CFCS Ch. 186: Anyang Saga (7)

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Jing Yang leaned on the reclining chair and read a book for a while because he was a little bored while waiting. He was prone to sleepiness now, and reading a book was even more hypnotizing, so he fell asleep unconsciously.

They had returned to the imperial capital at noon, and in the afternoon, when everyone who should be sent away was sent away, Xue Chengyu told King Annan about Jing Yang in his study.

King Annan was naturally very shocked. Although he was not in the imperial capital when An Yang was killed, all the ministers who were friends with him had told him that they watched An Yang’s burial with their own eyes. Now he had come back to life, and according to what Xue Chengyu described to him, it was not completely impossible.

He originally thought that An’s bloodline had been completely broken, but unexpectedly the last bloodline of An’s family had come back. King Annan, who had always been calm and did not show his emotions easily, was a little overwhelmed with excitement.

King Annan needed to confirm the authenticity of this matter with his own eyes, in order to ensure that it wasn’t empty happiness, and so that he could be completely at ease, therefore he hurriedly asked Xue Chengyu to take him to see Jing Yang.

Jing Yang was a female. Although he was only the female son of the former emperor, his weight in King Annan’s heart was definitely more than that of Emperor Su’s family. So, King Annan came to Xue Chengyu’s yard in person, but instead of entering the bedroom directly, he waited in the lounge.

Zhu Xin woke up Jing Yang, and after combing his hair and rearranging his clothes, he went out to meet King Annan.

As soon as Jing Yang walked to the outer hall, King Annan immediately stood up and stared at Jing Yang’s face with wide eyes. He was speechless because he felt both emotional and complicated.

“Uncle Annan.” Jing Yang looked at the shocked King Annan, knowing that he must be finding it very unbelievable at this moment.

Although King Annan was a King with a different surname, but the deep love and trust of An Yang’s father and emperor towards him had made An Yang and the Crown Prince call King Annan Uncle. Moreover, with his face that was very similar to that of the previous king and queen, King Annan would definitely not make a mistake about his identity.

“His Highness…” King Annan’s hands trembled with excitement. He had hardly ever committed such a gaffe in his life. He thought that even if he avenged the prince and took back the throne of An’s from the Su family, there was no way to let somebody from An’s bloodline continue to sit on the throne. Now that An’s only bloodline was in front of his eyes, he finally saw the hope of reviving the An dynasty.

King Annan wanted to kneel down to Jing Yang, but just as his knees were bending, Jing Yang hurriedly stepped forward to help him up before he knelt down, “Uncle Annan doesn’t have to do this.”

“How did you fare all these years? Why didn’t you come to see this old minister?” Although King Annan had heard Xue Chengyu talk about his general experience, he felt unhappy when he thought that An Yang who had lived in hiding for so many years must have had a hard life. It was the incompetence of those old ministers who were used by His Majesty back then which made the dignified son of the emperor suffer like this.

“The secret guard arranged by the father said that he had to do some things and left. I thought he would come back, so I wanted to wait for him to come back and then make plans. Who knew that after waiting for seven years, he wouldn’t come back, and without him, I didn’t dare to act rashly during this period. Also, I was worried I will be discovered, so I didn’t dare to go to anyone.”

What Jing Yang said was indeed An Yang’s true thoughts, An Yang didn’t go looking for anyone at that time for two reasons, one was to wait for the secret guard to come back, and the other was because of the fear of being discovered. In addition, An Yang didn’t have much desire to survive at that time, so he just lived one day at a time, in which waiting for the secret guard to come back seemed to be the only reason for him to live. He didn’t know what was the point even if he went to find those old ministers who were loyal to his father.

“It’s the incompetence of the old ministers, that we didn’t protect the prince and the emperor.” King Annan felt deeply guilty. When His Majesty was alive, it could be said that he was quite good to these old officials, but they not only failed to protect the An family’s country, but also the crown prince. Neither the Emperor nor the Prince were well protected.

“Uncle Annan doesn’t need to be too self-blaming, everything was started by the Su family, and naturally the Su family should pay back what they owe to the An family.” Jing Yang said, “After I left the imperial capital, I had no wish to continue to live. But then I thought that the emperor’s revenge has not been avenged, and the An family’s land is still occupied by the enemy. As the only living descendant of the An family, if I die like this, how can I have the face to see my queen father and emperor. That’s why I’ve lived in a daze for seven years, but I don’t know what to do.”

“Your Highness, please rest assured, we will definitely avenge the prince’s death. Even if the old minister has to sacrifice the lives of his whole family, he will take the throne back from the Su family!” King Annan assured in a resolute tone.

Jing Yang nodded and said, “Thank you, Uncle Annan.”

“Father, we have to go to the palace at night. Let His Highness rest now. You can talk about other things later.” Xue Chengyu, who had been standing beside him without saying a word, reminded Annan.

“Also, although the Su family is unfaithful and dishonest, they are guarding against us now, and after all, they are sitting on the throne, and it is not yet time to confront them directly, so we should do what we must do instead.”

King Annan, then said to Xue Chengyu, “Let the housekeeper clean up a yard for His Highness as soon as possible and send more people to ensure his safety. Don’t let His Highness get hurt again.”

“Father…,” Xue Chengyu glanced at Jing Yang, then he said to King Annan, “I think it would be safer to arrange His Highness to live in my courtyard. In this imperial capital, there are many spies from the royal family. Although our palace is safe, we must also ensure that nothing goes wrong, and the identity of His Highness must not be leaked now.”

“Arrange to live in your courtyard?” King Annan glanced at Jing Yang hesitantly, although he thought that what Xue Chengyu said was quite reasonable, but it was Jing Yang after all. Being a female, he was worried that Jing Yang would feel slighted and despised.

“The prince is right. It is indeed safer to be closer to him. I lived in a dilapidated house for seven years. Now I don’t care where I live. Uncle Annan doesn’t have to worry too much. I don’t care if there is a separate courtyard. ” Jing Yang said this because it really didn’t matter where he lived, anyway he knew neither father and son would treat him badly. He had already guessed how Xue Chengyu wanted to hide his identity, so it was more convenient to live in Xue Chengyu’s yard.

As soon as Jing Yang talked about An Yang’s life from before, King Annan felt very uncomfortable, and he couldn’t restrain his self-blame. Because they were about to enter the palace, King Annan didn’t say anything else. Indeed, safety should be the priority now.

After seeing King Annan, Jing Yang was finally able to rest well, and he fell asleep almost as soon as he lay down.

The reason for the entrance of King Annan and Xue Chengyu to the palace was a celebration banquet specially set up by the emperor for Xue Chengyu. Although the emperor was very wary of King Annan and knew that King Annan’s heart was definitely loyal to the An family, but he felt that if King Annan couldn’t be moved for the time being, maybe he could start with Xue Chengyu. The best result was to subdue Xue Chengyu and let the father and son turn against each other.

So while acting, the emperor highly praised him and gave him a lot of rewards. It was revealed inside and outside from his words that Xue Chengyu was the perfect example of cyan being better than blue[1], and he was more courageous and resourceful than his father.

Although Su Yongsheng said this, he didn’t think that his few words could provoke the relationship between the father and son, so the focus of today’s banquet was actually Su Huai, who was sitting at the bottom right of him.

Not long after the banquet started, Su Huai stood up and said, “General Xue is brave and good at fighting, and has made great contributions to my Dayan. It is not only a blessing for the people, but also for the royal family of Dayan. After all the hard work in the war, how about this minister drink a cup to General Xue on behalf of father emperor?”

“Okay!” Seeing Su Huai’s initiative to cooperate, the emperor was naturally even happier. “Congrats to General Xue for his hard work!”

Su Huai was wearing a moon-white wide-sleeved robe with dark lines embroidered with silver thread, it set off his skin and made him look as warm and beautiful as a bright moon. He walked in front of Xue Chengyu, and the palace attendant followed behind him with a tray. He turned around to get two glasses of wine, and then handed one of them to Xue Chengyu, “General Xue.”

After Xue Chengyu got up and took the wine, Su Huai picked up another glass of wine, and with a soft smile on his face, he looked at Xue Chengyu shyly and said, “General, please.”

Xue Chengyu drank the wine expressionlessly, and there was no emotion in his eyes except indifference. He knew that Su Huai was here on purpose to seduce him, but in his heart, there was no one but Jing Yang who could seduce him and make his heart move. So, although Su Huai looked pretty good, but in his eyes, he wasn’t any different from a dead silver fish.

After drinking, Su Huai glanced at Xue Chengyu again, smiled at him, and then walked back to his seat. He was very confident in his appearance. In the past few years, which young, talented and noble child in the imperial capital had not been fascinated by his appearance. Even An Yang, who was famous all over the country back then, was already a thing of the past, and nobody remembered him now. Whether it was the imperial capital or the entire Dayan, he, Su Huai was recognized as the most beautiful person.

The emperor watched this scene with satisfaction, because he was also very confident in Su Huai’s appearance. What’s more, in his opinion, Su Huai was not only outstanding in appearance and temperament, but also because of his identity as his only female son. If he put down his pride and approached a person, it was impossible for him to fail. This was also the reason why the emperor never let Su Huai marry. He felt that he and his father had worked hard to cultivate Su Huai for so many years, and his marriage contract should naturally bring great benefits to the royal family.

When Su Huai knew that the emperor wanted to marry him to Xue Chengyu and wanted him to subdue Xue Chengyu’s heart and let him end up in the royal family, he was very unhappy, because what he knew about Xue Chengyu was from all kinds of terrifying rumors, and besides, he didn’t even know what he looked like. If he looked disgusting, how could he be worthy of him?

Although Su Huai maintained an ambiguous relationship with many young talents in order to display his charm these years, he always felt that he really only liked Xu Zhengxiu. Moreover, Xu Zhengxiu, who had been obsessed with An Yang back then, was also attracted to him now. He originally thought that he would marry Xu Zhengxiu when he had had enough fun with other men, but his father suddenly said that he wanted him to marry Xue Chengyu, so his first reaction was naturally unwilling.

But after he met Xue Chengyu for the first time, he began to have inexplicable feelings for him. He felt that no matter whether he was attracted to Xue Chengyu or not, if he could conquer someone like Xue Chengyu, it would be a very fulfilling thing for him.

During the whole banquet, Xue Chengyu basically didn’t speak, but he drank a lot of wine. While drinking, he thought about Jing Yang, and wondered if he had fallen asleep now. When he went back, he would wake him up and he would hold him as they slept beautifully together.

The officials at the banquet didn’t know much about Xue Chengyu. Although they didn’t have much contact with him and didn’t know his true character, but just by looking at his appearance and aura, they could guess that he was a taciturn and arrogant character. Therefore, those who were older than him did not want to take the initiative to talk to him, and those who were lower than him did not dare to talk to him.

Su Huai’s eyes could not help but move to Xue Chengyu from time to time. For some reason, he felt that Xue Chengyu’s cold appearance was becoming more and more attractive the more he looked, which made his desire to conquer him even stronger.

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[1] Offspring being better than their parents.

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