CFCS Ch. 205.1: Apocalypse World (9)

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Warning 18+content

Jing Yang came out of the bathroom after taking a shower, put on a T-shirt and stood in the bedroom to blow his hair. Before his hair was dried, Shang Yue pushed open the bedroom door and entered.

Jing Yang glanced at him, ignored him, and continued blowing his hair. It had been a while since he came to the military region. As long as Shang Yue had no assignments and jobs, he would find various reasons and excuses to come to his room, either to give him something or to talk to him, in short, every time he tried his best not to leave.

How could Jing Yang not know the purpose of his coming to his room, the desire in his eyes was already very obvious, right? But Jing Yang deliberately kept him hanging to see how long he could endure.

As soon as Shang Yue entered the door, the first thing he saw was Jing Yang’s long, straight legs that were exposed outside. He felt hot in his heart, but resisting the urge to throw someone down, he walked over and took the blow dryer from Jing Yang’s hand and let him sit sideways on the bed and started drying his hair.

Shang Yue’s fingers interspersed between Jing Yang’s hair, and he gently massaged his scalp with hot air to massage him, making Jing Yang, who had just woken up, drowsy again. Jing Yang simply relaxed his body, leaned on Shang Yue’s body, closed his eyes and enjoyed it.

It wasn’t until Jing Yang’s hair was dry enough that there was no dampness that Shang Yue turned off the dryer, touched Jing Yang’s hair and said, “Okay.”

Jing Yang opened his eyes, raised his hand to touch his own hair, and then stood up. He went to the table, poured a glass of water, sat on the sofa and drank it by himself.

Shang Yue sat down beside the bed, but he couldn’t take his eyes off Jing Yang’s legs, especially after sitting down, his thighs could only be covered a little, and the middle part was even faintly visible.

Shang Yue looked at it and felt his mouth dry, so he just stood up and poured himself some water, then sat down beside Jing Yang with a water cup.

After Jing Yang finished drinking the water, he put the cup on the coffee table and said, “What’s going on outside recently? I heard that the military region has begun to expand. Are there more people coming?”

Shang Yue drank the water in the cup and said, “It will be more beneficial for us to concentrate our strength. Not only do many soldiers from other bases want to come here, but during this time, we have also saved many ordinary people. They also wish to live here.”

“So, you plan to create a new living environment with the military region as the center?” Jing Yang said.

“Yes.” Shang Yue looked down at Jing Yang’s legs and said, “At present, we are going to build a three-tier structure, which will be divided into three living areas. The center would mainly be for scientific research and military command, and the second part would be for ordinary residents. While the outermost layer would mainly be for military defense and garrison. Dividing living areas will make it more convenient to manage than mixing everyone together, and we can continue to expand in the future. Even in an environment where zombies are running around, through our own efforts, the normal living area of human beings will become larger and larger.”

“Let me tell you a secret.” Jing Yang leaned on the sofa sideways, put his leg on Shang Yue’s thigh, and brought his mouth close to his ear, as he said, “In a short time, many people’s abilities will be awakened, and as long as they are alive, those who have not become zombies will have certain abilities, but the level of ability and energy will be different. And by absorbing the core energy of zombies, they would be able to increase the energy of supernatural abilities. So, in your military region, you should start preparing now, otherwise you will have to mess around for a while.”

“How do you know these things?” Shang Yue was puzzled, as he looked at Jing Yang and asked.

“If I said I was reborn, so I know a lot of things that haven’t happened yet, would you believe it?” Jing Yang said with blinking eyes.

Of course, Shang Yue believed it, and he believed it almost without hesitation, so the first thing he thought about was how to ensure Jing Yang’s safety, and then how to make use of Jing Yang’s special experience, he asked, “You didn’t tell anyone about this, did you?”

“I told Li Sheng, Wu Zhong, and the other three bodyguards that I had the ability to predict the future. At that time, I needed help, and I couldn’t keep them if I didn’t tell them that.” Jing Yang said.

“This is a good excuse. The ability to predict the future is more convincing than rebirth.” Shang Yue raised his hand and touched Jing Yang’s face and said, “Don’t tell anyone about this in the future, I will tell the top leader, that you have the ability to predict the future, and make this matter a top secret.”

The top leader of the military region was Shang Yue’s grandfather, his father and his uncles were also leaders, as their family was all soldiers. Therefore, Jing Yang was not worried that because he was too powerful, Shang Yue would be feared by the leaders.

Jing Yang didn’t answer him, but tilted his head and looked at him, his eyes sparkling, deliberately seducing Shang Yue.

Shang Yue put his hand on Jing Yang’s knee, and then slowly moved his hand up. When he touched Jing Yang’s sensitive part, Jing Yang wanted to avoid him, but he pressed Jing Yang on the sofa and kissed it.

“Hmm…” Jing Yang’s mouth was blocked, so he couldn’t speak, he could only protest. He now regretted seducing Shang Yue without wearing pants. After being pulled open by Shang Yue, the scenery was displayed in front of him.

“Don’t, don’t…” When Shang Yue’s body was going down, Jing Yang pushed Shang Yue’s head buried between his legs while raising his waist, as if he wanted to refuse him, making Shang Yue even more urgent to ravage him.

When the two were about to become harmonious, Shang Yue’s military line suddenly rang, and Shang Yue had to use the greatest perseverance in his life to stop and take out the phone to look at the command from above.

Jing Yang was breathing hard, his face was flushed, and he was weak, lying on the sofa with his legs open. After reading the order, Shang Yue looked up to see Jing Yang like this, and even more did not want to leave at this time. But he had to go on a mission now without delay.

Shang Yue buried his head between Jing Yang’s legs and gave him a few hard kisses before he stood up and sorted his clothes.

Jing Yang folded his legs and lay on his side to look at him. He was interrupted so suddenly, and he felt very uncomfortable, but he also knew that Shang Yue was a soldier, and it was his duty to obey orders. He couldn’t do whatever he wanted like when he was a boss.

Shang Yue quickly tidied up his clothes, bent down and patted Jing Yang’s butt, and said, “I forgot to tell you one thing, the base of the Wolf Warriors, all those who took the lead in arguing for independence have been resolved by us, and Chen Weilu is also dead. Everyone else in the base was taken to the military area, didn’t you say that there was your enemy in that base? Maybe now he has come to the military area.”

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