APY Ch. 172.2: Aunt is Back!!!

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“Have you checked the matter?” Shi Feng asked with a cigarette in his mouth.

“I have already asked the brothers in the field, and it is exactly the same thing. The young master of the Gu family was trapped by Zhao Yan, probably because he had no money to pay the debt, so he called Shen Qinglan.”

“Was it really an accident?”

“It should be.” Anan wasn’t sure.

Shi Feng’s face was calm, and he couldn’t see any emotions. “Be careful in the future, but don’t act rashly.”

Although Shen Qinglan had saved his life, she was from the Shen family after all, and he was from the underworld, even if it was a life-saving grace, in front of the lives of the brothers of the entire gang, it was not worth mentioning.

If Shen Qinglan’s appearance was just an accident, he Shi Feng was not the kind of person who took revenge, and he would even find a chance to repay her kindness, but if she had ulterior motives, Shi Feng’s eyes suddenly became cruel, then he could only take his revenge.

Shen Qinglan naturally didn’t know Shi Feng’s psychological activities, she didn’t care at all and even if she knew, she wouldn’t take it to heart. When she got home, it was already night. She took a bath and went to bed. When she woke up tomorrow, she had to pick up Fu Hengyi.

When she was sending Mr. Fu back today, she heard her grandfather order the guards at home to pick up Fu Hengyi’s aunt Fu Jingting at the airport tomorrow, and only then did she know that her aunt who was away all the year round was coming back.

Speaking of this aunt, she was also a well-known figure in the compound back then. She was a heroine from Shen Qinglan’s father’s generation, that was, Shen Qian’s generation, because she was raised as a boy by Mr. Fu since she was a child. She was flamboyant, but she was also neat and tidy. Even ordinary special forces couldn’t do her job well. She had indeed practiced in the army for a few years, and she had achieved remarkable results.

Just when everyone thought she would continue working in the army, she chose to retire, entered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and then married Gu Bowen, the son of the Gu family.

The development of this story broke everyone’s eyes.

But not long after she gave birth to Gu Yang, she divorced Gu Bowen, and then went abroad. She had been serving as the ambassador to China in country Y. She had not been in the country for many years.

Knowing that aunt was coming back, Shen Qinglan took the initiative to take on the task.

She had met this aunt. Just two years ago, Fu Jingting came back once, when Shen Qinglan happened to be at Fu family home.

Early the next morning, Shen Qinglan got up for a morning run as usual, and then drove to the airport. Instead of driving her own flamboyant sports car, she chose one from Fu Hengyi’s garage.

When she arrived at the airport, the plane hadn’t landed yet. Shen Qinglan parked the car and was about to go in, but there was a large group of people in front of her. She thought they were waiting for some star, but when she got closer, she found out that it wasn’t so.

She saw a well-dressed woman pulling a person who looked like a staff member and yelling. Shen Qinglan was not interested in this kind of excitement, and was about to walk over, when she heard the voices of the onlookers eating melons.

“This woman is going too far. She is late, and she even blames the plane for being on time.” said a passer-by.

Passer-by B’s voice echoed, “The plane took off, didn’t she ask the airport staff to delay the flight.”

Passer-by C: “She is also unlucky, domestic flights are often delayed, but who told her to take a foreign flight, foreigners don’t understand that the traffic in the capital city is too congested, and there are traffic jams on the road.”

Passer-by D: “This woman is simply a nuisance. She knows that she will be late and will not go out early. She thinks she is someone, and if she doesn’t come, the plane can’t take off yet. Is she the moon, that everyone has to revolve around her, and even the moon has to revolve around the earth.”

Passer-by A nodded, “And the staff at the airport also said that they were willing to change her ticket to the earliest flight, but she didn’t want that, she just slapped the staff member, and the staff member couldn’t fight back, he could only bear it, if someone else came later, he might even have been beaten.”

“This kind of person should be blacklisted, so that she will never be able to sit in a plane in her life, and she should be shunned. She thinks it’s amazing to have a few dollars. If she is so rich, she can buy a private plane herself. Then there will be no delay.” Passer-by B said bitterly.

Shen Qinglan glanced at the woman in question, who still insisted on reasoning with the staff, while the staff apologized in a low voice.

Shen Qinglan laughed, it was the attitude of the staff member that fuelled this woman’s arrogance. As someone said just now, just block her directly and prevent her from taking domestic flights. What could she do? Sometimes being strong might not necessarily be a bad thing.

Shaking her head, she passed through all this excitement. She had lived in country Z for six years, but for certain behaviours, Shen Qinglan really felt that the quality of the people of country Z, known as the country of etiquette was false.

When she arrived near the gate, the plane had just landed. Shen Qinglan waited for a while and saw Fu Jingting’s figure appear there. She was wearing a professional suit and a black woollen coat, still looking as capable as she remembered.

Fu Jingting had long known that it was Shen Qinglan who was coming to pick her up today. As soon as she walked out, she saw Shen Qinglan’s figure in the crowd. This little girl was dazzling. Even if she stood silently in the crowd, she easily attracted people’s attention.

“Auntie.” Shen Qinglan took the suitcase from Fu Jingting’s hand. Fu Jingting didn’t argue with her, but handed it over to her. Except for a few changes of clothes, most of her suitcase was filled with gifts for her family. So, it was a little heavy.

When they went out, the woman who had been making trouble was gone. Shen Qinglan and Fu Jingting walked to the car, Shen Qinglan put away the luggage, and then opened the driver’s door.

“We haven’t seen each other for two years, have we?” Fu Jingting said.

Shen Qinglan nodded, and still with a cold expression, but in a very gentle tone, said, “Two years and three months.”

Fu Jingting smiled and looked at Shen Qinglan with a bit of emotion, “I liked you very much when I saw you back then, and I still sighed that it would be nice if you were my daughter, who knew that you would eventually become a member of my Fu family. Fate is such a thing, you really can’t believe it.”

Shen Qinglan couldn’t respond to these words, she just gently hooked her lips and softened her cold expression.

Fu Jingting just turned her head to see the corners of her lips slightly hooked, and her eyes flashed with amazement. Shen Qinglan was indeed the most beautiful girl she had ever seen, even if she just slightly curled her lips.

Recalling a few months ago, when her father had called her, he had still been complaining that Fu Hengyi never came home, and that he did not even have a daughter-in-law even though he was in his thirties, while he praised the children of the Shen family for being smart and sensible. So, seeing Shen Qinglan, she felt very satisfied.

She thought that the old man’s love was just a thought after all, but she did not expect that a few months later, Shen Qinglan would really become the granddaughter-in-law of the Fu family.

Fu Jingting didn’t know the twists and turns they had taken, but since Fu Hengyi had planned to marry Shen Qinglan, the two must have feelings for each other. She had watched Fu Hengyi grow up, or in other words, Fu Hengyi was equivalent to another son to her. Fu Jingting was also very pleased that the child’s happiness had been settled down.

“How long can aunt stay here this time?” Not wanting to make the atmosphere too dull, Shen Qinglan took the initiative to speak.

“Half a month.” Fu Jingting smiled, “I haven’t been at home for the New Year for so many years, so I can finally spend more time with my family this time.”

“After he heard that aunt is coming back, grandfather was very happy, and in the early morning ordered Mrs. Zhao to go to the supermarket. She bought everything that aunt likes to eat.”

Speaking of her old father at home, Fu Jingting felt very guilty. After her brother and sister-in-law passed away, she was the only child in the family. She should have been by her father’s side, but she left home because of her wilfulness for so many years.

“How is your grandfather’s health?” Fu Jingting asked. Although she often talked on the phone with her old father, but she didn’t come back very often, and she was always worried, also her father had the temperament of only reporting good news so as to not let her worry.

“Grandpa’s health is not bad, but he was found to have high blood lipids some time ago, so he has not been allowed to eat more meat recently. Grandpa is still angry about this.” Shen Qinglan patiently told about the daily life of Mr. Fu, although her tone was calm, but Fu Jingting listened carefully.

She heard that her father lost his temper like a child because he didn’t have meat to eat, and couldn’t help laughing. Fu Jingting’s appearance was not at all soft, but such a smile added a touch of tenderness to her face, “Hengyi and I are not at home, so you have to worry about Grandpa’s side.”

“Grandpa is very good, before I married Hengyi, I would often go to Grandpa to chat and drink tea.” Shen Qinglan’s mouth curled into a faint smile, she really did like Mr. Fu very much. Like her grandfather, he was a very good elder.

Fu Jingting laughed, she seemed to have forgotten that her old father had always liked this junior from the Shen family.

“Aunt, do you want to go back to the compound first or go to Gu family home to see Gu Yang first?” At a traffic light intersection, Shen Qinglan asked Fu Jingting.

Fu Jingting’s expression was in a trance for a moment, “Go back to the compound, I haven’t told Gu Yang about me coming back, I’ll call him later and ask him to come to the compound.”

Shen Qinglan didn’t seem to have noticed Fu Jingting’s momentary loss of concentration, she just smiled and said, “Grandpa must have been waiting at the gate.”

Fu Jingting also smiled, took out her cell phone and called Gu Yang, “Don’t tell your father that I’m back.” At the end of the call, Fu Jingting didn’t forget to say those words.

On the other end of the phone, Gu Yang glanced at his father standing beside him. When his father, who overheard his call with his mother, heard the last sentence, his eyes dimmed for a moment, and he sighed slightly in his heart.

“Dad, I’m going to my grandpa’s house first.” Gu Yang said, not knowing how to comfort his father.

From a very young age, Gu Yang knew that his parents were divorced. He lived with his father and his mother lived abroad. For unknown reasons, the two never talked to each other.

While growing up, Gu Yang knew that the divorce was initiated by his mother. He originally thought that there was a third party and that is why the relationship between the two ended, but it had been more than 20 years, and his parents were still single, there wasn’t even a shadow of a third party.

It was not that he didn’t have feelings for his mother which was evident from his father’s appearance. If that was the case, why couldn’t they be together?

This question, Gu Yang asked his father when he was a child, Gu Bowen just looked at him, silently but did not speak, there was an emotion in his eyes that he couldn’t understand.

Later, he came to understand that that emotion was called sadness.

He couldn’t manage things between his parents. After so many years of separation of his parents, Gu Yang had become accustomed to it.

Gu Bowen had a gentle smile on his face, “Go, don’t forget to bring the gift for your grandfather.”

Gu Yang waved his hand to show that he knew and left.

Gu Bowen looked at the back of his son leaving, looked at the empty room, and sighed deeply, “Jingting, you still won’t forgive me.”

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