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Ji Rang stepped on his cigarette butt. Not knowing who he was asking: “Go and see if anyone is outside.”

Qu Dazhuang rushed out immediately, and quickly rushed back: “No! No one! No one found us smoking here!”

Ji Rang waved his hand: “Let’s go then.”

A group of people walked out of the toilet with teary eyes.

Ji Ran walked in the end, and when he went out, the corridor was really empty. He walked out of the school gate in silence, and straddled his mountain bike with his long legs. Qu Dazhuang hurriedly shouted: “Where are you going, brother? The place where the appointment is not over there!”

Ji Rang’s tone was light: “I don’t want to fight anymore, let it go.”

Qu Dazhuang: “???”

What the hell does he mean by he doesn’t want to fight???

Ji Rang started his motorcycle and disappeared with a loud roar.

Later, people in several schools around Haiyi School heard that Ji Rang had invited a group of violent students for a fight but didn’t turn up. Many students saw a group of red, orange, red, green, blue, and purple hairy boys carrying sticks in the cold wind and waiting from day to night. Later, they were arrested by the police called by the enthusiastic crowd.


Niubi, big brother, faking your hands, and killing the enemy without the need to kill a soldier[1].

The violent Haiyi bully now had a new label: Sinister.

At this moment, the insidious boss sat in the classroom, and no matter how anyone urged, he remained unmoved.

Qu Dazhuang was anxious enough to cry: “Let’s go! Class will start in three minutes. We will definitely not be able to leave when Lao Liu is here! Then the group of people in Sixth Middle School will definitely say that we forfeited it!”

They had an appointment with the sixth middle school people for a competitive match, and it was time for them to compete in the game. It was agreed that they would skip class and go to the Internet cafe, but Ji Rang walked to the door and then suddenly rushed back, not moving.

Ji Rang took out the only math book in his bag: “I don’t want to skip class, I want to study.”

Qu Dazhuang collapsed: “The next lesson is English class, brother!”

Ji Rang’s face didn’t change: “What’s wrong with English class? Can’t you learn math in English class? There are also English words in math books.”

He opened the cos/sin/tan page and pointed it to Qu Dazhuang.

Everyone: “…”

The class bell rang, and the thin figure hovering outside the corridor had to return to her own classroom for class. Ji Rang glanced at her leaving, and was relieved.

Liu Yao appeared at the back door of the classroom and patted the door panel: “Can’t you hear the class bell ringing? Just sit down for me! Qu Peng! It’s you!”

Qu Dazhuang gave birth to the idea of rebelling[2].

Really hateful!

The big guy who said just now that he should study hard has already started to sleep on his desk.

In the next few days, Qi Ying did not come to him again.

The school is so big, as long as it is not deliberate, it is basically impossible to encounter. He got the result he wanted, but he wasn’t very happy. On the contrary, he was very irritable. It was not pleasing to anyone.

I feel as if I am sick.

You are not happy when people are chasing you, and if they don’t chase you, you are damn unhappy.

Ji Rang kicked the table irritably.

Qu Dazhuang was frightened and immediately said loudly: “Brother Ji, we didn’t mean that!”

Ji Rang, whose thoughts has been wandering and hadn’t heard what they were talking about, was expressionless: “Then what do you mean?”

Qu Dazhuang said righteously: “We also think that Qi Ying should take first place! We are fighting for her!”

Ji Rang: “???”

What the fuck.

He snatched the phone from Dazhong, swiped the screen twice, and finally understood.

Haiyi Tieba put up a poll for school flowers, and Qi Ying was on the list. The first is Xue Manqing, the second is Zhao Dunan, a member of class 2, and the third is Qi Ying.

I don’t know who took the photo of her secretly. She is sitting in the classroom, wearing a plain school uniform. She is supporting her chin and earnestly “listening” to the classmates next to her. Her profile looks like her eyelashes are particularly long, and a strand of hair is hanging down. Her jaw line looks very pretty.

It is the appearance of all boys’ first love.

Someone posted in the reply post downstairs: What a joke, deaf-mute people can also be school flowers.

It was this reply that caused the whole building to start fighting.

Among them, the most active one is an id called “Out of the silt but not stained”, probably Qi Ying’s black powder[3], jumping all over the building to mock Qi Ying.

Ji Rang asked Qu Dazhuang: “You also voted?”

Qu Dazhuang: “I…I don’t…”

Liu Haiyang: “He voted for Zhao Dunan.”

Qu Dazhuang: “???”

Brother don’t do it!!!

Ji Rang’s tone was gloomy: “You guys, go and register more accounts.”

Qu Dazhuang immediately made up for his merits: “Understood! We must put Qi Ying first!”

Ji Rang kicked him: “Put your mother first, cast all the votes for the people behind the third place, and squeeze her down.” His sullen voice came out from between his gritted teeth, “Don’t let Lao Tzu see her photo appear on the homepage list tomorrow.”

Everyone tremblingly responded, registering an account overnight, and voting frantically.

It’s common to stay up late to play games, but staying up late to vote is really damn novel.

It’s like chasing stars.

But the key point is that people who chase stars all vote for their idols. What the hell were they doing tonight?

Towards the early hours of the morning, Qi Ying’s name finally dropped to the end, and the beautiful side face photo finally disappeared from the list. Everyone was relieved and finally could sleep at ease.

As a result, when they got up the next morning, Qi Ying became number one.

Qu Dazhuang looked up to the sky and screamed: “Who the hell did this!!!”

On the other side, Yu Zhuo, who hadn’t slept all night, stared at the computer with red eyes and sneered disdainfully: “Who can’t make more IDs? Fight with me.”

The morning sun gradually emerged, and the Haiyi students on their way to school looked at the first post floating on the homepage in amazement.

In one night, the number of votes actually increased so much? The ranking has changed so much?

It seems that everyone is very free from their homework.

For such a big battle, not only Haiyi, but also the people from the next two, three, four, and five schools came to watch. Looking around, they found that the post disappeared, and when refreshed again, the post was deleted.

Not only this post, but all posts discussing school flowers disappeared all at once.

All the people who came to eat melons shouted to the Lord[4], reprimanding him for deleting the posts.

On the roof of the school, the owner of the Tieba account was pressed against the railing by the tall and thin boy with his neckline. He heard the boy’s cold voice: “Did you delete everything?”

The Lord nodded tremblingly.

Ji Rang dusted his hands, kicked him away, and the owner rolled away.

He cursed in a low voice: “I’m going to **** you up, by my mother.”

Looking at the trembling Qu Dazhuang beside him, he said quietly, “Do you remember what he said just now?”

For fear of being beaten due to unfavorable work, Qu Dazhuang nodded repeatedly: “Remember, remember! We will carry out the master handover ceremony with him when we go back from school. From now on, we must hold Haiyi Tieba firmly in our hands! Master the internet, and you will master the right to speak!”

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[1] Everybody thought that it was a new tactic by Ji Rang to get rid of the violent students who were his opponents.

[2] Basically means fighting it out with Ji Rang.

[3] anti-fan.

[4] Lord is the owner of the Haiyi Tieba account.

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  1. Hmm…probably feeling guilty about Qi Ying’s parents so he avoided her (not that he had a hand to play in their deaths but rather because he may not know how to comfort her). Then this brat had the audacity to remove her ratings, couldn’t stand her being popular with the other lads in school, huh?

  2. Possessive? Basically doesn’t like other boys drooling over his girl.
    As to the original avoidance, he’s got a trauma and hasn’t worked through it yet. She keeps touching on that trauma. He likes her but when that happens the hurt overwhelms the like.

  3. Hmmm maybe he doesn’t want her to become a target of the jealous girls? But the fending off rivals reason makes sense too 😆

  4. If she gets more popular, she’d become the target of more bullying. As he’d protected her several times from them by now, he’s intensely aware of that. He just wants to keep her out of the spotlight and safe. Her brother, of course, has a different idea, ha.

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