place, except for the tableware, kitchen utensils, ornaments and other porcelain that he had ordered with Grandpa Zong.

Also, waiters, kitchen helpers, etc.

When Su Yemu said it, Father Jiang and the other workers looked at each other.

Da Zhuang took a step forward, with piercing eyes: “Your Excellency, I want to follow you.”

Da Yu: “Your Excellency, and me.”

Da Ming: “Your Excellency, and me.”

Su Yemu: All three of them are awakened, and all of them are S-level mental power, all of them are tall and powerful, like a thug?

“Do you really want to do this? If you go outside, you may get greater opportunities. Here, you may only do odd jobs. You can only do these jobs, and the salary will be very low.”

“We are willing.”

The three said in unison.

The other two were in a hurry. They followed Da Zhuang along with Da Yu and Da Ming. Now the three of them had awakened their spiritual power, but the two of them didn’t. They didn’t know if Your Excellency will let them stay.

“Your Excellency, we also want to stay. We don’t need the wages, as long as we have something to eat.”

This farm was really beautiful and peaceful. They liked such a place. If they could settle down here, they wouldn’t need to do part-time jobs and eat low-quality nutrient solution every day; anyway, without mental strength, they would never have the chance to go out of Saier Star in their entire lives, and they would starve to death if they went out without strength.

“As long as you are willing, of course, the wages are not high.”

“We don’t need wages.”

Su Yemu shook his head: “You can’t make me a black-hearted boss.”

In the end, there were five people left, all of whom followed the boss all the time. The four strong young men and others continued to follow Dad Jiang to find projects.

Two people look after the farm, two looked after the poultry, one person looked after the fruit trees, one person looked after the flowers, and there were five waiters including Da Zhuang, a total of eleven people.

Su Yemu told Dad Jiang and the others that they should go back after having a lunch together tomorrow. As for the staff dormitory, Su Yemu would leave it to Da Zhuang to arrange.

Inexplicably a little happy, he felt that he was also a big boss.

“Brother, it’s amazing. I heard that you designed this place? To be honest, who are you?” Mai Tian’s eyes almost popped out.

Su Yemu: “I’m Su Yemu, and I’m also a live broadcast anchor.”

When Mai Tian heard this, he immediately opened the terminal and went to Su Yemu’s live broadcast room.

On the other side of the farm, Dad Jiang asked everyone to clean up and leave.

Da Zhuang said to Dad Jiang: “Uncle Jiang, I hope that other people will not say anything about our awakening.”

Dad Jiang frowned and thought it made sense. If it spread, Su Yemu might be in trouble: “Don’t worry, they have been with me for most of my life, I told them, they will not say it; but Dr. Ali…”

Da Zhuang: “I will deal with it.”

Dad Jiang nodded, and led him away; turning around, Da Zhuang said the same he told the other four people what he said, and everyone agreed.

Your Excellency didn’t seem to care much about these things, so let them guard it.

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