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The elevator stopped for a while on the third floor, and five or six people walked in. The space suddenly became crowded.

Li Shu moved in front of Shen Yiyou when people came in and helped Shen Yiyou block some people.

He turned his back to Shen Yiyou, his hands hanging by his side. Shen Yiyou looked at the back of his hands and arms which had slightly protruding blue veins and hid in the corner of the elevator in a daze.

On the fifth floor, three more people came in, and the elevator became even more crowded.

Li Shu stepped back, gave up the position in front of Shen Yiyou and turned sideways, but he kept looking down at Shen Yiyou.

The boy in front of Shen Yiyou didn’t seem to notice that there was someone behind him and took a big step back. When he was about to bump into Shen Yiyou, Li Shu reached out and stopped him.

The boy turned his head in surprise, and Li Shu said to him, “I’m sorry, someone is behind you.” The boy quickly apologized.

Shen Yiyou and Li Shu lived on the top floor, so the people in the elevator gradually left, then in the end they were the only ones left.

When the door opened, Shen Yiyou wanted to wait for Li Shu to leave first, but Li Shu blocked the door for him again, politely.

They walked from the elevator to the room. Li Shu spoke first and asked Shen Yiyou, “How many days are you staying in the capital?”

“I’m going back tomorrow,” Shen Yiyou said to him, and then hesitantly asked, “Are you also on a business trip?”

“Let’s do something,” Li Shu said. He didn’t tell Shen Yiyou what it was like before. He turned his head to look at Shen Yiyou, “Are you so busy in August? You don’t even have a week’s time.”

Shen Yiyou nodded and said, “After all that, I can only spare three days at most”, and then asked Li Shu a little helplessly, “Isn’t it really enough to stay overnight?”

Li Shu walked a little slower, as if after thinking about it, he said, “Even if it’s enough, you will be tired going back and forth like this.”

Shen Yiyou whispered, “I won’t be very tired.”

Li Shu fell silent and stopped talking.

Shen Yiyou focused his attention on the number engraved on the door of the room. His room was about to arrive. He took out the room card and held it tightly in his hand. When he reached the door of the room, Shen Yiyou stopped: “My room is here.”

He turned to Li Shu, and raised his face to look at him. Li Shu glanced at him and averted his gaze slightly.

Shen Yiyou was a little sad, but he didn’t show it. He asked Li Shu again, “When will it be convenient for you?”

Li Shu lowered his eyes, and after a few seconds, he said, “Only this weekend that is left in August.”

“What about September?” Shen Yiyou asked.

He finally raised his eyes, looked at Shen Yiyou, and told Shen Yiyou flatly, “September is not available.”

“…” Shen Yiyou whispered, “So busy.”

This was not the first time Li Shu had told Shen Yi that he was not available.

The first time Shen Yiyou asked Li Shu if he would like to have a meal with his friends, Li Shu said that he was not free, then once he asked if Li Shu could accompany him to the supermarket, Li Shu also said that he was not free. He was also not available when he asked him to go to movies with him.

Li Shu was always busy, when Shen Yiyou used to hold Li Shu’s hand at home, Li Shu would use the other hand to answer emails, but when they were together, he still managed to meet Shen Yiyou and put together a lot of odds and ends.

But there was no need to do so now.

“I will start the roadshow in September,” Li Shu explained to Shen Yiyou, “I will be busy with the listing.”

“I’m going back to San Francisco from S City this weekend,” he told Shen Yiyou, “you can come back with me if you want.”

Two other hotel guests came over, and Li Shu was blocking their way, so he stepped back and let them pass.

When the people were far away, Li Shu said to Shen Yiyou, “You go to the room first, you don’t need to decide now.”

Shen Yiyou nodded, swiped his room card, pressed the door handle, pushed the door open a little, and turned around again as he wanted to say goodbye to Li Shu, then he met Li Shu’s eyes.

Li Shu looked at Shen Yiyou’s eyes intently and quietly.

The expression on his face was not obvious, as if he was far away from Shen Yiyou, but for some reason, Shen Yiyou quickly confused the Li Shu in front of him with the Li Shu when he had first met him.

I don’t want you to leave at all, Li Shu, just stay if you like me, thinking like this Shen Yiyou almost couldn’t stop looking at Li Shu.

He felt that Li Shu was like an endless swamp, and Shen Yiyou was a sacrifice with his hands and feet tied and heavy objects hung on his limbs.

As long as the swamp was still there, Shen Yiyou kept sinking.

“I’m here.” Shen Yiyou ducked his head and said very quickly.

He pushed open the door and went in without looking back. When the door was about to close, he heard Li Shu calling his name outside, but the next second, the door closed.

Shen Yiyou didn’t open the door immediately. He stood at the entrance for a while, but Li Shu didn’t knock on the door. He thought that Li Shu had left and put his hand on the doorknob to look around.

Then he saw Li Shu’s shoes, pants, and T-shirt, Li Shu was still standing there motionless.

“Shen Yiyou,” Li Shu said to him without moving, “Can I come in?”

Shen Yiyou watched him for a while, and then opened the door a little more to let Li Shu in.

Shen Yiyou asked Li Shu to sit on the chair beside the desk and sat on the sofa by himself, feeling both torment and sadness, but also a kind of sad joy that should not have arisen.

He wanted to divert some of his attention, so he found a topic, “I just heard that you were going to go public, but I haven’t congratulated you yet.”

Li Shu looked at him quietly, watched for a while, and said, “Thank you.”

Shen Yiyou paused for a few seconds, and couldn’t help but ask Li Shu, “How did you meet her?”

Li Shu frowned and asked, “Who?”

Shen Yiyou’s face heated up a little, feeling that it seemed a bit shameful to inquire about Li Shu’s love life, so he shook his head, said it was nothing, and asked Li Shu, “Has your house been put on sale?”

Li Shu didn’t seem to hear Shen Yiyou’s question at all. He was still looking at Shen Yiyou’s face. After a while, he said “Shen Yiyou”, as if talking to himself, “I have never seen you after such a long time.”

Shen Yiyou asked in a low voice, “Really?”

Li Shu stood up.

He walked to the sofa where Shen Yiyou was sitting, touched the back of Shen Yiyou’s hand very slowly and tentatively, and then knelt down halfway to look at Shen Yiyou’s face.

“Shen Yiyou,” he said. He spoke to Shen Yiyou as if he didn’t find a new partner at all, as if he still liked and needed Shen Yiyou, and had no choice but to leave, which made Shen Yiyou doubtful and flustered.

Shen Yiyou turned his face to one side, and Li Shu lightly clasped Shen Yiyou’s chin and asked him to turn it back.

“I brought a present to you on your birthday,” Li Shu told Shen Yiyou. He seemed to be complaining to Shen Yiyou, saying, “I brought cakes and flowers below your house, but you went on a trip with friends.”

Shen Yiyou looked at Li Shu and recalled the bad birthday and the bad phone call. He couldn’t tell how he felt. After a while, he asked, “Really.”

Li Shu made a “hmm” and grabbed Shen Yiyou’s right hand on his lap with his other hand, but Shen Yiyou didn’t push him away.

“Don’t do this in the future,” Li Shu told Shen Yiyou in a very stubborn tone, “Okay, don’t say that kind of angry words of accepting others.”

For a few minutes, Shen Yiyou was really bewitched by Li Shu, as if the breakup and pain were all fake, and it was if Shen Yiyou had quarreled with Li Shu unilaterally, and Li Shu was still coaxing him.

From the night of the rain to now, only three hours seemed to have passed.

Li Shu got closer, took off his glasses again, and wanted to kiss Shen Yiyou’s lips, but Shen Yiyou raised his hand and pressed his shoulder as he turned his face away, but he still couldn’t really refuse.

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