CFCS Ch. 187.1: Anyang Saga (8)

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Xue Chengyu came out of the shower room, lay down beside Jing Yang, looked at Jing Yang’s sleeping face, and felt extremely satisfied. He felt that being able to have this person was definitely the greatest gain and happiness in his life. Thinking of An Yang’s murder in the palace, he was suddenly very glad that he did not really die, or his life might never have been complete.

He kissed Jing Yang’s forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, and the soft touch made him want to hold the person in the palm of his hand. He repeatedly kissed Jing Yang on the face many times, but Jing Yang showed no sign of waking up. Thinking that he must be tired from riding the carriage all the way, he decided to let him go tonight and let him have a good sleep.

Xue Chengyu took Jing Yang into his arms and let Jing Yang’s face rest on his chest. He put his hand into Jing Yang’s clothes, stroked his smooth skin, and slowly fell asleep.

The next morning, Xue Chengyu’s usual time to get up and practice the exercises had long passed, but he didn’t get up on time today, because the fragrant, soft and smooth body in his arms made him reluctant to let go, even if he had woken up, he didn’t want to get up.

When Jing Yang went from a deep sleep to a half-dreaming state, he suddenly felt a little hot, his lower abdomen felt very empty, and he felt that he was in urgent need of being filled. Thinking that it might be the drug’s attack again, and feeling the firm chest holding him from behind, Jing Yang took off his wet bottoms, raised his butt and rubbed against Xue Chengyu’s lower abdomen.

Xue Chengyu lifted one of Jing Yang’s legs and placed it over his own, then he moved his waist forward. The feeling of being enveloped by the soft touch made him sigh comfortably.

“Hmm~” Jing Yang grabbed Xue Chengyu’s hand and held it with his fingers. The feeling of being filled made his body satisfied, but the speed of Xue Chengyu’s entry and exit was a little unbearable because he was too big. He was quickly stretched open many times, making him feel comfortable and a little painful at the same time.

Xue Chengyu hugged Jing Yang tightly. He never thought that a female body could bring him such a wonderful feeling. He finally understood what a natural stunner was, and truly felt the taste of being happier than an immortal. What made him feel even more amazing was that such a small place could actually accommodate him.

Zhu Xin brought hot water inside, Xue Chengyu pulled the curtain and got up and out of bed, wet the towel, and sat back on the edge of the bed.

After the intense exercise, Jing Yang lay on the bed weakly, with his legs open and let Xue Chengyu wipe him clean. Counting the previous lives, this person had cleaned him countless times, so he was used to it and had no different feeling. However, when he cleaned him in previous lives, he had to get those things out. In this life, because his body was different from previous lives, he couldn’t get those things out after they entered his body.

Although Jing Yang didn’t feel anything when Xue Chengyu wiped it for him, but Xue Chengyu didn’t stop after a long time, so Jing Yang looked at him suspiciously, and after seeing his beast-like eyes, he couldn’t help but fold his legs, so as to not let Xue Chengyu continue watching.

Xue Chengyu patted Jing Yang’s upturned buttocks, covered him with the quilt, and went out to let people prepare food.

Jing Yang put on his clothes lazily, rubbed his eyes and walked out weakly. When he met Xue Chengyu who was about to go in, he fell on top of him, leaned against his body and didn’t want to move.

Xue Chengyu was sitting on the bed with Jing Yang in his arms. Soon Zhu Xin led three female attendants in. The attendants opened the three-layer food boxes in their hands, and Zhu Xin took out the food and placed it on the table.

Jing Yang leaned against Xue Chengyu’s chest, but even looking at those exquisite breakfasts, he had no appetite.

Xue Chengyu picked up the bird’s nest porridge and brought it to his mouth to feed him, and offered him a few snacks, after that Jing Yang didn’t want to open his mouth, so he wiped his mouth for him.

After the dishes were taken away, Xue Chengyu was thinking about whether to take Jing Yang back to the bed and let him sleep for a while, when Zhu Xin walked in and handed him a letter saying, “Sir, this was sent by the housekeeper of God’s Palace earlier.”

Xue Chengyu didn’t move, Jing Yang left and sat up from his arms, reached out and took the post in Zhu Xin’s hand and said, “I’ll take a look.”

“…So tonight at Xu Shi, a banquet will be held on the boat, and the general was invited to come and go on a tour of the lake.” After Jing Yang finished reading this sentence, he looked at Xue Chengyu with a bad look, “When I wasn’t looking, you hooked up with others?”

“Whatever hooking up,” Xue Chengyu threw the letter back to Zhu Xin and said, “Send a letter back, just say I have something going on, so it’s inconvenient and I can’t go.”

Zhu Xin took the letter and went out again, Jing Yang straddled Xue Chengyu’s lap and said, “Then tell me, why did he invite you to tour the lake after seeing you only once? It’s getting cold. What lake are you touring at night?!”

Xue Chengyu put his arms around Jing Yang’s waist to prevent him from getting excited and falling to the ground. This was the first time someone had questioned him to his face, and it was also the first time someone had flirted with him. If it was replaced by someone else, he didn’t know how many times he would have died, but he looked at Jing Yang’s face, and thought that his puffy look was really cute.

“You…, hum!” Jing Yang got even angrier when he saw that he was distracted, jumped off him, walked to the bed, and stayed still.

Xue Chengyu followed behind him, leaning on his shoulders, he coaxed him, “Didn’t I not agree to go? He killed you once before, I’ll remember, don’t worry, I’ll definitely take revenge for you.”

“I’m afraid you’ve fallen for his beauty trick and you’re so fascinated that you can’t even think. Then you’ll not even remember to avenge me.” Jing Yang knew very well that Su Huai saw him on the second day when Xue Chengyu returned to the imperial capital. The letter then invited him to go tour the lake at night, even if he didn’t really like Xue Chengyu, he must have some purpose on him. But he knew that it was impossible for Xue Chengyu to fall in love with Su Huai. They had been lovers for so many lifetimes, so he still had this confidence. But he was not feeling well, so he just wanted to deliberately and unreasonably vent his anger on Xue Chengyu.

Xue Chengyu touched his hair and said, “I saw him yesterday, and I don’t think he deserves to even lift your shoes. How could I be fascinated by him. It’s not like I haven’t seen someone better-looking than him, and in the end, it’s not just that you’re fascinated.”

“Hmph, don’t think I won’t care if you say something nice to coax me,” Jing Yang sat up and said, “I haven’t returned to the imperial capital for seven years, and I haven’t gone to Yinyue Lake for a long time. After coming back, I also want to see the scenery of Yinyue Lake again.”

“Understood, I’ll have someone prepare, you can sleep a little longer.” Xue Chengyu asked Jing Yang to lie down, covered him with the quilt, and watched him for a while before getting up and leaving to deal with his affairs.

Jing Yang didn’t really want to go tour the lake. Although it was already the season of late autumn, it was also the time when Yinyue Lake was the liveliest. What he didn’t like the most was going to join in the fun when it was cold. But Su Huai’s purpose of getting close to Xue Chengyu was too obvious. If he dared to rob a man from him, he would count this new hatred and old hatred together in the future. Now even if he couldn’t get revenge for the time being, he could still make him mad. Xue Chengyu had already rejected Su Huai, saying that there was something on so he could not go. Although Jing Yang was not sure whether Su Huai would continue his plan of going to the lake after being rejected, but if he went and happened to see the cruise ship of the Annan Palace, he would definitely try to get close to Xue Chengyu, and Jing Yang was ready to make fun of him.

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