KHSW Ch. 251

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Bing Yanyan and Mortina looked at each other, that’s not what Ling Xi said just now, could it be that Xiang Jiajia who makes trouble out of nothing?

The hearts of the two trembled…

Bing Yanyan was the first to stand up, “Ling Xi has never said this sentence, where did you hear it?”

The female artists who came to find fault all laughed, knowing that they would deny it.

“If you want to seduce Mr. Xu, you have to look in the mirror…”

“Look in the mirror?”

Ling Xi opened the zipper of her handbag, her actions puzzled others, what was she going to do?

She took out a small mirror from her handbag, gently held it in front of her, and reflected the delicate face inside, “It’s beautiful! There’s nothing wrong with it.”

Hearing her words, those female artists sighed endlessly. They had seen thick-skinned ones, but they had never seen such thick-skinned ones.

Bing Yanyan and Mortina laughed in their hearts when they heard Ling Xi’s words. It seemed that Ling Xi’s combat effectiveness was very strong!

Seeing those people rolling their eyes, Ling Xi put the mirror back into her bag, “Whether I will seduce Mr. Xu has nothing to do with you, right? Your beauty is not even one-tenth of mine.”

This was what she said… She really was the master who was more narcissistic than life. Female artists found it the most taboo to compare beauty, especially after makeup, Bing Yanyan and Mortina looked at each other and smiled.

Those female artists were indeed so angry that they couldn’t speak, for fear that if they said a word, they would be in an even worse condition.

“Mr. Xu is here.” These words undoubtedly relieved their embarrassment, and they all looked towards the door with anticipation in their eyes.

Bing Yanyan tugged Ling Xi’s arm excitedly, “I’m so nervous, I hope the president is a handsome guy.”

Mortina was not as excited as she was, but she was still thinking that she could finally see the president today.

Ling Xi’s expression was calm, if they knew that the person beside them was the president’s wife, would they want to “poison” her?

Under everyone’s expectation, Xu Yizhi seemed to come from an iceberg thousands of meters above sea level, his whole body exuded a noble and inviolable temperament, those slender legs, tall body, just this face, how could he look more and more like a certain actor from before? But no one dared to link them together.

Behind him was Chi Jingyu.

“Oh my god, is the CEO so young? I thought he was an old man!” Mortina expressed surprise.

“He is so handsome!” Bing Yanyan, like other female artists, looked at the president who walked in with an idiotic look on her face, “It’s a pity that mobile phones are not allowed on such occasions, otherwise it would be nice to leave a photo!”

Seeing their performance, Ling Xi felt a sense of loss in her heart. It was a pity that she was face-blind. Although she had seen Xu Yizhi’s face clearly a few times before, it was all fleeting, including baby Xiao Nuo’s. She saw clearly when they first met…

Standing on the stage, Xu Yizhi saw Ling Xi not far away at a glance, his handsome face warmed slightly, “I am Xu Yizhi, the president of the Xu Group…”

Chi Jiayang stood under the stage and saw Xu Yizhi and Chi Jingyu who were so eye-catching, he couldn’t help clenching his fist hanging on one side, and clenched the wine glass tightly with the other hand.

Ou Mengxue was also jealous. Xu Yizhi’s identity and status were so noble, why would he be Ling Xi’s man.

When Xu Yizhi walked off the stage, many female artists wanted to talk to him, but they were startled by his cold eyes. After being slightly dazed, Xu Yizhi had already passed by them.

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