RCFS Ch. 226

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The rumours soon spread another message throughout the school.

“Do you know? Ye Yunxi is not a rich lady at all, she is the waste heir of the Ye family that fell from the sword of the empire!”

“The fallen Ye family? Is she related to Senior Ye Lanshan?”

“The waste heir? No Right? Her admission grades are the highest in history!”

“It’s a lie! The admission grades alone belie the word trash, okay?”

“That’s right, and the declining Ye family, how can they afford a luxury car!”

“That’s right, that’s why I, the goddess of Yunxi, must be the princess of the desert kingdom!!”

The students who spread the rumours: “…”

This was so boring! Did you stop spreading rumours?

You don’t believe me when I tell the truth, what the hell is going on!!

“What I said is true! If you don’t believe me, let’s watch the campus festival! If Ye Yunxi can spend a lot of money in the club, we’ll believe she is a princess?”

No heir, no money!

So when the campus festival came, Yehuang would definitely be the poorest of all clubs!

At that time, the eldest lady and princess titles would truly be self-defeating!!

The students who spread the rumours were secretly proud and gave their IQs full marks!

The rest of the students look at Ye Wanru and she looked at them.

“Is she really poor?”

“Improbable, right?”

“Forget it, we’ll just have to see it at the campus festival, seeing is believing!”


Everyone made up their minds, and the campus festival would reveal the truth!

At this moment, Gao Shuying was still worrying about the campus festival.

“Ye Yunxi…Ye Yunxi!!! How are you doing??”

Are you done?

“Teacher, we’re going to dance, let’s find a quiet place!”

The club was under renovation, so they couldn’t get in.

“Come and follow me!”

Gao Shuying seemed to have stepped on a hot wheel, and quickly brought them to a dance classroom, which had been abandoned for a long time, but the teachers were still able to use it.

After a simple cleaning, Ye Yunxi took out the VR glasses and said, “You each wear these VR glasses once, and here are the dance moves I made. Let’s arrange them according to this.”

“VR glasses!”

Fang You looked surprised and stared at the high-tech glasses: “Goddess, your glasses don’t look like the kind of VR on the market. The ones sold on the market are super thick. Yours look like ordinary glasses. The lenses are actually black. Can it have the real visual effect of VR? It seems that yours are not high-tech and can I be the first to wear it? I will be the first, okay? Bababa…”

Fang You was looking forward to it. To be honest, Ye Yunxi’s VR glasses didn’t look special, but he still wanted to try the effect. He didn’t know if there would be any difference compared with the ones on the market!

“Okay, you go first.”

Ye Yunxi handed over the things without hesitation, and Fang You put on the VR under the curious eyes of everyone.

In an instant, the eyes went dark, and then gradually lit up, and there were many people in front of Fang You, Ye Yunxi was the first, no matter the expression or the texture of the skin, she was like a real person, standing behind her were four black figures, who he couldn’t see the facial features of, but the contours of the limbs were extremely real!

When the ambiguous and intense music sounded, Ye Yunxi led the dance, and the black shadows cooperated, the blood-curdling dance music was also reproduced in high-definition!!

“Damn it!”

This texture was too fucking strong, okay?

It was 10,000 times stronger than the VR on the market! The visual was so unique!

The VR brought out by the goddess was all turned on and hung up!


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