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Si Huang arrived at Yangcheng in his sleep, but he didn’t know that during this period of time, the sequelae of the cyber war had still not ended, affecting the future of countless people. Just like a butterfly flapping its wings gently, it brought about countless linked effects.

In a manor on the outskirts of H city, there was a home which was decorated in a warm and idyllic style.

An old lady with half-white hair was sitting on the soft sofa, her eyes fixed on the high-definition color screen projection in front of her, her eyes were dull at first, then she became more and more excited, and she suddenly shouted: “Old man! Old Tie! Old man! Old Tie!”

“Come on, what’s the matter? Where’s the discomfort?” Old Tie hurried out with gloves and a bowl in his hand.

The old lady, his wife Yu Shulan, hummed: “There isn’t anything, you wish I had some discomfort, right?”

Tie Lao looked helpless, “Okay, okay, I said something wrong. Here, the porridge is ready, drink it slowly.” He brought the bowl to the table in front of her.

Mrs. Yu Shulan ignored him, pointed at the projection in front of her, and said loudly, “Old Tie! Where did you find this child? It’s too similar! It’s too similar to A Qiong!”

Only then did Lao Tie notice the projection. They were showing entertainment gossip, telling about the Internet war, and how the promotional video was released. Looking at his wife’s excited expression, Tie Lao pouted, “Where is the resemblance, A Qiong is more delicate than him.”

“Who told you about it! Temperament, do you understand temperament, it is the look in the eyes and the tone of speech!” Grandma Yu was dissatisfied, so she glared at him, “And you being a veteran of the entertainment industry, you don’t even understand this!” She stood up as she spoke, with a rosy face like a girl chasing stars, she said, “Now the crew of “The Emperor’s Path” should be in Yangcheng. Let’s go over there! Old Tie, I’m going to see A Qiong! Go now!”    

Old Tie’s back teeth hurt for a while, then he persuaded her in a good voice: “You have to take good care of yourself now, how can you…” Before he could finish, he was cut off by Grandma Yu’s stare, and he muttered, “What’s so beautiful about a little boy whose hair don’t even grow evenly.”

Grandma Yu made a fierce look, but her eyes were full of smiles, “I don’t care! Now that I’ve decided, I’ll follow this child! And I remember that the Qin family’s boy happens to be on vacation to cultivate in Yangcheng, right? I’ll go too. I can also meet Sister Zhen and the others.”

Tie Lao had a dignified and stern image outside, but he couldn’t do anything about his wife who was becoming more and more childish, so he replied helplessly: “Okay, okay, whatever you say, take the medicine first. The porridge is ready.” Grandma Yu was happy, but while drinking the porridge, she did not forget to tell him: “Go make a phone call, don’t let the crew tire the child, how old is he, he is still growing!”

Tie Lao was overwhelmed. While choking on the vinegar, he remembered the position of ‘A Qiong’ in Yu Shulan’s heart and the knot in her heart, and he couldn’t help sighing. Shulan had always felt that she owed A Qiong, and now that she had found a similar one, if helping him could make her happier, then let her be.


Director Liu, who received Tie Lao’s call, was also surprised. According to what he said, he gave the crew three days off and let them play in Yangcheng and said that their expenses would be reimbursed.

As soon as these words came out, the cheers of the entire crew almost overturned the sky, and everyone praised Director Liu as a good person. Even Si Huang was a little surprised, guessing that something good had happened at Director Liu’s house.

No matter what the reason for Director Liu’s kindness was, everyone happily spent the rare three-day holiday and rushed to the bustling shopping street in Yangcheng. Si Huang politely declined the invitations of several men and women, and after everyone gave up and only Yu Xi was left, she asked, “You want to follow me?”

Yu Xi didn’t hesitate: “Yeah.”

“Alright. Go and change into casual clothes.”

Yu Xi did it without asking why, and when he walked out of the room, he saw Si Huang who lived next door was already standing outside.

The boy was about the same height as him, the white casual clothes he was wearing made his skin look fairer and whiter, and her temperament seemed clear and bright. With a backpack that he was carrying on one shoulder, he turned his head to look at him, and his raised eyebrows were so bright that he thought he had seen an angel for a moment.

He blinked and thought to himself: This man really shone all the time.

Soon, Yu Xi had no heart to think anything more. He did not expect that after Si Huang drove to the famous Weiming Mountain in Yangcheng, he would want to jog all the way to the top of Weiming Mountain!? Halfway through the process, he was so tired that he was sweating profusely, then he looked at Si Huang, who wasn’t even out of breath, in disbelief: “You…what the hell are you eating!”

Si Huang laughed at his embarrassed look, “Forget it. Now, you wait here for the tour bus, and then you can wait for me at the last stop.”

Yu Xi had failed, so he stopped in the same place sadly, if it wasn’t for the restraint of his literacy, he might have sat on the ground panting. He could only silently watch Si Huang’s figure running farther and farther.

With no Yu Xi by his side, Si Huang found a place where no one was around, and dived into the dense and primitive woods.

This was an undeveloped forest. The deeper he went, the thicker the trees grew. Si Huang’s eyes flashed with excitement. He took a slight breath and jumped up.

With this jump, she jumped nearly two meters high, then she jumped onto the branch of a tall tree with a few dexterous leaps on the trunk. The success of the experiment made Si Huang’s eyes narrow into cat arcs, and the corners of his mouth evoked a carefree feeling. She boldly jumped towards a branch not far away and continued to leap after stepping straight on.

She let go of her potential and speed, feeling the wind blowing by her face, as a sense of freedom and wantonness permeated her whole body.

[Hey-hey! Your Majesty~ Isn’t it great! Such physical strength and speed are comparable to those of a special soldier! 】Five Treasure said proudly, wanting to let His Majesty realize the benefits, so that he would definitely work harder to earn gold, then he would be able to…

[Your Majesty!] Five Treasure’s excited imagination came to an end, and his voice was as dry and nervous as if he was on a roller coaster: [There is something… something! Very dangerous! 】

Si Huang also noticed it, even faster than Five Treasure, and had a deeper understanding-there was a pair of eyes locked on her in the dark!

She couldn’t even tell if the eyes were human or beast or something weirder because it was so scary. That line of sight seemed to be real, and it swept her body roughly, causing the hairs under her clothes to stand up instinctively, her posture was tensed because of the huge threat, and she felt cold like a blade was passing through her, while the look seemed to be full of animal madness. An indescribable biomagnetic field enveloped Si Huang.

She was like a rabbit being stared at by a lion. She clearly did not see the existence of the lion, but she clearly felt a huge threat. The pressure was oppressing her shoulders, which were not so broad.

Escape! Escape! Escape!

The instinct in her mind, and the urging of the Five Treasure, both said: Run!

Si Huang didn’t move, Five Treasure could sense the danger in the dark, but he didn’t have real experience like Si Huang. Cold sweat broke out on her back, but her face became calmer. She felt that if she moved now, it would definitely alert the owner of the sight, and leaving her back to the other party would bring unforeseen consequences.

What to do?

Si Huang’s heart was beating heavily, and every time she felt the pain in her chest tightness she would blink her eyes gently, which caused the aura around him to change silently.

A teenager in white casual clothes stood on a branch and held the trunk with one hand. Under the mottled sunlight, his slender figure had the holy beauty of an ink painting. At this time, his jaw lifted slightly, as if he was smelling the fresh smell in the air, his brows stretched and his eyes were clear, he casually looked around, and a pure smile was outlined by his rosy lips.

This was the time!

Si Huang deliberately looked in the direction of the dark line of sight. Her tense mind made her pay attention to the change of line of sight at all times. As a result, she did not see the owner of the line of sight but felt that the pressure of the line of sight had a momentary flaw.

She could be sure that the other party was a human being, as only people would only show their flaws because of her appearance.

Taking advantage of this momentary flaw, Si Huang exploded his speed to the extreme, and suddenly ran in the direction of the mountain road.

Even if she was sure that the other party was a human, she didn’t want to contact him. With such terrifying eyes, she had no interest in provoking him.

Brush brush —

Without looking back, Si Huang felt that a huge black shadow was approaching him, and the speed was like a monster.

[Your Majesty, be careful—!] Five Treasure screamed in his mind.

Si Huang instinctively turned around and kicked.


This kick seemed as if he was hitting an iron plate, causing Si Huang to frown in pain. Immediately afterwards, he was shrouded in black shadows, his hands seemed to be caught by iron chains, and his body hit the ground vigorously. The worst thing was that the back of his head hit a stone.

Si Huang groaned, feeling dizzy, half-squinting his eyes, he looked at the hazy shadow above his head.

This was a supernaturally handsome face, with sexy honey-colored skin, rough black sword eyebrows, and eyes like lacquer, which made him look deep and mysterious. The dark and slightly curly hair were messy and arrogant, and a few strands covered his forehead, his thin lips were slightly opened, and he uttered in a cold and low voice: “What are you running from?”

She opened her mouth, but the voice from her throat was already murmuring: “…Qin Fan!” The huge impact on her mind, coupled with the pain in the back of her head, caused her to tilt her head and fall into the darkness.

However, she didn’t know what kind of throbbing that voiceless shout brought to Qin Fan.

Si Huang’s voice was charming and seductive, and the shouting under the loss of his voice was not as loud as she imagined, but rather murmured like a dream. Gentle, trembling, soft and clear, just like he was acting coquettish. It made Qin Fan’s hands and feet stiffen in place, his pupils dilated, and he stared at Si Huang with a fierce look, and he felt as if his heart was scratched with a cat’s paw.


Er Shui: What do you think about knocking Your Majesty out as soon as you appear on the stage?

A certain man: White cut chicken!

Ershui: Hehe! I can’t help you!

A man: What do you mean?

Er Shui: (Standing his hands) Chasing the Stars (qi) I won’t explain.

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