CFCS Ch. 185: Anyang Saga (6)

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Xue Chengyu put the Leng Yu back in the box, took out another box from the drawers, opened it, took out a piece of cork and brought it to Jing Yang’s mouth, pressed him from behind and said, “I’ll help you. Let’s go.”

Jing Yang kept shaking, his body couldn’t bear it anymore, and at this time he couldn’t say anything to refuse, he could only open his mouth to hold the cork and bite it, and then let Xue Chengyu do whatever he wanted.

Xue Chengyu unbuttoned his trousers, wrapped a hand around Jing Yang’s waist, lifted his butt up, and then slowly pressed it down.

Jing Yang felt that the moment he entered, the uncomfortable heat in his body was immediately relieved, but his body became even more excited, wanting to get more physical stimulation and pleasure.

Xue Chengyu hugged Jing Yang tightly, kissed his side face and neck, and his waist slowly swayed.

However, Jing Yang thought he was not satisfied enough and disliked him for being too slow. With the cork in his mouth, Jing Yang suppressed his voice and urged, “Hurry up.”

Xue Chengyu immediately accelerated his speed according to Jing Yang’s words, stroking one hand over his skin constantly. Jing Yang’s skin was smooth and tender.

Jing Yang bit the cork and tried hard not to make a sound. His body was already very excited. The feeling of being filled and caressed gave his body a lot of satisfaction. The shaking of the carriage reminded Jing Yang that he was doing this kind of thing in the carriage. The sense of shame and inexplicable excitement made his brain and body even more excited.

Xue Chengyu took great care of him from the front and back, Jing Yang could only lie on the pillow and hold the quilt tightly, moaning softly from his nose.

Jing Yang’s body was turned over, so that he faced Xue Chengyu head-on. Xue Chengyu lifted his straight and slender legs, pressed them on his chest, and started thrusting again.

“Woo~” Jing Yang couldn’t bear such a posture, but with cork in his mouth, Xue Chengyu’s speed was too fast to make any other sound, he could only be like a little kitten that was caught and couldn’t move, who could only protest with a small whimper.

“Are you comfortable?” Xue Chengyu asked in Jing Yang’s ear.

Jing Yang nodded slightly, the feeling of being tortured by lust he had been feeling just now was indeed relieved, and his body felt sore but comfortable, he had forgotten where he was, because his brain had no way to think, and he could only enjoy the sensations instinctively.

Jing Yang originally closed his eyes and let Xue Chengyu play with his limp body, but when he felt a warm current flowing into the depths of his lower abdomen, he immediately opened his eyes and looked at Xue Chengyu, struggling to shake his head.

Xue Chengyu held Jing Yang for a while, and when the heat wave in their bodies subsided, he slowly let go of Jing Yang and helped him wipe his body a little bit.

Xue Chengyu took out another box, brought out a green jade stick much thinner than Leng Yu, opened Jing Yang’s leg, and put it into his body.

Jing Yang still hadn’t recovered, his heart was still beating fast, and his breathing was still not steady, when he looked at Xue Chengyu’s movements, he opened his mouth to speak, but found that the cork was still in his mouth.

Xue Chengyu wiped his hands with a damp towel, helped Jing Yang to take the cork out of his mouth, and said to him, “I used medicinal jade for maintenance, which is good for your body, it is only the thickness of your thumb. How does it feel?”

Jing Yang wanted to say that even if it was only the thickness of his thumb, he would still feel it, but when he thought of the size of the cold jade, Jing Yang felt that this level could still be endured. He glanced at the low cabinet and wondered how much Xue Chengyu had prepared in it? It seemed to have been premeditated.

Xue Chengyu helped Jing Yang wipe his body and his face, then he covered him with the quilt and let him sleep soundly.

Jing Yang lay naked under the quilt, as he looked at Xue Chengyu and said, “Why do you have to leave those things in my body every time? Do you know that I will be pregnant?”

Jing Yang didn’t want to get pregnant, not because he hated children, but because he would keep his memories every time he reincarnated. Once he had a child, he would be very concerned about it.

“If you get pregnant, you will give birth.” Of course, Xue Chengyu knew that he could get pregnant. He didn’t care what Jing Yang’s identity was, but the two of them would definitely have children. When he forced Jing Yang for the first time, he already had the idea of him giving birth to his baby.

“It’s easy for you to say, you don’t have to give birth.” Jing Yang rolled his eyes at him, “You took my innocence away, and you want me to give birth for you to bear your name, you think very beautifully.”

Xue Chengyu packed his things, lay down beside Jing Yang, looked at Jing Yang with his head on his hand, and said, “The child will be born with your surname, I can help you get anything you want, but you must only be mine.”

Before Xue Chengyu didn’t know Jing Yang’s true identity, so he thought was that the two would have biological children as soon as possible after returning home. If he had a child, no matter what purpose Jing Yang came to him with, he would definitely put down what should be put down for the sake of the child. But when he learned Jing Yang’s true identity, he knew that it would not be easy for the two to be together, but he was not worried or afraid of anything, and he would level the road at all costs until the day will come when they could stand upright and face the crowd.

Jing Yang opened his eyes and fell silent. He knew that every time he had a body capable of getting pregnant, there was a reason why he had to give birth to a child. Even if he didn’t actually want to have a child, it was not up to him to decide.

Xue Chengyu lowered his head and kissed Jing Yang, and Jing Yang, who was immersed in his own thoughts, habitually kissed him back. The two kissed for a long time, until Jing Yang’s sleepiness took over, and he slowly fell asleep again.

On the way from the south to the imperial capital, Jing Yang suffered because he spent most of the time lying down and sleeping. And the time he was awake was used to deal with Xue Chengyu. Jing Yang felt that he would definitely have a lot of back pain and grief in this life, because Xue Chengyu’s desire was too strong.

Xue Chengyu sat on the horse, while him and his soldiers entered the imperial city in a neat pace.

Today, Xue Chengyu brought the army from Zhennan back to the imperial capital. Many people in the city came to watch, and the restaurants and teahouses on both sides of the street from where the army was going to pass were already full.

Xue Chengyu was the most famous general, because although he was young, his current record had surpassed that of his father. Moreover, he made the Nanman soldiers terrified. As long as the Nanman soldiers saw him on the battlefield, their first reaction was to run away without even fighting. His name as the God of War had already spread all over Dayan.

Therefore, the people were very curious about the appearance of the general Zhennan, who was said to be cruel and who made the southern barbarians tremble with fear just by hearing his name.

The aura of Xue Chengyu and his elite soldiers was too suffocating. When they passed by and looked at the people who were chatting, the people would immediately hide in silence. Some were timid, not only their faces turned pale with fright, but they also felt inexplicably frightened, and the children were even more frightened, such that they started crying.

The teahouses next to the street almost all had open windows, and there were a lot of heads sticking out and looking down. There was only one window that was only opened a little, but the people inside were also looking down, and were specially looking at Xue Chengyu.

Although he was being watched by many people, it was only that gaze that caught Xue Chengyu’s attention. He raised his head and looked at the window that was not fully opened.

Suddenly being looked at by Xue Chengyu, Su Huai felt an arrow in his heart, piercing through his body. Su Huai held down his chest, trying to suppress the feeling of panic and rapid heartbeat.

“Prince, are you alright?” The attendant next to him asked Su Huai, his expression filled with concern immediately.

“It’s okay.” Su Huai shook his head.

“This general of Zhennan is really worthy of being called the God of War. Even his eyes are so terrifying. Although he looks handsome and extraordinary, one can see that he has a bad temper and is difficult to get along with. I’m afraid it is…” The attendant didn’t finish his sentence, but his eyes were full of worry.

Xue Chengyu’s back had disappeared from sight. Su Huai walked to the table and sat down. He picked up the teacup on the table and put it to his mouth, but he didn’t open his mouth to drink, he was only concentrated on his own thoughts.

Today, he came here specifically to see what this man who became a general at such a young age looked like. Combined with the various rumors he usually heard about him, Su Huai thought he would be a gloomy and strong man with a face full of flesh. Although King Annan looked upright, the various descriptions of Xue Chengyu made it difficult for him to think of him in a good way.

Su Huai didn’t expect Xue Chengyu to be such a majestic and imposing man, it was really hard to let people be unmoved. He put down the teacup from which he didn’t drink even a sip, put his hand on his chest again, and carefully realized the feeling just now. He asked himself, was he tempted by a person he just met once? Even if that person was really good looking, he was definitely one of the best in the imperial capital, but he…, how was this possible?

Most of the soldiers of the Zhennan Army had already settled in the camp outside the city. Xue Chengyu only brought his elite soldiers into the city. After returning to the palace, most of his elite soldiers would be sent to other places, and only a few would follow him.

The door of the palace was open. Xue Chengyu’s two younger brothers and three housekeepers were standing at the gate with the servants waiting to welcome Xue Chengyu. When they saw Xue Chengyu on a horse from a distance, the big housekeeper immediately let the servants announce that the prince was back.

When they were about to reach the gate of the palace, Zhu Xin entered the carriage and helped Jing Yang put on the veil hat. After the carriage stopped, Zhu Xin supported Jing Yang and prepared to get off.

“Welcoming the prince back to the mansion.” The three housekeepers took the lead to salute Xue Chengyu.

“Big brother.” Xue Chengyu’s two younger brothers, Xue Chengqi and Xue Chengfeng, also stepped forward to salute.

After dismounting, Xue Chengyu walked to the side of the carriage, personally helped Jing Yang down from the carriage, and then helped Jing Yang into the palace.

Xue Chengqi and Xue Chengfeng looked at each other, wondering who actually made their elder brother so considerate, but they also knew that now was not the time to ask questions, so they suppressed their curiosity and walked in behind Xue Chengyu.

After entering the second gate, when he was about to reach the main hall, Xue Chengyu said to Zhu Xin, “Take Jing Yang to my courtyard to rest first.”

Xue Chengyu had to go to see King Annan first, but there must be a lot of people in the main hall, so he couldn’t take Jing Yang there directly.

Xue Chengyu was the prince. The size and layout of his yard was of course second only to that of King Annan. Although Xue Chengyu had never lived in this yard since he had grown up, but it had always been well managed. This time he had come back to live for a longer time. The housekeeper spent a lot of thought on rearranging it. All the furnishings in the courtyard were replaced with new ones.

Although Jing Yang didn’t suffer any hardships along the way, but after more than 20 days of riding in the carriage, anyone would feel tired. When he arrived at Xue Chengyu’s courtyard, he immediately took a hot bath to relax. Then he let Zhu Xin help him dry his hair, put on new clothes, and waited for Xue Chengyu to bring King Annan to see him.

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