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After being kissed on his knuckles, Fu Yuanzhou seemed to be scalded. He immediately pulled his hand back and took off the ring. As he took it off, he said, “It’s just a game. What are you doing giving the ring to me?”

It seemed that pair of rings were only worn by people who were married or about to get married. He and Xie Lin don’t even count as dating, so if he had to wear this for him. Pass!

Xie Lin held his hand to prevent him from taking off the ring, and said, “We’ll just wear it to prove our status as a couple, and we will take it off when the time is up.”

Hearing the word “couple”, Fu Yuanzhou’s heart trembled, and the temperature on his face became hotter, he just wanted to take off the ring.

But Xie Lin didn’t let him do it. After trying several times, he couldn’t get his wish. In the end, he was tired and had to give up his struggle. He put forward his own minimum requirement: “I won’t wear it at home.”

He did not want his family to see, Xie Lin looked at him for a few seconds, then let go of his hand, and nodded in tacit consent, Fu Yuanzhou quickly took off the ring before Auntie came out and put it in his pajama pocket.

“Take it with you and wear it when you go out.” Xie Lin said.

“Okay.” Fu Yuanzhou made up his mind not to go out for the next three days. If Xie Lin wanted to come, he couldn’t do anything to him except kiss him a few more times. If it was a big deal, he would just go to Xiaofei to hide.

It was a pity that the plan backfired. Fu Yuanzhou wanted to be an ostrich, but someone turned against him. After breakfast, he went upstairs to turn on his mobile phone, only to find that he was actually pulled into a WeChat group while he was asleep. The group members were all the people who came to play at his house yesterday, and Xie Lin and Yu Fei were also in the group.

“This is?”

Fu Yuanzhou sent a message in confusion, and the most active people in the group immediately explained to him that they would continue to witness yesterday’s game, and they had to supervise Fu Yuanzhou and Xie Lin to complete the three-day dating task.

“…” Fu Yuanzhou replied, “Have you nothing to do with yourself?”

“It’s not that we have nothing to do, it’s a holiday.” Someone said, “Come on, the two of you quickly kiss once, and then post the photo to the group!”

“Don’t post photos, photos are boring, start a video call, let the chairman and Yuanzhou broadcast it to us live.”



“+10086, kiss each other!”

“Go away!!!” Fu Yuanzhou was angry, these bastards really thought he owed them all. What to see, just dream on, he would never do what they wanted!

He was so angry, but everyone was laughing, and someone was still fanning the flames. Even the squad leader, Du Man, said, “What’s the arrangement for the two of you today? Is it appropriate for you not to have a date?”

If there was anything inappropriate, he just won’t go. Fu Yuanzhou didn’t care, and was about to type a reply when Xie Lin asked him, “Do you want to watch a movie?”

Watching a movie…

Fu Yuanzhou hesitated, but he had to say that Xie Lin understood him and had immediately grabbed his heart. He still liked watching movies in the cinema very much, but he hadn’t watched one for a long time. He had planned to go to the cinema to watch a few movies, and he had also browsed the previews of the movies to be released in advance.

Because of it being National Day, most of the movies currently released were related to patriotic theme, but there were also some outliers, and some niche cinemas would also show other movies.

Xie Lin picked out a movie and handed the phone to Fu Yuanzhou. The page displayed was a newly released movie called “Deadly Murder”. It had a suspenseful crime theme, and it was also the one that Fu Yuanzhou wanted to watch the most.

“…Then go!”

In the end, he made up his mind, even if he had to wear a ring, it didn’t matter, and he could also stop the mouths of these people in the group by the way, after all, watching movies was a very common option in dating.

Xie Lin booked movie tickets online, and the two simply prepared and went.

On the way, Fu Yuanzhou was still watching the group chat. Yu Fei, Yuan Ye and Ran Shutang never spoke. The others were very dissatisfied when they learned that they were going to watch a suspense movie and thought they should watch a romance movie. He had no interest in that at all, not to mention that it would be very embarrassing to watch such a movie with Xie Lin under such circumstances.

However, after arriving at the cinema, Fu Yuanzhou and Xie Lin were told by the staff that there were some problems with the film arrangement of “Deadly Murder” and they had temporarily stopped its showing. Their movie tickets could be changed to other movies or refunded for free.

There were not many theaters that were playing “Deadly Murder”. This theater was very far from Fu Yuanzhou’s house. He didn’t come all the way to go back directly, so after thinking about it, he chose to watch other movies. There was only one other movie that was about to be played at this time, and it was a romance movie called “Perfume”.

After learning about this situation, Fu Yuanzhou almost vomited blood, he hadn’t expected that after all this, he would still have to watch a romantic movie with Xie Lin.

He wanted to get the ticket refunded, but the service attitude of the staff was very good, they not only apologized to them, but also gave them a bucket of popcorn for free. Fu Yuanzhou was embarrassed to mention the refund again, so he had to pick up the popcorn embarrassingly and go over.

The staff smiled and said, “Looking at the rings on your hands, you should be a couple, right? We upgraded the couple seat for the two of you for free and we hope you give us a good review on the app in the future.”

Fu Yuanzhou: “…” Yes, but a couple seat was not necessary!


Xie Lin responded, took Fu Yuanzhou’s hand, and entered the movie theater with him after getting the tickets checked.

When he walked to the entrance of the screening hall, Fu Yuanzhou saw the poster of “Perfume”, and he was shocked to find that the two protagonists of this romantic film were actually men. This was a same-sex romance film.

Fuck, was it too late to escape now??

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