APY Ch. 155: Is it important to be a good match? 3

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Fang Chengzhi once went to the countryside to be an educated youth when he was young. At that time, there were many children from the city who went to the countryside to be educated youths. Boys and girls got along day and night, so there were a lot of these educated youths who met their “true love” in their countryside. Thus, a lot of them got married, but after returning to the city, many divorced, why?

It was not because the relationship was gone, but the difference in living habits and ideas was too great. When the passion got over, love was replaced by firewood, oil and salt concerns. Living together, the collision and running-in of living habits occupied a large part of married life. However, because of the different experiences and living environments since childhood, their living habits and ideas were different, and conflicts inevitably arose in the process of this running-in. Once the contradiction could not be resolved, the two people quarrelled, and they could reconcile once, but it would not happen twice. What about three, five and ten times? No amount of emotion could withstand the consumption of quarrelling all day, and many relationships had come to an end because of this.

These were what Fang Chengzhi had seen with his own eyes, and he didn’t want to watch his precious daughter take a detour like this.

Although it was a bit feudal and stubborn, it was not unreasonable. When two people with similar living standards lived together, there would indeed be much less friction than those whose conditions were too different, especially when their family was facing this situation now. Fang Tong’s conditions were much better than the other party’s.

“Tongtong, Dad has seen a lot of cases where minor frictions and conflicts have led to divorce. You are Dad’s daughter, and Dad doesn’t want you to take detours.”

Fang Chengzhi was sincere, Fang Tong was silent, and then looked at Dad, said, “Dad, I admit that what you said makes sense, but if there is a conflict, the two of us have to sit down and communicate well if there is any problem that cannot be solved.”

“Tongtong, do you think your parents will harm you? Mom doesn’t say that the other party’s family must have more money, even if the other party’s family conditions are a little better, and the gap with ours is not too big, then mother will not object. But looking at their family’s conditions, mother does not agree.”

Fang Tong became anxious, “Mom, you haven’t met his family, how can you deny them so easily, it’s unfair to him.”

“Fairness? What is fairness? Tongtong, is it because we protect you so well on weekdays that you have become so naive? How can there be so-called fairness in this world, if he can immediately buy a house of his own in the capital, Mom absolutely won’t say a word.”

“Mom, you dislike the poor and love the rich,” Fang Tong roared at Fu Fanghua with an ugly face. She only felt strange to see such a mother, “Dad, look at Mom, how can she be like this?”

Fang Chengzhi looked at his daughter’s ugly face, and then at the anger in his wife’s eyes, with a serious expression, “Tongtong, you can’t talk to your mother like this, let’s not say whether what your mother said is right or not, first of all, there is a problem with your attitude, is this your attitude towards your elders?”

Fang Tong’s face stiffened, and she realized that she had gone too far just now, and that her mother loved her so much, but she was yelling at her. Thinking of this, she felt very guilty and lowered her head to admit her mistake, “Mom, I’m sorry.”

Fu Fanghua was not happy, but what could she do, it was her daughter, so she sighed and said, “Tongtong, don’t blame your mother for being unreasonable. Mom and Dad can depend on you in everything, but this matter is related to your future happiness. Mom must not allow you to mess around. Listen to your mother’s words and find time to talk to that boy. Say it clearly, and then meet with your Uncle Li’s son. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like your Uncle Li’s son. Your mother knows many colleagues’ children, and some of them are very good…”

“Mom, don’t say anything more.” Fang Tong interrupted Fu Fanghua, “I won’t say goodbye to him. I love him and he loves me. I will marry him after graduation.”

“Noisy”, Fu Fanghua was angered and looked at her daughter who did not understand these oil and salt matters, “Fang Tong, if you don’t agree, you don’t agree. If you want to marry him, ok, but you will no longer be the daughter of our Fang family.”

Fang Tong looked at Fu Fanghua in disbelief, while Fang Chengzhi quickly stood up to appease his angry wife, “Our daughter is still young, let’s talk to her well if you have something to say, she will understand.”

“Tell me, I did talk to her well, but did she listen? Getting married, have you asked if they are willing to let you marry their son? Did they accept you? Did I agree with your father?”

Fang Tong had been an obedient child since childhood, especially after her husband was transferred to work in Linshi a few years ago, more often than not it was just them mother and daughter at home. So, the relationship between mother and daughter was generally very good. Fang Tong had always been her warm little padded jacket. Fu Fanghua hurt Fang Tong more than anyone else. Today, Fu Fanghua was really pissed off, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to say such a thing.

Looking at her daughter’s unbelievably pale face, Fu Fanghua faintly regretted her words. She wanted to say something, but she couldn’t.

Fang Chengzhi clapped his wife’s hand and walked over to his daughter, “Tongtong, your mother was angry just now. It was a bit serious, but it’s not entirely wrong. That boy may be really good. Maybe he will be able to buy a house in the capital with his own ability in a few years, but now, definitely not, if you are with him, then in the first few years you have to save money to buy a house, life will not be as good.”

Fang Chengzhi carefully analysed the pros and cons with his daughter, “You are my and your mother’s only child. Although our family’s life is not that better, but it is more than enough. You haven’t suffered hardships, since you were a child. You didn’t have to worry about money. When you wanted to buy something, Mom and Dad would buy it for you. But if you are going to be with that boy, than you would need to earn money to support yourself, because if you want to buy a house, you have to endure not buying what you like when you see it. Others can go on vacation and eat big meals, you, however, would have to save money. Have you thought about this?”

Fang Tong was silent, she really didn’t think about it, she thought that with Ding Minghui, their family would not be able to buy a house, they would rent a house, but she didn’t think about what her father said.

“Mom and Dad have only one child, and everything in the family is for you. You can say that when you get married, our family can come forward to buy a house. Mom and Dad will not object to this. Our family also has this strength, but will their family agree? Even if their family agrees, what will be our thoughts about that boy? People will say that he is a Phoenix man[1]. He may not mind at first, but what about after a long time? Tongtong, people’s hearts will change.”

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[1] A person who seduces a woman from a rich family in order to change his fate.

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