FPH Ch. 23

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“However, how do you have my cell phone number?” Gu Nian asked suspiciously, her fingers grabbed the sheet unconsciously, picking up a small bit and wrinkling it.

“…” Chu Zhaoyang looked up at the sky and didn’t really want to answer this question, and instead said, “You go and accept my friend request.”

Gu Nian: “…I’m asking you a question!”

Chu Zhaoyang had become selectively deaf: “Just slip your hand, good night, Nian Nian.”

After speaking, Chu Zhaoyang hurriedly hung up the phone.

Gu Nian looked down at the phone that had been hung up and her whole face flushed. The bright red color had spread all over her ears and neck.

He… what did he call her just now?

What the hell was Nian Nian? They didn’t seem to know each other so well!

Gu Nian muttered something, reluctantly clicked on WeChat, and when she saw Chu Zhaoyang’s friend request, she found it particularly dazzling. But she still reluctantly accepted his friend request.

Chu Zhaoyang couldn’t believe it, he actually called her “Nian Nian”!

He sat quietly, but his ears were red, his heart was very restless, and he couldn’t calm down even if he didn’t do anything.

Holding the phone with a thud, he fell on the bed with his back straight, and started rolling frantically with no expression on his face.

After rolling for a long time, he still felt that he could not restrain his excited and restless heart, and his face turned red unconsciously.

He suddenly rushed out of the bedroom, came to the living room, picked up Curry, who was sleeping, kicking his legs in a sweet dream, and hugged him in his arms.

Curry’s body was full of flesh, and he couldn’t feel the bones. It was really satisfying to hold it in his arms.

As for Curry, its face was stunned, and there was no love for him. “Ouch”, he tried hard to break free from Chu Zhaoyang’s embrace.

Help! The master is so horrible! He doesn’t turn on the lights at night, rubbing him with a paralyzed face, and his eyes are still green, so scary!

It’s a pity that Curry couldn’t break free.

It wasn’t until Chu Zhaoyang was satisfied that he let out a long breath, released Curry, patted its head lightly, and went back to the room.

Curry: “Being a dog is as difficult as giving birth.”

Until lying back on the bed, Chu Zhaoyang still couldn’t forget the feeling of the word “Nian Nian” wrapped around the tip of his tongue.

“Nian Nian… Nian Nian…” In the middle of the silent night, Chu Zhaoyang repeated this over and over again.

The more he said it, the warmer he felt.

He hoped that he could not forget it, that there would even be an echo.

Unconsciously, he fell asleep while chanting these two words.

In the dream, Gu Nian appeared in front of him for some reason, blushing, submissive and well-behaved, he couldn’t help reaching out and grab her tightly into his arms, kissing her brows and her lips. Like peeling the shell of an egg, he slowly pushed her away, feeling her delicate and fat skin. Seeing her blushing and emotional appearance, he couldn’t help but bury himself into her deeply…

Chu Zhaoyang sat up abruptly, still breathing heavily.

Then, with a dark face, he lifted the quilt.

The sheets were soaked and smelled fishy.

In the darkness, Chu Zhaoyang blushed, hurriedly tore off the sheets, carried them, and threw them into the washing machine.

Curry opened his eyes half asleep, his head turning with Chu Zhaoyang’s movements.

The master is really being a demon tonight.

The next morning, Mrs. Yu came to clean up, cook breakfast for Chu Zhaoyang, and then go out for a walk with Curry.

As soon as she came in, she saw the sheets in the balcony.

“Sir, have you washed the sheets?”

Chu Zhaoyang hadn’t slept well all night, with dark circles under his eyes, he paused, and with a guilty conscience, he closed his eyes and said, “En”. Fortunately, she was used to his facial paralysis, and so Mrs. Yu couldn’t see the difference.

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