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What was “planning not being able to keep up with the changes”, Luo Ning finally deeply realized today. Originally, it was agreed that the two would live separately, but this honeymoon villa only had one bed, which was obviously meant to let them sleep together.

The two looked at each other, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

The awkward silence lasted for a long time before Luo Ning coughed and said, “It’s just sleeping, why don’t you… just take a moment?”

Since Luo Ning didn’t care, Qin Yize nodded stiffly.

The two took off their heavy dresses. Luo Ning went to the bathroom to take a shower, but as soon as he entered the bathroom, he was taken aback by the large bathtub. It was indeed a honeymoon suite. Two people could easily wash in it together. However, the relationship between the two had not yet reached that point, and the designer’s painstaking efforts would probably be in vain.

Luo Ning smiled slightly, rudely dominated the bathtub by himself, and took a comfortable bath.

He had woken up too early today, then he had to stand for a long time at the wedding banquet, and also had to act with Qin Yize, by this time, Luo Ning was exhausted both physically and mentally, so while soaking in the warm bathtub, he fell asleep unknowingly.


Qin Yize took off his clothes, put on simple pajamas, and went to the kitchen to take a look.

In addition to a large box of desserts sent by Ling Yuan, mother Yu Lan had also asked the servants to buy a lot of fresh vegetables, fruits and meat products in advance and put them in the refrigerator. The large refrigerator that occupied an entire wall of the kitchen was full of food. The kitchen was equipped with a household robot, and the robot was programmed to cook according to the menu, but there was also a stove next to it, so that two people could cook by themselves, if they so wished.

——These things are enough for them to eat for half a month, the elders are really considerate.

Qin Yize took out a bottle of iced drink from the refrigerator and drank it to calm himself down.

There was only one bed in the villa, and he and Luo Ning would have to sleep together. But it didn’t matter, Luo Ning had taken the inhibitor, he would not take advantage of Luo Ning, and Luo Ning would certainly not take advantage of him. The two were open-minded, even if they slept in the same bed, they could keep a distance and not touch each other.

Thinking of this, Qin Yize felt a little more at ease.

Today, Luo Ning took the initiative to kiss him at the wedding. He was still a little upset and was hoping that similar accidents would not happen again.

After sorting out his emotions, Qin Yize went back to the third floor and wanted to ask Luo Ning to come down and have something to eat. The result was that he called twice, but no one answered. Qin Yize frowned slightly, walked to the bathroom, knocked on the door, and said, “Luo Ning, are you in there?”

Luo Ning said that he was going to take a shower, but he hadn’t come out for so long, and he didn’t respond when he called, so he shouldn’t have suffered some harm, right? Qin Yize pushed the door open in a hurry, but he regretted it the moment he entered the door – because Luo Ning was lying in the bathtub, snoring and seemed to be sleeping very sweetly.

It seemed like he was having a sweet dream, as Luo Ning still had a faint smile on the corner of his mouth. His body was covered under the foamy water, and because he was in the bath, his entire body was relaxed, his legs were gently folded together, and his posture was particularly… seductive.

Qin Yize only felt a “boom” in his head, and his mind instantly went blank.

He immediately looked away, pushed Luo Ning’s shoulder lightly, and said, “Luo Ning, wake up.”

Luo Ning, who was having a sweet dream, naturally didn’t wake up, but Qin Yize pushed him for a long time, not only did this guy not wake up, he also changed his position very comfortably and continued to sleep.

The water temperature was already cold, so it was easy to catch a cold when sleeping. In desperation, Qin Yize had no choice but to pinch his nose and frown, “Wake up!”

Luo Ning, who was short of breath, finally woke up, then he kept staring at Qin Yize with wet eyes, as if he didn’t understand the situation.

Qin Yize was distracted by his eyes. He turned around decisively and handed him a bath towel. He said in a hoarse voice, “Go to bed when you’re sleepy. Don’t sleep in the bathtub. It’s easy to catch a cold.”

Luo Ning let out an “oh”, stood up nonchalantly, and dried his body with a bath towel.

He didn’t seem to mind that he was seen by Qin Yize at all, then with a smile on his face and a good mood: “I dreamed about my father just now, and he told me that since we are married, just go and live with Qin Yize, don’t buzz under my nose every day. Your royal father is very busy, so I won’t bother to care about you.”

“…” It turned out to be such a dream, no wonder he still had a smile on his face when he fell asleep. Qin Yize looked back at Luo Ning, his eyes involuntarily softened, and he said, “Don’t worry, you can do whatever you want in the future, I will not interfere with you.”

“This scene was really tiring, and it is finally over. However, for the next half month, I still have to aggravate you. Can you get used to sleeping in the same bed with me?”

Qin Yize turned his head awkwardly: “It’s okay.” Why did it sound so awkward? How can an Omega take the initiative to say, “I’m sorry you have to sleep with me”?

Luo Ning added: “Don’t worry, I just took the inhibitor last month, and I won’t affect you because of the pheromone problem. Anyway, the bed is big enough, so we can sleep on opposite sides and not touch each other.”

Qin Yize nodded: “That is for the best.”

Luo Ning smiled and turned to wipe his hair in the mirror. A string of water dripped from his soft black hair and slid down his slender neck—the back of the Omega’s neck was where the pheromone-secreting glands were located, and the temporary marking required the Alpha to forcefully bite through the glands. Most Omegas didn’t like to show their neck or their backs to Alphas, but Luo Ning didn’t care, so with a bath towel wrapped around him and his back to Qin Yize, he continued wiping his hair.

Qin Yize’s throat felt a little dry, so he turned around immediately, and pretended to be calm: “I’ll wait for you downstairs, so get dressed and come for dinner.”

Anyway he couldn’t stay in the bathroom with Luo Ning any longer.

Probably because it was too stuffy in the bathroom, Qin Yize found it difficult to even breathe.

After returning to the kitchen, Qin Yize took out a bottle of iced drink from the refrigerator and drank it all at once, and then he relaxed his breath and calmed down.

He opened a few of the desserts sent by Ling Yuan and placed them on the dining table, then he took two plates of prepared dishes from the refrigerator to warm them up. Just as Luo Ning dried his hair, he opened the refrigerator and took a look. Then he exclaimed: “So much food? It means we can just stay in the villa and don’t need to go out?”

Qin Yize was helpless: “We really don’t need to go out, the food is enough for half a month.”

“Your mother obviously thought we were very affectionate, and thinking about us everywhere, she prepared everything very thoughtfully.” Luo Ning took out a bunch of grapes from the refrigerator, turned and sat at the dining table, just now when he wanted to eat, Qin Yize immediately stopped him: “You just took it out of the refrigerator, let it sit for a while before eating it, too much cold is bad for the stomach.” He was worried that Luo Ning would spoil his stomach, but he completely ignored that he had just drank two bottles of the iced drink.

Luo Ning nodded and put the grapes down temporarily. He suddenly thought of a question, and he couldn’t help raising his head and ask: “By the way, Yize, if your parents urge us to have children, have you thought about how to deal with it?”

Qin Yize was also very troubled by this question, and frowned: “What good ideas do you have?”

“I’ve thought about it for a long time, and when the time comes, you can put the blame on me. Just say, Luo Ning is still young and wants to live in a sweet two-person world with me for a few years and doesn’t want our tranquility to be disturbed by a child. Your parents shouldn’t push too hard for my sake.” Luo Ning’s reasoning was far-fetched, but it made sense.

“Don’t worry, let me solve this problem.” Qin Yize said while handing the opened dessert to Luo Ning, his voice softened as he said, “Eat something first, you have been tired all day today, so rest early after eating.”

Luo Ning smiled slightly and buried his head to eat.

He really was a foodie. After eating so much at noon, he still had such a good appetite at night?


After the meal, Qin Yize took the initiative to clean up the table and said to Luo Ning: “You go to rest first.”

Luo Ning asked: “Aren’t you tired? You have been standing for a long time today and didn’t you wake up earlier than me in the morning?”

Qin Yize was of course very tired, but he didn’t want to sleep with Luo Ning, it would be too embarrassing. That’s why Luo Ning was asked to rest first, and after Luo Ning fell asleep, he would sleep next to him, and the two would not disturb each other. Thinking of this, Qin Yize said, “I’m not sleepy, I’ll take a bath later, and then go to sleep after reading the script.”

Luo Ning nodded, turned around and went to sleep on his own.

Qin Yize did not go to the bathtub on the third floor but took a shower by the swimming pool on the first floor. Today he got up at four in the morning. After a busy day, he was actually very tired. But when he was filming, he only slept for three hours a day in order to catch up with the schedule, so he could endure this tiredness – the key was that although he was physically tired, he was actually very energetic and didn’t want to sleep.

Sitting on the sofa and reading the script, he saw the time was eleven thirty and thought that Luo Ning must have fallen asleep by now, so Qin Yize lightly walked to the third floor.

Luo Ning had really fallen asleep, his eyes were tightly closed, and his long and thick eyelashes cast a circle of light and shadow on his eyelids.

Qin Yize sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the sleeping Luo Ning—it was the first time he saw him so closely, his facial features were really good-looking, the royal family’s genes were really strong, Luo Ning’s face, even in the entertainment industry that valued appearance very much, would not be inferior to those popular little fresh meat. On the contrary, Luo Ning’s temperament was much better than those little fresh meat, especially when he laughed, he looked very gentle. With that personable and gentle appearance, once he became a star, he would definitely gain a large number of fans.

Qin Yize looked at him and found that he couldn’t look away.

Ever since he met Luo Ning, it seemed that he had been dreaming all this time. Not to mention the fact that he got the certificate for no reason, and Luo Ning took away his first kiss at today’s wedding. Thinking of that unexpected kiss, Qin Yize couldn’t help but reach out and touch his lips, there still seemed to be a soft touch belonging to Luo Ning lingering there. Looking back at Luo Ning, this guy was sleeping soundly, obviously he didn’t mind the kiss at the wedding at all.

In comparison, the only one who was still struggling with the first kiss seemed to be his “pure” self?

Qin Yize frowned in displeasure, lifted the quilt and went to bed.

He had just closed his eyes and was trying to sort out his chaotic thoughts, but the next moment, a soft body suddenly fell into his arms, hugged his waist, and his furry head rested comfortably on his chest as he rubbed his head against it.

Qin Yize: “????”

Looking down, it was indeed His Royal Highness the Second Prince, with his whole body curled up in his arms like a cat.

Qin Yize tried to break away from Luo Ning’s arms, but Luo Ning hugged him even tighter, and whispered, “It’s so warm.”

Qin Yize: “…”


The young Alpha was indeed full of anger, so his body temperature was still slightly higher than that of the Omega.

Luo Ning, it’s too much for you to treat me like a pillow!

We agreed to keep a distance after marriage, but now you are seriously breaking the agreement, you know there’s zero distance between us, right?

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