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“Then you can soak it for me.” Mo Nianchen said suddenly.

Li Shengxia looked at him in surprise, but didn’t seem to hear clearly: “Huh?”

At this moment, the waiter interrupted the two people’s gazing at each other: “You two, the instant noodles are ready.”

Mo Nianchen looked at the instant noodles with disgust, “I’ll give you some food.”

“You are inviting me to eat?” The waiter was excited.

“Two more bowls!”

The waiter hurriedly handed it to him.

Mo Nianchen stuffed the instant noodles to Li Shengxia, “Lend me the boiling water too!”

“Okay, okay. You can take it.” The waiter continued to be crazy.

“Li Shengxia, what are you still doing? Let’s go upstairs!” Mo Nianchen said to Li Shengxia.

He obviously already had ready-made noodles, why did he have to give it to others… She was speechless.

Li Shengxia looked at the two bowls of instant noodles reluctantly.

The waiter waved and said goodbye to her, “These two bowls of noodles, this gentleman has given me!”

“…” Okay.

Li Shengxia had to follow Mo Nianchen upstairs.

Hurry up and soak the noodles, or she would really starve to death.

Li Shengxia was unpacking the seasoning package in the room, and Mo Nianchen kept watching her.

“Mo Nianchen, why are you looking at me all the time? Isn’t it weird?”

“Who said I was looking at you, I was looking at instant noodles.” Mo Nianchen glanced at her with disgust.

“…” She couldn’t stand him.

After a few minutes, the fragrant instant noodles were ready.

Li Shengxia couldn’t wait to eat, and after a few mouthfuls, she remembered Mo Nianchen, “Why are you not eating? Give it to me if you don’t want to eat…” As she said that, she was going to grab his bowl.

“Why are you so greedy, it’s mine!” Mo Nianchen hugged the instant noodles and refused her ‘plunder’.

This was how this person was. When it was placed in front of him, he never took a second look. When someone else tried to take it, he would hold on to it again…

Li Shengxia pouted and continued to eat her own instant noodles. She didn’t know, if it was because she was too hungry, but she actually thought today’s instant noodles were particularly delicious.

Immediately afterwards, Mo Nianchen also ate his bowl of instant noodles…

“How is it? Does it taste good?”

“Um.” Mo Nianchen replied in a dull voice.

This ‘um’ is too reluctant, right? Li Shengxia thought so in her heart. After eating the instant noodles, she finally felt more comfortable, and was about to get up to clean up. Who knew that at this moment, she found that Mo Nianchen’s face was pale… With a bang, the soup of the instant noodles spilled on the floor.

Li Shengxia was taken aback and hurriedly said, “Mo Nianchen, what are you doing?”

“It’s okay.” Mo Nianchen’s voice also became weak.

“Mo Nianchen? Mo Nianchen! What’s wrong with you… You’re sweating a lot… Your forehead is so hot…”

Li Shengxia was about to call 120 when she found three people falling from the sky. She had seen them, they were Mo Nianchen’s special bodyguards: Red Sun, Lai Luo, and Sirius.

“Prince can’t eat instant noodles, how can you give him such a thing! It’s spicy, he’s allergic to spice!” Red Sun could not believe the smell of instant noodles for a while.

“The rain is so heavy now that the doctor can’t make it. There is a hospital nearby, and I will escort the prince there,” Lai Luo said.

Li Shengxia suddenly felt that they really were not from the same world!

“He… he… can’t eat instant noodles?”

Red Sun and Lai Luo quickly rushed to the nearest hospital with Mo Nianchen, because they were extremely fast, so it seemed to others that it was like a gust of wind blowing through.

At this time, Sirius said to Li Shengxia: “Well, we are the bodyguards of the prince, so everything about him is the top priority. If they offended you just now, please don’t take it to heart.”

Li Shengxia said shaking her head, “They’re right, I’m really an idiot. He originally proposed to eat out but because I was thinking about his night blindness, I rejected his proposal.”

“Prince has night blindness?” Sirius said looking at Li Shengxia strangely, he repeated a sentence uncertainly.

“Well, he has mild night blindness since he was a child.” Li Shengxia said. “You should know that since you are his bodyguard.”

“…” Sirius didn’t continue the topic. Seeing that she was so worried about Mo Nianchen, he said, “I’ll take you there too.”

“Thank you!”

City Hospital VIP ward

Mo Nianchen’s face improved a lot after the infusion.

Thinking of Li Shengxia, Red Sun still felt speechless and couldn’t help but think: This woman can really cause trouble. Doesn’t she know that the Crown Prince is allergic to spicy food?

The prince had never touched spicy food since he was a child, how could he eat it as soon as he met her!

Sirius said, “Don’t say a word, don’t you know how much the prince loves her? If the prince hears you speak ill of her, just wait to be killed.”

“Anyway, the prince doesn’t want to see anyone other than her. I’m leaving!” Red Sun said and disappeared.

The other two also left.

Only Li Shengxia was left in the ward…

In the middle of the night, Mo Nianchen finally woke up.

“You’re awake.”


“Mo Nianchen, why didn’t you tell me earlier that you can’t eat spicy food?” She finally understood why he wanted to eat instant noodles when he was a child but never did it… It turned out that he had allergies… and it could give him food poisoning.

What a natural prince physique!

“Isn’t this the first time you’ve cooked something for me? No matter how bad it is, won’t I have to eat it before there will be another time?”

Because it was the first time, she cooked something for him, so even if he knew that he was allergic to spicy food and suffered from food poisoning, he would still eat it right?

Was he an idiot?

The Mo Nianchen she knew was not like this at all!

“Mo Nianchen, are you crazy!? Why do you always disturb other people’s moods like this. You have destroyed so many of my precious things. Do you think I will stop hating you easily?”

To be nice to her, he was just at ease with her.

If you want to be bad to her, just be bad to her from beginning to end.

She won’t say anything…

But why was he always like this, sometimes being so good to her, and sometimes being so bad to her…

As if he said it himself, in his eyes, she was just a toy. If he wanted to be good to her, he could be good enough to make her want to cry inexplicably.

He suddenly stretched out his hand, clasped her wrist, pulled her into his arms, and kissed her.

After that, he whispered in her ear: “Didn’t you say that I ruined your beautiful childhood? Now, I will make up for it all. Give it back to you.”

A good childhood? Did she ever say that to him? Could it be at the airport five years ago? Did he remember it to this day?

No… She must have remembered it wrong, maybe she once said something like this to him, not necessarily…

How could he remember her words even after five years…

However, at this moment, his tone was so gentle, it was a little different from him.

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