SN Ch. 35

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Yan Qing’s heart was broken.

People said, if one whitewashed their true purpose a little, they may be able to deal with it.

But once she said it candidly, her tone was as if it was something taken for granted, but she told herself that there was nothing else she could do.

Mr. Huo didn’t force her to come, she took the initiative.

It was not that she had never shared a bed before with him. That night in the old house, she voluntarily climbed onto Mr. Huo’s bed.

After all, she really didn’t have the confidence to refuse.

Huo Yunshen didn’t plan to discuss, he directly picked up Qingqing who was wrapped up like a zongzi, as he sat on the edge of the bed and placed her on his lap, then he pulled the trolley with the dinner plate, and slowly started feeding her.

Yan Qing occupied Mr. Huo’s lap, so her elbows occasionally rubbed against his hard chest and abdomen, making him as restless as if he were on fire.

Huo Yunshen held her down deeply, and his dark pupils were filled with a threatening darkness: “Wife, there is a bed behind us. If you want to eat and then sleep, then be honest and don’t move.”

Yan Qing understood his deep meaning and couldn’t help but freeze. Her face heated up rapidly, her eyes darting down.

Huo Yunshen scooped up a shrimp and put it in her mouth: “Want to see it? Don’t worry, you can see better when I take my clothes off after eating.”

Yan Qing choked on the mouthful of shrimp and was then fed soup by Huo Yunshen.

She glared at Huo Yunshen in horror: “…I don’t want to see it! Don’t bother me!”

Huo Yunshen wiped the soup from the corner of her mouth, leaned over, and restrainedly touched her temples with his lips: “No trouble, my body is my wife’s property, you can look at it and touch it, in fact you can do whatever you want with it.”

The man’s face was too close, and the outlines that were polished to precision were extremely stimulating to her senses. Her heart fluttering made her hands itchy, but she thought sourly, don’t look, don’t be teased, he belongs to someone else.

After dinner, as he had said, Huo Yunshen stood up and unbuttoned his shirt, ready to take it off.

Yan Qing had nowhere to hide in the whole room, so she covered her eyes with her hands, then she heard his low laughter: “What are you afraid of, you said to try on the sweater, have you forgotten?”

Only then did she realize that it was done deliberately by Mr. Huo. After being teased, she leaned over even though it looked like her ears were dripping blood, then she picked up the sweater, and tried to put it on for him, but when she raised her eyes, she was shocked by the deep and shallow scars on his back.

Not only the traces left by the last burn, but also many scars similar to those caused by blades and clubs, which was shocking.

She frowned and touched the scars gently with her fingertips.

His scorching temperature was transmitted from her fingers, pouring into the bones and blood of her body, causing her confusion, so she blurted out: “Why are there so many wound marks?”

Huo Yunshen held his breath suddenly, his hands hanging by his side slowly clenched into fists: “You, what did you say?”

“I asked why you’ve changed so much!” Yan Qing asked hurriedly while stroking his back, her eyelashes covered with water, “These stab wounds on the waist, obviously before—”

She stopped abruptly, and after a moment, she blinked her eyes in confusion.

Before? She was talking nonsense.

She had read Yun Qing’s note, which said “You are injured on your back”, so she automatically decided that he shouldn’t have scars on his waist?

Yan Qing’s eyes darkened for a few seconds, her nerves were being provoked one by one, and her eyes and ears also felt sore. Since she had gotten drunk that time, she had become more and more prone to headaches.

Even if she had a headache, why was she still so stupid.

Being moved by Yun Qing’s few lines of words, it didn’t feel like her anymore.

Huo Yunshen turned around and hugged her, then he massaged her temple with his palm, and coaxed: “Be obedient, let’s go to bed, it won’t hurt when we wake up.”

When Yan Qing came over, the big bathrobe was tightly wrapped around her. Now, it was gone, and she was wearing a men’s shirt that barely reached her thighs, while lying in Mr. Huo’s arms super obediently, as she placed her face on his arm.

Huo Yunshen’s forehead was filled with blue veins, and his hot and somewhat gloomy eyes stared straight at her, which was extremely terrifying.

Yan Qing quickly turned around and tried to climb off the bed by rolling away with the quilt.

Huo Yunshen stretched out his hand to retrieve her, patted her soothingly, and said in a hoarse voice, “I won’t move.”

Yan Qing turned her back to him, shrunk into a small quail, and tried her best to push the quilt behind her back to separate him from her.

Huo Yunshen let her toss around, but his hands still trapped her.

“Qing Bao,” he called affectionately and put his hand on her forehead, “Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you.”

He said softly: “I just want to hold you to sleep, since you are not at home, I have not been able to sleep properly, aren’t you leaving again tomorrow? You will only came back after several days, and you will leave me alone during that time, shouldn’t you give me some comfort.”

Yan Qing picked up the pillow, but her heart had softened, and her little hidden desire was rising.

She rolled back slowly, leaning against his shoulder: “That’s it, we can’t get any closer… You remember to eat a few more meals and make up for it with points…”

Huo Yunshen’s arms wrapped around her as he held her tight.

Yan Qing sank into his body, then surrounded by the darkness, she asked in a low voice, “I and Yun Qing really look alike? She has a little habit while writing, and I… seem to have it too.”

Huo Yunshen’s eyes deepened, and he glanced at her then turned his head towards the direction of the wardrobe.

Qingqing had found that.

He put it there in the hope that when she came over one day, she would find it and think of clues.

But this was enough, he couldn’t be in a hurry.

Qingqing had a hard time walking, but he was approaching her step by step.

He wanted to surpass others’ unique love, she had run over to give it, and he was willing to wait for her for the rest of his life.

Huo Yunshen covered her forehead deeply to relieve her discomfort: “You just need to remember that you should always be yourself.”

Yan Qing fell asleep in the warm arms of the man.

After confirming that she would not wake up, Huo Yunshen gently flattened her, leaned over to kiss her, and plundered the girl’s sweet lips.

The lover he thought about day and night was in his arms, and he couldn’t do anything except kiss her secretly.

Desire burned in his blood, and his body’s crazy obsession with her was awakened.

He brushed the tip of his wet tongue against her ear, and asked, sounding repressed, “Qingqing, how long will you make me endure it?”

When Yan Qing woke up, the place beside her was completely cold, with a stack of new clothes placed on the head of the bed. The tag label was cut cleanly, for fear that she would see the price.

She got up and went to the bathroom. There were a lot of cosmetics for her to use, and even the order of placement was according to her habit.

Yan Qing was so happy in her heart that she was dumbfounded when she looked in the mirror.

Her lips! Looked a little swollen!

She gritted her teeth secretly, Huo Yunshen talked nice, but then he stole kisses when she wasn’t ready!

The door was knocked cautiously, and Min Jing’s voice rang out: “Madam, are you awake? Mr. Huo is having a morning meeting and told me to take you directly to the airport. All the necessary luggage is ready, and the stylist is waiting outside. She’ll be in charge of your makeup and hair today.”

Yan Qing then remembered that she was going to go to the awards ceremony with the team today. It was the first time she would walk to the airport in public since she was on the show. Looking at the time, it was less than four hours before take-off. She quickly got dressed and put some cool lip balm on her lips.

Well, for the sake of him being so considerate, she would forgive him…

As Yan Qing raised her face to get her makeup done, her cell phone began to ring continuously. Ouyang was broadcasting the airport situation in real time. In the picture, there was a surging crowd. Many people were holding long banners and short posters. There were also various small bands with big head emojis.

A several-meter-long banner had been put up, and it had a close-up photo of her wearing the feather skirt. The tears in her eyes glittered and looked crystal clear.

“Qing Bao! Did you watch the new episode of the show last night? Did you kill the hot search again?”

“Let’s not talk about anything else, Weibo is full of comments like “Flying Bird” has absolute singing skills and ability to control the field, while she is also gentle as she sits at home making woolen handicrafts. The most important thing is, did you cry before you sang that day? People have screenshots with your tears, and high-definition headshots of the show sisters bombed together. Congratulations on your ranking first on the fairy crying list. The tears of your eyes have been blown up from all angles!”

She was crying…

Seeing Huo Yunshen, she shed tears for him.

The stylist leaned over at this time and used a highlighter and eyeshadow to draw some clever tear marks at the end of her finished eye, it was just the right embellishment, as it shimmered in the mirror.

“Really good-looking,” the stylist smiled, “I haven’t seen such a brilliant face in the circle for a long time.” When it was time, Min Jing came in and was stunned when he saw Yan Qing, while his heart was expressing great sympathy for Brother Shen.

On the Internet, regardless of gender, they called Yan Qing their wife, and when he flipped through them, there were other comments like, “My new wife is so beautiful that I will ascend to heaven”, “Ah, ah, ah, I am alive again! I have a wife!”, “I think I should wipe my wife’s tears! Give my wife money! Let my wife knit a sweater!”

Even he felt sour, not to mention the mood of Brother Shen.

As soon as she would make an appearance at the airport today, there would definitely be real time pictures of her leaving the stage and the show, and it would become even more heated.

He just didn’t know where Brother Shen went after the meeting, but he didn’t come to see her off in person.

Yan Qing joined the team outside the airport. There were not only eight other players and staff in this line, but also mentor Su Li, who was also a red carpet guest and team leader, and was on the same flight as everyone.

Sitting in the extended nanny car, Su Li had closed his eyes coldly. Hearing Yan Qing’s arrival, he opened his eyes and looked over. His pupils shrank a little, as he suppressed the surging surprise inside.

At a cocktail party he attended with his parents, when he was a teenager, he had taken an unforgettable look at the exquisite craftsmanship of the young daughter of the Yun family.

He had imagined countless times what she would look like when she would move away from childhood and fully bloom into her beauty.

Now, he saw it.

Yan Qing smiled and said hello: “Mr. Su.” Su Li bent his lips, showing softness on his otherwise deadpan face: “There will be many people in the airport, if you are nervous, follow me.”

Yan Qing did not follow him, she walked with the sister group separately and was not swayed Su Li’s enthusiasm.

Before entering the waiting hall, she flipped through her phone, but Mr. Huo hadn’t even sent a single message.

She felt somewhat empty in her heart and pursed her lips.

She was kind enough not to settle it with him for stealing kisses, but he didn’t care about it. Furthermore, as she approached her departure, he didn’t even ask her a single question.

“Qing Bao, don’t be in a daze, it’s time to go, many people will take pictures of you, cheer up.”

Yan Qing said: “If Su Li is here, they would all go to take pictures of him. Our fans are probably scattered, maybe we would need to look carefully…”

The girls laughed, and after a short preparation, Yan Qing stood at the forefront and entered the public eye.

Yan Qing never imagined that such a scene would greet her at the airport.

The screams were overwhelming, giant banners were pulled up by several people, there were professional cameras that made constant noises, and the lips of countless people were moving, all shouting her name.

Her fans’ voice was equal to Su Li’s, maybe even faintly higher.

Su Li was surrounded by his bodyguards from the beginning.

However, the actual popularity of Yan Qing was unexpected for the program team, and only the accompanying staff could rush to protect her, which was completely like a drop in the bucket.

Seeing that Yan Qing was about to be hit, Su Li tried to come over, but out of nowhere a group of well-trained tall girls arrived, all of them agile as they professionally formed a circle to isolate her from the crowd.

Yan Qing didn’t have time to be shocked by the surprises one after another as she caught the most unbelievable figure among the enthusiastic fans who were blocked.

The man was wearing a dark grey sweater knitted by hand, and a hat and a mask, but his slender figure was still eye-catching, as he stood tall in the chaos.

Yan Qing’s lips covered by lipstick felt faintly hot, and her heart almost touched her throat.

Then, the man pulled a small sticky note from his pocket, stuck it on the camera, and held it up toward her.

The above was still the same sentence: “Qing Bao, I’m here.”

Yan Qing never thought that people’s hearts could be depressed and sullen one moment, and the next moment they could be full of fireworks.

She didn’t dare to look at him again, so she staggered her gaze. Her eyes sparkled with mist, and she couldn’t help but smile, which was captured by the big and small cameras around her.

Huo Yunshen did it on purpose!

What talk about separation and him not being able to see her for a few days, it was all to make fun of her!

He left early in the morning and never contacted her, because he came here ahead of time to be a fan.

No wonder there were so many people at the scene, and her fans quickly overwhelmed Su Li’s fans. She understood, it was all specially done by the naive Mr. Huo to make his wife look ostentatious!

In the VIP waiting room of the airport, the heat in Yan Qing’s ears would not go down, and it spread to her eyes and even her eyes turned red.

She fanned herself with her hands desperately.

Ouyang’s excitement hadn’t subsided, so she pulled on her arm and said, “It’s amazing my Qing Bao! There are so many people, can you stop being excited!”

Yan Qing said sincerely: “Ouyang, it’s all smoke and clouds!” It was all bought by her husband’s money!

Yan Qing couldn’t let it go, so she looked around cautiously, always feeling that that someone would not leave so easily.

After a while, An Lan, who was accompanying them, came back with the boarding passes and distributed them to everyone. When she arrived at Yan Qing’s place, she patted her and said, “Yanyan, there is a temporary problem with your flight ticket. There is no other way but to change it for you. Your flight is ten minutes later than this flight, it doesn’t affect anything, and we will gather when we arrive.”

Su Li sat a little further away, and when he heard the words, he looked over with deep eyes.

Yan Qing was holding her unique ticket, and her chest was jumping.

She got on the plane from the other gate, and the stewardess led her to the front with a smile.

The first-class cabin of this plane was not large, with less than ten seats in total, separated from the back, it was very quiet and private, and the noise was almost inaudible.

Yan Qing sat down, and the stewardess brought her juice, her fingers tightened around it with nervousness, and just as she was about to take a sip to moisten her throat, gentle steps approached on the aisle carpet, followed by a well-jointed hand which stretched out and took away her juice which was replaced with a cup of milk tea.

He said, “Be good, drink something hot.”

Yan Qing’s heart bumped into her chest, then she raised her head, and looked at Huo Yunshen, who had taken off his disguise.

He had escaped from the crowd of Qingqing’s fans, but his eyes still contained an unresolved gloom, and his aura was fierce. He stared at the tears traced at the end of her eyes, and slowly licked the edge of his lower lip.

“Mr. Huo,” Yan Qing tried to keep her tone steady, “Do you want to explain.”

Huo Yunshen sat next to her, then he leaned over to fasten her seat belt with his long fingers, raised his eyelashes, and looked at her from a close distance: “Chasing my wife to the airport, and accompanying my wife on a business trip.”

“Including buying fans for your wife?”

“I just bought a little.” Most of them were real fans, otherwise he would not be so stimulated.

“It also includes changing the flight for your wife without authorization?”

Huo Yunshen deeply hooked his lips: “There is another explanation for this matter. I think my wife needs to get along with me while going against the clock, and I can’t let her go on the plane. So, during the three-hour flight, in this small space, no one will bother us here.”

Spending money again!

Yan Qing bit her lip and couldn’t hold back her smile: “…How did you wear the sweater today, isn’t your wardrobe full of expensive brands?”

“I like it,” he said, “I wanted to be the first person in the crowd you saw.”

At this point, Mr. Huo felt satisfied, his anger was eased a little by his wife, and he was ready to enjoy their hard-won solitude.

The problem was that his possessiveness tended to be haunting, and he couldn’t stop it. Thinking of the practice of those fan sites, before the plane took off, he turned on the camera, picked the photos of Qingqing looking at the camera, and took a few beautiful previews.

He solemnly added Yan Qing’s topic and five words: “This is my wife.”

After reviewing it, the more he looked, the more beautiful she became, and he was reluctant to share it.

But he had to declare his sovereignty.

Qingqing looked at his camera, and when she saw it, she was different, as if she belonged to him.

Mr. Huo seriously pressed “release” and waited for the swarming words of jealousy.

However, three minutes later, he clicked on the rapidly increasing repost page and saw hundreds of the same content: “The blogger is so shameless! It’s obviously my wife!”

Huo Yunshen: “Damn, are they mad?”

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