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Qin Yize finally broke away from Luo Ning’s hold, but Luo Ning stuck to him again like a candy bar. After breaking away several times in a row, he always took the initiative to wrap himself around him and hug him. Qin Yize had a splitting headache, and simply gave up the struggle—forget it, let him hold it, anyway, he would not lose any meat.

Thinking of this, his mood finally calmed down. Qin Yize consciously adjusted his posture to make both of them more comfortable.

There was a person lying in his arms, and the other person’s breath gently brushed against his chest, making it crisp and itchy. Qin Yize couldn’t sleep at all, so in desperation, he had to call out the smart light brain, open the script of the new play and start from the beginning.

This looked like it would go on for the whole night.

The next morning, when Luo Ning woke up, he looked up and saw Qin Yize leaning on the bedside reading the script. Luo Ning smiled and praised: “You have to read the script even on vacation. Your work attitude is really correct.” Then he sat up and stretched comfortably, “I’ll go wash my face first.”

Qin Yize: “???”

– Don’t you have an explanation for holding me to sleep all night last night?

Qin Yize originally thought that Luo Ning would definitely say “I’m sorry” to him after getting up early, and then he would say “be careful in the future, don’t do it again” – he even thought about the lines, but Luo Ning actually calmly accepted him on face value. He got up from his arms and ran to wash his face as if nothing had happened, but he didn’t say a word about “holding him to sleep”.

Looking at Luo Ning’s back, Qin Yize froze into a statue on the bed.

Was his letting an Omega take advantage of him for one night in vain?


In the bathroom, Luo Ning neatly straightened his hair in front of the mirror, thinking to himself, he no longer had to worry about being urged to marry, it felt good to be left alone. However, it seemed that he slept in Qin Yize’s arms last night? When he woke up in the morning, he seemed to be lying in Qin Yize’s arms?

Luo Ning was stunned for a while, and finally remembered this matter in hindsight. He went back to the bedroom and wanted to explain to Qin Yize, but Qin Yize had already left. Luo Ning had to wash his face first, put on his home clothes, and then go downstairs— while Qin Yize was preparing lunch in the kitchen. He had put the pre-made meals he had taken from the refrigerator in a pot to warm up, and he stood in front of the stove with his back straight, his expression was serious, and he didn’t seem very happy.

Luo Ning walked up to him and asked softly, “Yize, did I sleep with you last night?”

Qin Yize’s back stiffened and he didn’t answer the question.

Luo Ning smiled apologetically, looked at Qin Yize, and said seriously: “Don’t be angry! My body temperature is naturally cold, maybe after I fell asleep, I felt you were warm, so I leaned over and hugged you to sleep, not because I wanted to deliberately take advantage of you.”

Qin Yize was not very happy at first, and his arm was numb after being held by Luo Ning all night, but at this moment, listening to Luo Ning’s soft apology, Qin Yize thought that this was nothing. Since it was not a big event, he pretended to be calm and said, “It’s okay, I don’t mind.”

“It’s fine if you don’t mind.” Luo Ning sighed in relief and raised his hand with a smile: “I promise, it’s just this time, it won’t happen next time!”

Qin Yize turned his head, met Luo Ning’s clear eyes with a smile and his heart jumped, so he immediately looked away, and changed the subject unnaturally: “The dishes are all ready, let’s go out and prepare for lunch.”

Luo Ning immediately helped Qin Yize take the hot dish in his hand and turned to bring it to the dining table.

The lunch was very rich, and Qin Yize asked while eating, “Are you going to go out this afternoon?”

Luo Ning shook his head: “It’s too hot outside, so I’ll stay home and read.” As a super otaku, there was nothing more fun for him than reading novels. There were two newly bought books in Luo Ning’s suitcase, just in time for him to finish reading them in the next few days.

“Okay, then I’ll look at the script.” Qin Yize didn’t want to go out either. After dinner, he turned around to get the script, sat on the sofa to read it, while Luo Ning read his novel with relish.

In a quiet afternoon, in a seaside villa without any outsiders disturbing, it seemed that only the two of them were left in the whole planet, living a life of “isolation”. Two people sat in the living room relatively silently, one reading a script, the other reading a novel, and they actually read till afternoon.

If Mrs. Qin knew that her son was spending his honeymoon like this, she would probably be so angry that she would vomit blood.

Go for a swim in the pool, go for a run in the gym, or watch a sweet romance movie at the small cinema on the second floor—whatever you do, wouldn’t it be better than reading a script or a book without saying a word?

However, Qin Yize was very dedicated, and Luo Ning was a fan of books. The two read things on their own. The atmosphere was thus harmonious.

It wasn’t until 5 o’clock in the afternoon that Luo Ning felt hungry, so he put down the book and stretched, turned around and went to the kitchen for food.

He quickly brought a plate of delicate pastries and fruits and placed it on the living room table, then he said to Qin Yize, “Don’t just read the script, have something to eat.”

Qin Yize gave a light “um”, but his eyes were not removed from the script.

It was said that focused men were the most handsome, and this was true. Qin Yize was originally good-looking. While sitting on the sofa and reading the script, his serious expression made his facial features look even more handsome, and his fingers holding the script also appeared slender and powerful.

Luo Ning admired him for a while before asking, “Are you reading the script of the new drama that will start shooting at the end of the month?”

Qin Yize nodded: “Yes, the drama with Uncle Xi Wei.”

Luo Ning was very impressed. He approached him with interest: “I haven’t read the original script, can you show it to me?”

Logically speaking, the script could not be leaked, but Luo Ning was not an outsider. Moreover, looking at his smiling eyes full of anticipation, Qin Yize had a hard time saying no, so he simply handed him the script and said, “This movie is a war theme, and the script is well written.”

Luo Ning took over the script, looked down at it seriously, and muttered in a low voice: “Well, there is a separate biography of characters, scene changes, and various action prompts and voiceovers… It’s quite different from a novel, but it’s not particularly difficult to write.”

Qin Yize couldn’t hear clearly, so he couldn’t help asking: “What are you talking about?”

Luo Ning looked up at Qin Yize and said, “Let me tell you a secret. The day I asked you out for dinner, do you still remember the two books I gave you?”

Qin Yize nodded: “Of course, you took me to the bookstore to buy books, and we were photographed by the paparazzi.”

Luo Ning smiled slightly: “Actually, those two books, I wrote them.”

Qin Yize, “…”

When Luo Ning gave Qin Yize the books, he only said, “The two newly released suspense novels are not bad, I recommend you to read them.” Then he went to the bookstore to buy it and gave them to Qin Yize. Qin Yize didn’t think much about it, and only regarded Luo Ning as a book friend. In the next few days, he also discussed many plots from the book with him.

It turned out that the person who sent the book to him was actually the author himself?

Qin Yize couldn’t believe it. He thought that Luo Ning only knew how to stay at home and read books every day, but he didn’t expect him to be so secretive!

Luo Ning explained: “I have not only read a lot of novels over the years, but also used my spare time to write a few books for publication. One of them was chosen for a film adaptation, and I want to be the screenwriter myself, which is also the key reason why I wanted to enter into a contract marriage with you. There is no way to write with peace of mind in the palace. After marrying you, not only can I move out of the palace and write my script well, but it will also be very convenient to meet the director in private, and all problems will be solved.”

Looking at Luo Ning who had a smile on his face, Qin Yize didn’t know what to say for a while.

——This Luo Ning, seemingly innocent and harmless, is actually a smart little fox, everything is factored into his plan!

Not only did he avoid marriage urges, but more importantly, after marriage, he could concentrate on writing in a quiet environment without anyone disturbing him, which was really killing two birds with one stone.

Qin Yize’s mood was a little complicated. After a moment of silence, he asked, “You could have kept it a secret, why did you tell me?”

“Because I feel a little guilty in my heart, I always feel that I dragged you into the water.” Luo Ning sighed, then looking at Qin Yize apologetically, he said, “Yize, you are so handsome and popular, there must be many people who like you. If it weren’t for me, maybe you could meet someone who really loves you and get married, instead of entering into such a contract marriage.”

Qin Yize fell silent.

There were indeed many people who liked him, but he had no interest in those people, let alone getting married to them.

Eighty percent of the reason for marrying Luo Ning was the urging of the elders on both sides, and the fact it was difficult to dismount after climbing on a tiger. But there was also a 20% reason that Qin Yize couldn’t explain himself. He always felt comfortable with Luo Ning.

Apart from being clingy while sleeping, Luo Ning had no other obvious shortcomings.

Thinking of this, Qin Yize said: “Don’t feel guilty, I agreed to get married, and the marriage certificate is also signed by me. Let’s take what we need, and no one owes anyone. As long as we abide by the prenuptial agreement in the future, and don’t interfere with each other.”

Luo Ning nodded vigorously: “Of course, I will abide by the agreement.”

However, after falling asleep that night, Luo Ning who kept saying, “this is the only time, not the next time”, actually slammed into Qin Yize’s arms again.

This time it was even more extreme than last night. He laid on Qin Yize’s body and regarded Qin Yize as a “body pillow”.

Moreover, someone was still restless while lying on his body, so he kept rubbing against him, and accidentally bit Qin Yize’s neck.

Qin Yize, who was bitten, “………………”

You took me as a pillow last night, but I endured it.

Did you dream about eating tonight? You actually bit me?

He reached out and touched where he was bitten, his neck was wet, and it seemed that there was still a small tooth mark left.

Qin Yize’s mouth twitched for a moment, and he gently moved the guy who was rubbing his face against his neck away.

He found that Luo Ning was constantly challenging his bottom line, and he retreated again and again. If this went on like this, one day, there would be a time when he would have no way to retreat and would not be able to bear it any longer!

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