CFCS Ch. 205.2: Apocalypse World (9)

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After Shang Yue finished speaking, he left quickly, leaving Jing Yang alone. Unable to stop the desire, Jing Yang got up and took off his bathrobe, then he walked to the bed, and lay down naked. After the body temperature dropped, he began to think about what Shang Yue said when he left.

If Qi Yun had also come to the military area, then he would not be so bored during this time while messing around.

Jing Yang got up and got dressed and decided to go out to meet Qi Yun.

After he went downstairs, the two guards that Shang Yue arranged for him immediately followed. He looked left and looked right again, and then he remembered that Shang Yue did not tell him what Qi Yun and the others were doing after they were taken to the military area. Compared with the military area, he couldn’t find them everywhere.

Jing Yang told the guard who he was looking for, and the guard went to use the public contact device to inquire, and then drove Jing Yang over there.

The military region did not support idle people, even the old, the weak, the sick, and the disabled, they must do what they could do, and Jing Yang was the only exception. Since Qi Yun and the others were brought to the military area, naturally they had to do something. The military region was now expanding. Although most of the construction work relied on machines, there were many places that also required labor, so Qi Yun was working in the construction area, which was what Jing Yang expected.

More and more people were being brought to the military area, and now the division of the area was not so strict, so for the safety of the military area, the soldiers on patrol and the soldiers guarding and managing those people maintained a high degree of vigilance. As long as someone dared to take the risk of destabilizing and threatening security, he would definitely rather be killed by mistake than be let go.

When the car drove to the construction site, Jing Yang saw through the window that many people were working honestly, and there were many soldiers with guns guarding them.

As soon as Jing Yang got out of the car, the captains of the two squads saw him and immediately greeted him. The two were Li Sheng and Wu Zhong.

“Boss.” Li Sheng and Wu Zhong walked up to Jing Yang to say hello. Although they and the other bodyguards were now members of the army, when they saw Jing Yang, they still called him boss. They were grateful to Jing Yang, because they were brought in by Jing Yang, they could directly become regular soldiers and accept the assessment and training of the regular army, without starting from the labor force. Sometimes they would also perform tasks now, and there would be more opportunities for meritorious service in the future. Moreover, when the world was at peace, they would also belong to those who were promoted first.

“Go on with your work, I’ll take a look around by myself.” Jing Yang said.

“It’s under construction right now, it’s quite messy, boss, so be careful yourself.” Li Sheng said.

“Got it.” Jing Yang adjusted the distance of his eyes and glanced at the busy people. Then next to a machine, he saw Qi Yun.

Jing Yang walked over slowly, he not only saw Qi Yun, but also saw Wu Hao and their group of friends around Qi Yun, these people were not dead, especially Wu Hao, who was shot by him was still alive, his life was really long.

Qi Yun and the others had been here for a few days. Because of the independence of the base where they were before, all the people who were brought to the military area at that base must start from the hardest and most tiring work. If they performed well, there was still a chance to do other better jobs.

Since they arrived in the military region, they had been honest, doing whatever they could, absolutely obeying the arrangements, in order to get the opportunity to change from being a laborer to a manager, even if it was to join the civilian guard.

And Qi Yun had been waiting for his ability to be activated, and he was thinking about the second super power crystal core in his heart, thinking about how to get the second super power crystal core. Of course, he would not be willing to accept his fate and be controlled by others. Not only did he want to seek revenge on Jing Yang no matter what, but he also wanted to become a superior man in this troubled world.

Because he had lost a palm, Qi Yun’s work was relatively easy. He was finishing his work conscientiously beside the machine, when he felt someone was looking at him, he suddenly raised his head and looked over, just in time to see Jing Yang looking at him.

The moment he saw Jing Yang, Qi Yun was stunned for a moment, then suppressed his anger and glared at Jing Yang fiercely.

The machine suddenly stopped, and the people next to Qi Yun looked at him suspiciously. When they followed Qi Yun’s line of sight to see Jing Yang, they were also stunned.

After Zhao Gang saw Jing Yang, he thought that he had caused Qi Yun to lose a palm, and rushed towards Jing Yang with an angry face, wanting to teach him a lesson for Qi Yun.

The soldiers guarding next to him found Zhao Gang, who was rushing towards them, and fired two shots into the sky. After Zhao Gang slowed down, they fired a machine gun in front of him, causing him to slump to the ground in fright.

More than a dozen soldiers stepped forward and pointed their guns at Zhao Gang. They asked Zhao Gang to squat down with his head in his hands. If he dared to move, they would immediately kill him. Zhao Gang’s face turned pale with fright.

The other soldiers also raised their guns at the others to prevent others from rioting with him.

Li Sheng stepped forward with a gun, looked down at Zhao Gang and asked, “What do you want to do?! You don’t want to stay here, or you don’t want to live anymore?!”

Everyone else looked at Zhao Gang, no one dared to move, and no one dared to speak for him.

Jing Yang walked over and said, “He’s coming for me.”

Li Sheng turned to look at Jing Yang, and said respectfully, “Boss, we will deal with this severely, please don’t worry.”

“No, let them continue to work, don’t delay the completion time.” Jing Yang said.

Li Sheng hesitated for a while, he felt that this Zhao Gang was a dangerous person, but Jing Yang had already spoken, so he could only do as he said.

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