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“Your father is right, Tongtong. After ten years, if you change your minds, what will you do then?” Fu Fanghua also worked hard and joined the ranks of persuasion.

Fang Tong had water in her eyes while looking at her parents, as she begged in a low voice, “What you said is all in the future, has it happened yet, he is really good and excellent, you should meet him first, don’t deny him so quickly, okay?”

Fu Fanghua was about to get angry again, but Fang Chengzhi held his wife’s hand and shook his head slightly, so Fu Fanghua glancing at her husband, said nothing.

“Okay, Dad promises you to meet him first, but if after meeting him, Mom and Dad still think he’s not good, you must also agree to us, and consider the suggestion of Mom and Dad.”

Knowing that this was a concession from her Mom and Dad, Fang Tong nodded lightly, “Thank you dad, thank you mom.”

Then Fang Tong went back to her room.

Fu Fanghua looked at her husband, “Why didn’t you let me talk just now?”

“She won’t listen to you, even if you say it now, we’ll just go to meet him, it won’t cost much. Anyway, this is the best way if we want Tongtong to understand.”

When Fu Fanghua heard it, she felt that it was the same either way, but she didn’t say anything more, she just stood up, and prepared to clear the dishes.

“Okay, let him come.” Fang Chengzhi said, then taking the bowl from his wife’s hand, he got up and went to the kitchen.

Fang Tong went back to her room, but she found it difficult to calm down even after a long time. Today’s conversation with her parents seemed to reveal a lot of issues that she hadn’t seriously thought about before. This situation made her panic for no reason. She took her cell phone and called Ding Minghui.

But no one answered the phone, so she thought that he might be busy working overtime since it was the end of the year.

So, she sent a WeChat message to Ding Minghui, asking him to call her back when he had time.

There was still no reply from the other end. Although Fang Tong was anxious, she did not call again, for fear of disturbing his work.

Ding Minghui’s phone call came at about ten o’clock in the evening.

“Tongtong, is something wrong?” Ding Minghui’s voice was exhausted, and his voice seemed a little hoarse.

Fang Tong paused, “Minghui, are you still working overtime at the company today?”

“Well, it’s the end of the year, so there are a lot of things, and I have been working overtime. I haven’t had time to accompany you recently. I’m really sorry.”

After listening to Ding Minghui’s apologetic voice, how could Fang Tong get angry, in fact her unpleasant mood caused by her talk with her parents also seemed to be a little better, “You are busy with work recently, you have to take good care of your body, you don’t have to worry about me here, I’m fine.”

Ding Minghui smiled and spoke softly, “Thank you for understanding me so well, Tongtong.”

“Where do we need to say thank you to each other?”

“By the way, Tongtong, were you looking for me today? I was in a meeting at that time, and I didn’t bring my mobile phone. I have been busy since then, and I only saw your message now.” Ding Minghui explained the reason for his calling back so late.

Fang Tong hesitated for a moment, but still didn’t tell Ding Minghui about the conversation with her parents tonight, instead she asked, “Minghui, how long are you going to be busy?”

Ding Minghui thought about it, “Until the end of the year. I have a holiday on the 10th, and I just bought a ticket for the evening of the 29th of the year, at that time I will rush to the station after work. I should be able to catch the New Year’s Eve dinner at home.”

His home was in a small mountain village in G province. There was no direct train, so he could only take the train to the provincial capital of G province, and then undertake a three-hour car journey to get home.

In previous years, when the school had an early holiday, it was not difficult for him to buy a ticket. This year, because of the internship, he couldn’t go back early. It took him a lot of effort just to grab the ticket. In the end, a colleague helped him grab a ticket.

“Do you have time this weekend? We haven’t seen each other for a long time.” Fang Tong said, in fact she and Ding Minghui hadn’t seen each other for almost half a month.

This time, it was Ding Minghui’s turn to hesitate, “I’m afraid it won’t work this weekend. Our manager just said that we will have to work overtime.”

Fang Tong was a little disappointed.

Ding Minghui continued, “Tongtong, I’m sorry, I can’t accompany you, let’s wait for after the New Year, my company should not be so busy then, then I’ll accompany you well, okay?”

Fang Tong’s mouth twitched into a smile, “Good.”

“Minghui, come here.” A female voice came from the other end of the phone, and Ding Minghui responded.

“Tongtong, our manager is calling me. I’ll hang up first and talk another day.”

Fang Tong looked at the hung up phone with a sullen expression.

Shen Qinglan didn’t know what to say after hearing what happened. She had never experienced these things and couldn’t understand them, and she also didn’t know how to persuade Fang Tong.

Fang Tong actually didn’t expect Shen Qinglan to persuade her, she just wanted to find someone to talk to.

“Qinglan, you say is marriage really such a troublesome thing? You are already married to that person, did you encounter these troubles?” Fang Tong looked at Shen Qinglan and asked.

Shen Qinglan shook his head, “I’m in a different situation than you.” If it wasn’t for her grandma, Shen Qinglan would not have married Fu Hengyi, who was her only choice at that time.

Moreover, her family and Fu Hengyi’s family were family friends, which was typical of Fang Tong’s mother’s “matching family”, while the Fu family had a simple population. Fu Hengyi’s aunt was abroad all the year round, and the remaining Mr. Fu was also very easy to get along with. The problems that Fang Tong’s parents were worried about did not exist for her.

Fang Tong thought about it too, and suddenly she felt as if she was ill and wanted to go to the doctor.

“What are you going to do?” Shen Qinglan asked, seeing Fang Tong’s frowning face.

Fang Tong shook her head, “I don’t know now, I finally persuaded my parents to meet Ding Minghui, but Ding Minghui has been working overtime recently and has no time at all. I also can’t tell Ding Minghui directly that my parents are not satisfied with him. So, now I’m in a dilemma.”

Shen Qinglan was silent, she was an outsider after all, so it was not easy for her to judge at will.

“It’s okay, Qinglan, you don’t have to feel embarrassed. I’m just here to talk to you, and I’m in a much better mood now.” Fang Tong looked at the embarrassment on Shen Qinglan’s face and said with a smile.

Shen Qinglan glanced at her, and seeing that she was really looking much better, she stopped talking. The atmosphere had become silent, but she didn’t seem embarrassed.

“By the way, Qinglan, what is Xiaoxuan busy with recently? It seems that I haven’t seen her for a long time.” Fang Tong suddenly remembered Yu Xiaoxuan, whom she hadn’t seen for a long time, and asked.

Shen Qinglan really knew something about this, “She just called me two days ago, and her training is coming to an end. Recently, Linda picked her for the second female lead of an online drama. It seems that she is going to audition today.”


“Well, that’s what she said.”

“Which web drama?” There were still a lot of web dramas now, and it was not uncommon for a lot of new actors to become popular because of a web drama.

Shen Qinglan shook her head, “I don’t know.” She never paid attention to these, how could she know.

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