PPM Ch. 94: How dare a takeaway be so rude?

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With a bang, the flashlight fell to the ground, and the beautiful light became the only color in the room.

She didn’t know how beautiful she looked at the moment…

She still remembered that when she was seventeen, her first kiss was taken away by him without any warning. At that time, she was so panicked.

But at this moment, in addition to the inexplicable panic, there was a more special emotion in her heart.

It was warmth…

Like a flashlight shining on the ground, a beam of light gently shone into her heart.

Although she knew it was wrong, she still wanted to get close to him.

Although she knew that he might pull the wall away at any time, she still couldn’t help but want to lean against this wall and taste this goodness before that ‘Mo Nianchen, you know? I have asked myself countless times, why am I so stupid, there are so many men in the world, why did I choose you, why did I fall in love with you, why did I have to have you…’

Because you always illuminate me like the sun, right?

Always give me short-term support when I am lonely and helpless. Although it is short-lived, it is worthy relying on after all.

The day before yesterday I was still thinking, would I fall in love with you again.

Yesterday I was still wondering if I could happily remove you, the bad guy, from my heart completely, leaving nothing behind.

Today, I got it…

Yes, I’m in love with you again. I can’t hide from my heart that I want to be close to you, although I know that I may be stabbed by you again soon, but I still want to throw myself into your arms without turning back. You have such an amazing power that I can’t love anyone else other than you.

Why did I choose you? It must be because you are dazzling, bright and gentle.

Why did I fall in love with you? It must be because you always make me feel uneasy, heartbroken, and thrilled.

Why do I have to be with you? Because you are unique in this world.

The first person I met was you, so I fell in love with you like that.

Not once or twice, even after countless injuries, I still can only fall in love with you.

Since I can’t fall in love with anyone other than you, let me love you well.

Just love you with all my heart for once.

This kiss was long, sweet, and ambiguous, like a luxurious dream.

When he hugged her, he felt that everything was beautiful, as if he could only feel so good when he hugged her, and he still couldn’t hug anyone else…

It was like he fell in love with her, and he only had feelings for her.

Just when he wanted to go further, her stomach groaned inappropriately.

“Gulu…Gulu…” She originally wanted to ignore this embarrassing moment, but in the end she couldn’t ignore it.

Mo Nianchen let go of her and couldn’t help frowning: “Why are you hungry again?”

“What do you mean by being hungry again. I didn’t have time to eat dinner, okay?” And for lunch…

“I’ll take you to eat.”

“Forget it, there’s a power outage. I’ll order takeout.” Li Shengxia remembered that Mo Nianchen had mild night blindness, so the power outage must be very uncomfortable for him, and if he had to go out to find a restaurant, it would be a torment.

She saw a takeaway list by the bed, and the address was not far from here, so she tried to dial the number.

“Hello, I want to order takeout, I want…”

“Miss, it’s raining heavily right now, and the power is still out. The city’s traffic is paralyzed, and takeout can’t be delivered. Goodbye.”

Beep…beep… hang up.

“How dare a takeaway be so rude!” Mo Nianchen was suddenly annoyed.

In Li Shengxia’s mind, the horror of the store being razed to the ground already popped up, “Forget it.” She immediately said, “Actually, I’m not very hungry.”

“Idiot.” Mo Nianchen said angrily. He glared at her, “I’ll go downstairs to see if the hotel sells fast food.”

“Wait a minute, I’ll go with you.”

“What? Are you feeling afraid?”

“Who said I was afraid, I’m afraid you’ll get lost! Don’t you have mild night blindness?”

Mo Nianchen was slightly stunned, and then said three words inexplicably: “Do you still remember?”

Li Shengxia immediately said, “Of course, you had a high fever on a weekend. You called me to wake me up, I kindly took you to the hospital, but you have night blindness. I don’t know how many times you fell along the way. Even I couldn’t stand it, so I carried you to the hospital. Do you know how much you weigh? I almost broke my spine with you on my back…”

Mo Nianchen’s mood suddenly became very happy, and he stretched out his hand and flicked her forehead.

“Hey! What are you doing, it hurts!”

“Then you have to hold me tight.” Mo Nianchen said, holding her hand tightly, “I’m afraid you can’t carry me now.”

“… “Li Shengxia looked up at Mo Nianchen.

He was indeed much taller than before…

In her memory, there were also beautiful moments. Just because there were too many sad things later, she deliberately ignored those warm and beautiful times.

Even the elevator was out of service.

Li Shengxia and Mo Nianchen walked down the stairs together, which was more thrilling than a roller coaster ride. He would stumble once he walked a few steps, causing her to hold his hand tightly, not daring to let go.

“Mo Nianchen, why don’t you walk slower! It’s so scary!”

“Aren’t you hungry?”

“What if you fall down?”

“Isn’t there a handrail?” He smiled and shook the hands of the two of them tightly.

“The handrail is very unsafe, and it may break at any time…”

“It doesn’t matter, I will not let it break.”

“…” Mo Nianchen, what route are you taking now!

He fell again! Coincidentally, he fell on her every time! If it wasn’t for the fact that she knew that he had night blindness since he was a child, she would definitely think that he was doing it on purpose.

The more he fell, the more vigorous he became, and the more speechless she became.

Finally they reached downstairs, but the only available food was instant noodles.

Li Shengxia said to the waiter, “Then give us two packs of instant noodles. Do you have boiling water here?”

“Yes. I’ll help you soak it.”

Mo Nianchen frowned and looked at Li Shengxia, “Do you eat this at night?”

“What’s wrong? I remember that you seemed to have wanted to eat it when you were a child.” Li Shengxia said.

Mo Nianchen had never eaten instant noodles in her impression. Every time he saw someone eating instant noodles, he was very curious, but he never ate it, not even once.

When Li Shengxia finished speaking, she froze. She was not a child. How could she keep talking about her childhood? It was really strange…

Moreover, she only started eating instant noodles after the Li family had gone down, because it was cheap. The taste was also not bad. But he was still the eldest young master from beginning to end, how could he eat this…

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