KHSW Ch. 146

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“Is this your baby?”

“What a cute baby! Where did you buy this dress? I want to buy one for my baby too.”

“Little monk, can you knock the wooden fish? Can you recite sutras?”

Some mothers with their children gathered around to talk to her.

The corners of Ling Xi’s mouth twitched slightly. Fortunately, she was still wearing a mask. When she nodded slowly, she saw Xiao Nuo timidly dragging his clothes and hiding behind her.

“I’m sorry, I borrowed it.” Ling Xi held Xiao Nuo’s hand tightly, and finally “escaped out of the encirclement”.

“Mom, are they all ‘women’? Women are scary.”

When she heard Xiao Nuo call her “mom”, Ling Xi’s heart trembled slightly, as if a clear spring was flowing out of her heart, which was incredibly soft, sweet and tight, and her voice was softer than ever.

“Baby, there are two genders, ‘male’ and ‘female’. It’s true that they are women, but it would be impolite for Xiao Nuo to call them ‘woman’ directly. Xiao Nuo should call them ‘auntie’, Ok?”

Xiao Nuo nodded, “Xiao Nuo knows!”

“Baby is so good!” Ling Xi was immersed in the joy and tension of having a son, and completely forgot about other things.

“Mom, is this the ‘world’?” Xiao Nuo looked at everything around him with a pair of small eyes full of novelty, thinking that this was the “world” mentioned in the Buddhist scriptures.

“Of course not, the world is big, it’s just a very small part of the ‘world’.”

Along the way, although the little guy didn’t speak anymore, Ling Xi felt his curiosity and excitement. It was his first time going down the mountain, his first time seeing people other than monks, and first time seeing the ground under the clouds from the sky, the first time……

When Ling Xi took Xiao Nuo out of the airport, it attracted the onlookers again. Fortunately, no one recognized her as Ling Xi.

“Mom, look, there’s a little monk over there, I want to see the little monk, I want to see the little monk.” A little girl held her mother’s hand, noisily insisting that she wanted to look at the little monk.

“Little monk, smile.”

“Little monk, would you like to go home with Auntie?”

Ling Xi knew that they had no ill intentions, so she just frowned.

This time, Xiao Nuo didn’t dodge, looking at them with a pair of small black and shining eyes, and said righteously, “I’m not a ‘little monk’. Master said that you can only become a monk when you are seven years old.”

Obviously, everyone’s focus was not on the content, “God, the voice is so cute, it makes my bones brittle.”


The little guy had a dark face…

Ling Xi held Xiao Nuo in one hand and her luggage in the other, and just as they came out of the airport they saw a taxi, so Ling Xi waved her hand to intercept it.

Since she was sitting in the back seat, Ling Xi didn’t feel anything unusual.


Seeing the little guy’s speechless appearance, Ling Xi took off her mask and took the initiative to explain to him, “This is called a ‘car’. There are many kinds of ‘cars’, you see the one outside, it’s called ‘bus’, the one we’re taking is called ‘taxi’.”

“What does the ‘car’ eat?”

Hearing the conversation between the two of them, the “driver” couldn’t help laughing, “Hahaha, your child is so cute!” Glancing in the rear view mirror, the “driver” was slightly startled, and was amazed by Ling Xi’s face. , “Beauty, you are so young but you even have children?”

Ling Xi immediately put on her mask and gave a soft “um”.

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