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Yan Qing glanced at Mr. Huo’s mobile phone screen and was shocked to see that he had a special account for star chasing.

The first Weibo posted by the novice Zhang Ge was so high-profile and provocative that he deserved to be collectively scolded.

She secretly looked at Huo Yunshen’s face and saw that his lips were tensed and the blue veins on his forehead were bulging. She was angry but also felt that he was pitiful.

It didn’t make sense; she just didn’t want to make him feel bad.

Yan Qing raised her hand and touched his head: “Shenshen, don’t worry about it, everyone else is screaming nonsense, only what you are saying is true.”

Huo Yunshen turned his head to look at her and asked, “Are you coaxing me?”

Yan Qing’s eyes were bright and moist: “Yes, so look at it, and don’t be unhappy.”

Huo Yunshen’s clenched eyebrows stretched a little, he looked at her and said in a low voice, “You can say husband back to me to prove that I am calling you, right.”

Yan Qing blushed and once again felt that she really couldn’t handle Mr. Huo.

He could always turn around in a few words and ask her to give more.

“No,” she rebelliously closed her eyes and pretended to be dead as the plane took off, “I’m going to sleep.”

After waiting for a while, she didn’t hear Huo Yunshen’s response, but Yan Qing’s heart was beating like a drum, so she couldn’t help squinting and glancing at him, it was then that she saw that Huo Yunshen was slightly bowing his head, his black eyelashes were very low, his lips were pursed into a line, his grievances were not exposed, but his look particularly poked at her heart.

Yan Qing sighed silently, she lost again.

She seemed to have lost her original resistance to him.

It was a pleasant surprise for her to see him at the airport. She was even more joyful by being accompanied by him on a different flight. Seeing that he was a little depressed, she obviously wanted to comfort him.

The negative resistance was constantly draining away, replaced by something she didn’t dare to face.

Yan Qing restrained her thoughts, forced herself not to think about it and followed her instincts. She wrapped her arms around him, leaned over, put her head on his shoulder, and muttered softly: “…Husband, it’s a flight of more than three hours, you should sleep.”

Her heartbeat was intensifying, she didn’t have the guts to look at his expression, but she felt his temperature rising, then a blanket covered her, and a magnetic voice sounded in her ears: “Qing Bao is really good.”

Yan Qing really was very good. She slept against Huo Yunshen until she got off the plane. When she raised her head, her neck was about to break. She found carefully that Mr. Huo had hardly moved and had kept the same posture, not wanting her to be woken up.

As a result, even though she wanted to persuade him to return, she swallowed it.

“I would be very busy during the event, and there are so many people around, it would be hard to meet you,” Yan Qing hoped that he would change his mind on his own initiative, “It doesn’t really make sense for you to accompany me here.”

Huo Yunshen didn’t take the bait: “Tomorrow is Christmas, if you drive me back, do you want me to stay at home alone, or work overtime in the office all night?”

He stubbornly said, “It also makes sense even if it is just me breathing air in the same place with you.”

Yan Qing could not say anything to this. The issue was settled, then he told her to be careful not to expose anything. He took the lead in getting off the plane and turned around three times. The time when the large group arriving with her was approaching. They converged at the covered bridge and walked out of the airport together.

The girls were talking about tonight’s performance, but only Su Li, who was continually looking at Yan Qing indifferently, was making her feel uncomfortable.

The number of fans at the exit of the airport were still huge. Su Li had long been used to it. He walked in front of the group with no expression on his face. When he reached the most congested section, he saw the crowd of people in front of him and countless cameras. He suddenly slowed down, turned around and beckoned: “Come here.”

His voice was sweet, emitting through the mask, there was an added magnetism, making the star-chasing girls scream wildly.

And the direction he beckoned was the team of players headed by Yan Qing.

Yan Qing was stunned, wondering if she should go or not.

Su Li insisted, looked at her intently for a moment, then looked away, and whispered to the people around him: “Be careful, don’t get hurt, and don’t hurt my players.”

As soon as the words “my players” came out, the atmosphere around them began to boil.

In front of everyone, Yan Qing was one of the contestants. It would be too deliberate if she didn’t go over. She led everyone closer, but Su Li’s raised hand only vainly embraced behind her and did not touch anyone else at all.

Yan Qing had a big head.

It seemed as if Su Li was afraid that she wouldn’t suffer, so he challenged the fans’ endurance again and again, courting death, even if he wanted to die, she didn’t want to.

Yan Qing could even feel a certain sharp gaze chasing after her from a distance, the fire burning on her back.

Amazing… the vinegar jar husband was online again.

She should find a chance to communicate with Su Li to find out his intentions.

Leaving the airport, there were three cars waiting to pick them up by the roadside, and Su Li was alone. Before he got into the car, his eyes slanted towards Yan Qing. Yan Qing was so frightened that she immediately crowded with Ouyang, for fear that he would say something terrifying.

In the car, Ouyang covered her mouth and bit her lips: “Qing Bao, did you know that your CP with Mr. Su is called Asphalt.”

Yan Qing gave a thumbs up: “This name is apt, it really stinks.” As soon as the voice fell, her phone vibrated, and it was a call from an unknown number.

Yan Qing picked it up, and an unfamiliar laughing male voice came from the receiver, then he said, breathing heavily: “Qing Bao, I saw you at the airport, and I even touched the ends of your hair, did you feel it?”

Yan Qing was startled, so she frowned and asked, “Who are you, how do you know my phone number.”

“I’m your fan, I had to buy your phone number, it cost me a lot of money,” he said in a smooth voice, “If I don’t look at your photos, I can’t sleep every night, I finally saw you for real today, you look so beautiful.”

Yan Qing hurriedly hung up.

She continued to get calls from that unknown person, but she continued to hang up. When she was about to turn off her phone, a text message appeared: “Qing bao, why don’t you answer, don’t you cherish your fans as soon as you became popular? I like you so much.”

Ouyang saw that her face had changed slightly, “What’s the situation, a stalker? Hurry up and shut it down. If you want, you can use mine, tell Sister An Lan and the others later, this kind of person is absolutely unreasonable! There used to be a senior in our company who was targeted by a stalker. He even sneaked into her home, it was super scary, I heard that the stalkers like to find new people who have just become popular, because there are fewer obstacles, and it is easy to get close contact with them.”

Yan Qing was horrified, and went to An Lan to tell her what happened, An Lan comforted her: “This kind of thing often happens in the circle, and there is no way to stop it, I will give you a new mobile phone card, don’t worry too much, and prepare for the performance.”

The awards ceremony was very large-scale, so the backstage was crowded, and the number of separate dressing rooms was limited. Su Li had a special person from the organizer to pick him up and lead him to the room that belonged to him, but when it came to “Rise It! Girl”, the organizer looked embarrassed as he explained: “Sorry, there is a temporary situation, we originally promised to allocate you a single room and a special makeup artist. But rooms are not enough, I can only ask you to be wronged in the public area.”

The public area was a hall, where there were many starlets and Internet celebrities, so scrutinizing and hostile eyes kept on falling on them from time to time, and finally someone whispered sarcastically: “It seems quite tight, and our treatment is not the same as everyone else’s.”

An Lan stomped her feet anxiously, they thought it was safe here, so they brought a make-up artist of their own, who had to be in charge of nine people, the rehearsal was imminent, and it was too late.

Su Li’s assistant ran out at the right time, “Brother Su said that you should take turns to go to his dressing room, you can use our team’s stylist, that,” he scratched his head, “Yan Qing go first, Brother Su said that the C position should be ready earlier.”

Everyone’s gaze suddenly fell on Yan Qing.

Yan Qing clenched her hands in embarrassment, she did not want to delay the team, but she also wanted to avoid gossip which might arise if she went. When she was in a dilemma, a group of people rushed in from outside, attracting the attention of the whole room, and the capable woman in the lead came straight over and shook hands with An Lan: “Hello, we are arranged by Huo Corporation, and are in charge of the contestants’ makeup and hair style tonight.”

Her voice was not low, and she said “Huo Corporation” very clearly.

Yan Qing tightened her fingers, her nails embedded in her palm.

This was the stylist who had dressed her up this morning…

As soon as the word “Huo Corporation” came out from her mouth, there was a brief silence in the huge space. Everyone remembered the person behind “Rise It! Girl”, and that there was Huo Corporation’s title with this program. The organizer, who had been perfunctory before, received an urgent notification from above, and ran back sweating. He also shook hands with An Lan, and apologized repeatedly: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I was negligent at work just now. Now the single room is vacant, I will take you there right away.”

The stylist came next to Yan Qing and gave her a sealed folded photo card.

Yan Qing gently opened it, and on it was the man’s handwriting: “Wife, don’t forget, I am your investor, and you are a girl from the Huo family.”

In the evening performance, Yan Qing walked on such a large stage for the first time. On the stage, she stood in the middle of the team wearing a thin silver fringed dress, performing her short-form dance.

After chasing the light, she couldn’t help looking at the crowded auditorium.

Because the guest seats were separated, the audience seats were very far away, and the lights and cheers of fans were mixed together, so it was impossible to tell who was who, but in the direction facing her, on the second floor railing, there was an extremely conspicuous pink lamp banner, which was lit up with the sentence that calmed her the most: “Qing Bao, I’m here.”

Yan Qing smiled, her eyes brimming with brilliance.

Her super big fan, just mentioning his name could make the whole room silent.

So even though he was jealous all day long, he did not forget to shelter her, and was jostling in the crowd to lift the banner for her.

She would not embarrass him.

The performance went very smoothly. Yan Qing returned to the backstage and wanted to find her place to call Huo Yunshen, but she remembered that her mobile phone was still off, and An Lan was busy all this time, so she wasn’t able to prepare a new mobile phone card for her.

Using someone else’s phone, she was afraid of hidden dangers, so she couldn’t help but regret that she didn’t bring out two mobile phones.

She could only wait until the hotel to find a way.

The hotel was arranged by the organizer of the awards ceremony. Except for those with special requirements, most of the guests lived in one place. Yan Qing’s room was on the 16th floor. As soon as she turned on her phone, call reminders and text messages flooded in.

She hurriedly looked through them, there were some from Huo Yunshen, but more were from that unfamiliar number, he seemed to have gone crazy, and the content in the text messages had become more and more extreme over time.

While she was looking, another phone call came in, it was still from that unfamiliar number, Yan Qing couldn’t do anything else, so she hurriedly pressed the shutdown button, just then she received a WeChat message, which was displayed on the notification bar.

Su Li: “Come to the 16th floor stairwell, I have something to tell you.”

Yan Qing stared at the phone with the black screen again and let out a sigh of relief. It was terrible.

She collected her thoughts and decided to go to Su Li for their appointment. It happened that she also wanted to talk to him. There was a team dinner at ten o’clock later. After chatting with Su Li, she would go directly to An Lan to ask for a mobile phone card.

Yan Qing changed her clothes to cover her main features, and cautiously made sure there was no one in the corridor before entering the stairwell.

Su Li was leaning against the wall smoking a cigarette, the red light at the end of it flickered slightly, but when he heard the sound, he raised his head and stared at Yan Qing, with emotions she could not understand in his eyes.

Yan Qing kept a distance from him and looked at the blind spot on the roof.

Su Li stubbed the cigarette, and said dumbly, “Don’t worry, the surveillance here is broken and we will not be discovered.”

Yan Qing said, “Mr. Su, speak directly, I am very grateful for your care, but don’t do it anymore. It’s easy to be misunderstood by others.”

Su Li’s peach blossom eyes which were very delicate and usually as cold as ice, at this moment they showed a little red.

He whispered, “…Yun Qing.” Yan Qing was stunned, but after realizing it, her eyebrows tightened: “So, you always thought I was Yun Qing?”

Su Li smiled, his eyes locked on her: “I don’t believe that there are two different people in the world that are so similar, even Yun Ling, who has the same surname Yun, is only three points similar, even if you have a different voice and personality than Yun Qing. Even if there was a deviation, I would still believe that you are her.”

“Otherwise,” he slowed down, “How could even Huo Yunshen get entangled with you, and that too with the same crazy energy as before.”

Yan Qing’s eyes turned cold: “I’m not Yun Qing, if you want to talk about this, then I have nothing to say to you.”

After she finished pushing the door of the stairwell to go out, Su Li emphasized: “Yun Qing, I don’t care whether you have amnesia, or everything is good, can you not make the same mistake twice? Huo Yunshen is a complete lunatic. I believe you were forced by him before, and you had no choice but to be with him, after you disappeared for three years, why are you messing with him again?”

Yan Qing’s anger was aroused, and she looked back at him: “I’m sorry, I think you are more like a lunatic.”

Su Li stepped forward and grabbed her shoulder: “If you don’t remember, then let me tell you, Huo Yunshen was betrothed to you at first. Do you know why he was replaced by his brother later? Because he is ill, has a serious tendency to violence, has a vicious mind, and the bloodlust in him is insane!”

“When he was five years old, he injured his nanny. At the age of eight, his grandfather and the then head of the Huo family was admitted to the ICU because of him. He did not repent at all. After being expelled from the Huo family, he became a ghost. No one knew how many lives he put on the line.”

“Later, he set his eyes on you. He followed you from morning to night. Anyone who said anything to you would be punished by him. His brother Huo Linchuan, your marriage partner, just went to school to look at you, do you know what the consequences were?”

Yan Qing’s nerves jumped, and she gritted her teeth.

Su Li gasped slightly: “Huo’s rightful heir, he was beaten to the point where his lower body was crippled!”

Yan Qing’s wrist trembled.

Seeing her moving, Su Li said in a deep voice, “There is a lot more about him, everyone in the small circle in Haicheng has heard about him. My family used to have friendship with the Yun family, and I know more about him.”

“Yun Qing, how could someone like him be really good to a person, at most it’s just the desire to control! Are you being forced? Did he force you to follow him? If you’re afraid of him, I’ll help you!” Su Li was emotional, “I won’t shy away from fans or the media, and I hope you understand that I’m willing to do anything for you—”

On the quiet stairs, footsteps suddenly sounded.

Level by level, from upstairs to down.

Su Li was surprised.

This hotel had many floors, and many elevators were running, so there should be no shortage of them. Moreover, at night, there were very few people who would climb the stairs, so he chose to talk here.

Yan Qing looked at the corner of the stairs leading to the seventeenth floor.

It was him.

He heard it all.

Su Li subconsciously stood in front of Yan Qing and wanted to push her out of the door, but it was too late. The man’s slender and straight legs wrapped in black trousers appeared as he was walking down the stairs into his field of vision.

Su Li couldn’t help feeling numb till his scalp. Watching the man becoming exposed to the light with his own eyes, his dark eyebrows seemed to contain a gloomy and dead aura that made him look different.

Huo Yunshen.

He saw him with his own eyes a few years ago, in high school and in college, he trapped Yun Qing by his side, and was obsessed with her, not allowing anyone to pay more attention to her.

He was definitely not, what a sane person would look like.

His image was completely consistent with the description of having blood on his hands as in the rumor.

Su Li’s throat was dry: “Yun Qing, you go first.”

“Mr. Huo,” his muscles stiffened, “I called Yun Qing here, it has nothing to do with her, don’t get mad at her.”

Yan Qing’s feet had gone numb, her eyes crossed Su Li’s shoulder, and collided with Huo Yunshen’s deep and cold eyes.

Hey, it was not surprising that Su Li said that his state was scary.

As she expected, if she couldn’t get in touch with him, he would try his best to appear by her side, wouldn’t he just come to the same hotel? She was even caught in the stairwell.

According to Su Li, this was all about keeping an eye on her, following, controlling, and being a pervert.

Huo Yunshen approached them step by step, his facial features dipped in the shadows, and his body was covered with a terrifying aura that was daunting.

He said hoarsely: “Get out.”

Su Li endured his fear and went to push Yan Qing: “Why don’t you leave! I’ll deal with him!”

Huo Yunshen stared at every trace of Yan Qing’s expression.

Yan Qing was finally able to use her legs and walked out from behind Su Li decisively.

Facing Su Li’s unbelievable gaze, she trotted towards Huo Yunshen with all her heart, stood in front of him, stretched her arms softly, and hugged his steel-stretched waist softly, with a sweet tone: “Shenshen, my legs were numb just now, I couldn’t walk, I’m not afraid of you, or want to hide from you.”

Huo Yunshen’s deep eyes trembled.

His cold fingers swept around her.

Yan Qing rolled her eyes at him, stroked his back soothingly, then turned her head and put it close to Huo Yunshen’s chest, looking at Su Li.

She smiled, but her eyes were cold and loud: “Mr. Su, you are mistaken. Others are afraid of him, but I am not afraid. No matter how terrifying the Huo Yunshen described by you is, he is also my man.”

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