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The robot tested Su Yemu’s food again, and the final value remained at 50%. The fire in Sophie’s eyes burst out, and she tested again and again, and kept testing it again and again.

He Yunting propped his hands on the table behind Su Yemu, his posture looking a little leisurely.

Who is this person? Do you think you can get so close because you are good-looking? Let go of my Bobo.

Why do I think this man is so unpleasant! Is there anyone like me?

Raise your hand, yes, but for the sake of him helping Bobo just now, I’ll endure it.

Your nickname for Su Yemu is Bobo? This name is really nice, and the person is also handsome[Nympho]

Is Sophie enough? Really sick, testing again and again, can MP Hill take her away?

Bully ah! Still want to be queen? Is it not unlucky for the empire to have this queen.

Su Yemu has such a temper, if it were me, I would smash the table.

The people of the association don’t go too far, really think that our audience is the air.

Where did the navy come from, little princess Sophie is really temperamental.

Don’t see that it’s not your little princess’s fan or the navy, passers-by don’t like it, because of you, I fell into the trap.

Seeing that it was about to arouse public anger, the faces of the people in the association were also suppressed. The vice president Capet quickly gave Sophie a wink; then he lowered his head in fright.

The one with the highest green pigment in this field is Su Yemu. There was no doubt that the junior chef certificate was a certainty.

Before starting the next round of ‘Color and Fragrance’ rating, Mr. Chen had something to say.

“I don’t know if some people have received some unrealistic news, thinking that green pigments are vegetables. It is said on the official website of the association that all foods contain this energy, but vegetables have it higher. But at the same time, we also said that only by cooking the ingredients together can you get a higher value.”

The cheeks of the people present turned slightly red, and they didn’t dare to look at Mr. Chen.

“However, the most important point, don’t forget, you are here to test the chef certificate, not to test the green pigment, green pigment is only one of the selections; there is also color and fragrance, look at the dishes you cooked, can you get a chef certificate with these dishes? Boiled vegetables in broth, thanks to your thinking.”

“I can tell you that now is no longer the era when you can get a chef’s certificate with high green content. If you want to get a chef’s certificate, you must first find out if you have the heart. Take a look, these things you cook, and dare to say that you are a chef.”

Vice President Chen is right, in order to upgrade, boil cabbage in broth, it’s shameful.

Applause for Vice President Chen.

Pfft, stupid people have stupid blessings, did not receive the news, but avoided cooking vegetables in broth.

What I said before, Bobo would never do such a thing. Directing to the live broadcast room [address].

This round came to an end, and the dish tasting session began, with five vice presidents and an inexplicable man.

This formation was only the primary exam, and there are still four levels to come! Do you have to invite the emperor to come down?

Association reform, it is not surprising that it is important. Imperial cuisine has been promoted for so long, but there is no way to promote it. It seems that the association is going to work hard.

Don’t care about you, the target Su Yemu candidate’s garlic and white meat, I’m drooling just reading the name.

“Then let’s start!”

The dishes were served in one serving, the judges really didn’t want to eat those cabbages in broth, and when they had to try it, all of them frowned.

Among those present, Yunying is not married was in the most complicated mood. Except for Sophie and Kaili’s food, they swallowed all the food, and some of them didn’t even smell it.

This time it was not as simple as trying dishes, and the attitude of these judges also determined how high his Su family’s status in the association was.

Yunying is not married tried his best to pretend that he didn’t care about it, but he couldn’t take his eyes off, so he came.

Of the six judges, two swallowed it, and one of them was from the Su family; the other three took a small bite, but the man stopped without even looking at it.

The only consolation was that he didn’t even eat Sophie and Kaili’s.

Plate after plate of dishes came up and down, and everyone looked forward to Su Yemu’s garlic and white meat. When they saw the robot walking towards him, their eyes lit up.

“You have tampered with the value of Xiao Yezi!” Mr. Chen had eaten Su Yemu’s food, so the value could not be so low.

He Yunting: “Take your time, don’t worry.”

Lao Chen nodded. In this match, if Su Yemu’s value was too high, there would indeed be problems.

But it was not surprising that the announcement and live broadcast of the green pigment incident had gone so smoothly if Marshal He had intervened; but he also came here for Xiao Yezi, and Xiao Yezi’s ability had no source, so it could cause trouble. The appearance of green pigment could be used just right in this way.

The delicate lotus on the porcelain white plate formed a very beautiful shape with the green cucumber and tender white meat. Served on the table, the aroma hit the nose directly.

They picked up the white meat and dipped it in the red-sauce seasoning, and bit down. The fat but not greasy white meat was perfectly combined with garlic, soy sauce, and spicy oil. The crispy cucumber and chewy white meat were particularly exciting to bite.

Delicious, delicious, I have never eaten such a delicious thing, you are right, looking at a pile of vegetables boiled in broth, I thought today would be a waste of time.

Ah, it’s so spicy, but it’s so sensual, the cucumber bites crisply, and the white meat and garlic are a perfect match. It smells so good.

Delicious, but I prefer Dongpo Pork and Braised Pork. I don’t like eating raw garlic. This is my personal problem and has nothing to do with Bobo’s craftsmanship.

Is there anything better? What is Dongpo pork? What is Braised Pork? Asking for science scores.

No, I went to pour a glass of water, why is it gone, I’m crying, you judges spit it out for me.

What is the aroma of garlic? Why does the cucumber make a crisp sound? I just slow down, why is it gone? You judges, your hands are too fast.

Too much, too much, too much.

There was a wailing in the live broadcast room, and they wanted to kill the judges, and some people even asked Su Yemu to do it again.

Unfortunately, it was impossible.

There were more than 300 candidates, only 60 of them had obtained junior chef certificates, although not many, but among the past years, it was the most in one test, this was still for the sake of green pigment, and it was pitiful that they had misunderstood green pigment back down. Among them, Su Yemu ranked first, Kaili second, Sophie third, and Yunying is not married ranked fourth.

“See you at the intermediate chef exam!” Kaili waved to Su Yemu before leaving, very friendly.

After the exam was over, the audience was reluctant to leave the live broadcast, and they were all asking Su Yemu if he would take the second exam in half a month, but the live broadcast room was not connected to Su Yemu’s communication, so he didn’t see it at all.

After getting the Junior Chef Certificate with his own hands, Mai Tian burst into tears, and he kissed it like a stick of gold.

“Brother, do you still want to continue the exam?” Mai Tian put the certificate into his clothes carefully, with a hopeful tone.

“Continue? Isn’t it just once every half a month? Now the other four levels of exams have been taken!”

The chef could only take one level at a time because the exam time of each level overlapped, which lasted at least two and a half months. This time, Su Yemu first got a primary certificate, which was a fifth-level certificate, just to allow the farm to operate legally.

“I’m talking half a month later! The planet I live in is very, very far away from Neptune. It’s too annoying to go back to Neptune. I want to live here. If you take the exam in half a month, will you stay in the imperial capital?” Mai Tian’s tone was a bit low, staying alone on Neptune for half a month, it was boring!

“No, I want to go home. As for whether I will take the test in half a month, it depends on the situation.” This Su Yemu had no fixed plan. If he was too busy with the opening of the farm, it may be postponed, but if he is not busy, he would continue to go to the next exam.

“Ah, that’s it, then I’ll play alone!”

“Did you come alone?”

“Yes! Our place is not rich, the ingredients are too expensive, and the price of a meal can be worth ten bottles of low-quality nutrient solution, so no one learns to cook.”

“Would you like to go to Saier Star? My farm is just about to open.”

“Saier Star? That slum?”

“Yeah, it’s not that poor!”

Su Yemu was not sure, his activities were only in the area around his home, and there were only a few households, so it felt passable; no matter how far away the eldest brother and grandfather Zong were, they were not poor enough to be called poor.

“I will go! Hahaha, I don’t need to be alone at last.”

Mai Tian hugged Su Yemu tightly, almost wanting to kiss him.

“Congratulations.” He Yunting pulled away Mai Tian and gave Su Yemu a hug. The fresh breath poured into his nasal cavity, making He Yunting’s eyes darken.

Su Yemu returned He Yunting with a hug, and said with a smile, “Thank you, by the way, my farm will open in a few days, and you are welcome.”

On the back of his neck, he felt his head shrinking slightly, and the smile deepened at the corner of his mouth, it was so sensitive.

The chief of staff in the distance had lost his sight. This, was this the old hooligan who had been single for decades?

And as an army officer, should he want to remind the newly promoted chef who laughed heartlessly, that someone had bad intentions towards him? What a headache.

After accepting the congratulations from Mr. Chen and several staff members, Su Yemu stepped out of the association, followed by Mai Tian, and He Yunting had already left.

Before leaving, Su Yemu hugged He Yunting again, and agreed to meet on the day the farm opened. Su Yemu was very grateful for the night He Yunting took him in.

As for the other person, his smile deepened.

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