CFCS Ch. 204: Apocalypse World (8)

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“Do you have supernatural powers?” Shang Yue looked at Jing Yang and asked after being stunned for a few seconds.

“Guess.” Jing Yang was not surprised that Shang Yue knew that he could do this because of supernatural powers, because he knew that the top management had long been preparing for the changes in the world, and Shang Yue himself had discovered long ago that he had supernatural abilities. The army research base had been trying to help him enhance his abilities, so that he could perform difficult tasks more smoothly, and also to ensure that after the world changed, they could have some warriors who could adapt to the world immediately.

Among the research experiments conducted by Professor Cui, there was a project related to enhancing human energy. This project could be said to be one of the top government secrets, and very few people knew about it. This was also the reason why Chen Weilu received an order to bring Professor Cui back no matter what method he used, even at all costs. However, although he himself knew that Professor Cui was very important, he did not know the secret project.

“Is Professor Cui here with you?” Shang Yue confirmed from Jing Yang.

“Yeah, I’m raising him with delicious food. No matter which of you wants to take him away, shouldn’t I be reimbursed for this expense?” Jing Yang said.

“Bring your people, and the things you want to bring, come with me.” Shang Yue said to Jing Yang very directly.

Chen Weilu looked at Jing Yang nervously, for fear that Jing Yang would just agree to go with Shang Yue, then this time he would have come here not only in vain, but he had also suffered serious losses, such that he would have no face to go back to the military base.

Jing Yang raised his eyebrows, looked at Shang Yue arrogantly and said, “Why?”

“Because no matter what conditions you put forward, I can promise you.” Shang Yue looked at Jing Yang seriously and said.

Of course, Jing Yang wouldn’t go with Chen Weilu, and from the moment Shang Yue appeared, there was no doubt that he would definitely go with Shang Yue. Because even if he had just met Shang Yue, he was confident that Shang Yue would never hurt him and would protect him at all costs. If he went with Chen Weilu, who was talking nicely now, but he was sure that when they really arrived at their base, they would definitely try their best to control him, so this question was not a multiple-choice question from the beginning.

But seeing Shang Yue taking it for granted, Jing Yang felt a little unhappy in his heart, and wanted to make some demands to embarrass him. But after thinking about it, he didn’t know what to ask. The original owner’s wish was to let Qi Yun die. This was too easy for him. He could do it on his own. In his own words, he didn’t have any special wishes to be fulfilled. What he had to do in this life was the same as in the previous lives, to fulfill the original owner’s wish and live happily together with his lover. It seemed that there was nothing more than that.

Chen Weilu saw Jing Yang looking worried and thought something, then he said, “We can also promise you any conditions, and we can do our best to give you the best conditions, and we will never restrict you from anything. If you go to the military region, there will be many people with high status to suppress you. Although our base is not as large as the military region, as long as you go, you will be one of the top leaders, and no one will suppress you.”

Shang Yue waited for Chen Weilu to finish speaking, looked at him with a half-smile and said, “Since your base became independent, your courage has grown by leaps and bounds. I remember that when you met me before, you couldn’t even speak well, but now you can say these things in front of me. You’ve really improved after such a long time.”

Chen Weilu deliberately provoked Shang Yue long ago, when he was still a recruit, because he felt that he was excellent in all aspects and was no worse than Shang Yue, who had become a legend in the army. Then in the later training and exercises, he was almost forced into becoming a deserter by Shang Yue. From then on, he had a sense of fear for Shang Yue, it wasn’t until he was transferred to the base below, and he hardly saw Shang Yue very much that his fear got better.

Hearing Shang Yue say this to him, Chen Weilu remembered the past, but he still pretended to be calm and just looked at Jing Yang, waiting for him to answer.

Although Shang Yue was quite confident in his heart and felt that Jing Yang would definitely follow him, he also looked at him and waited for him to say it himself.

Jing Yang looked at the two of them and said, “The conditions you have given are very good, but I can’t think of any requirements for now. But I have a habit of looking at pretty things, so the two of you, I I decided to agree to go with the one who looks more handsome.”

Shang Yue was stunned for a moment, while Chen Weilu froze, although Chen Weilu looked pretty good, but he couldn’t compare with Shang Yue at all. Because of his handsome appearance, Shang Yue had to deliberately use makeup techniques to make his face look uglier many times on assignments. Even in the entertainment industry, his appearance would be considered top-notch.

Neither of them expected Jing Yang to make such a choice, but it was already obvious who he chose.

Shang Yue naturally stretched out his hand to help Jing Yang down.

Jing Yang looked at his hand and said, “You know who I chose must be you? Are you too confident?”

“If there is no problem with your aesthetics, then it must be me.” Shang Yue said.

Jing Yang really wanted to be angry, so he deliberately looked at Chen Weilu and wanted to say something like Chen Weilu was more handsome, but he couldn’t say anything. He could only look at Shang Yue again and say, “I’ve thought of what to ask. I want you to serve me whenever I want. You have to listen to everything I say. Don’t make me angry. If you don’t serve me comfortably, I’ll leave at any time.”

“Yes.” Shang Yue agreed without hesitation, he could do everything else, but it was unlikely that he would be there anytime, because he had too many things to do. But what he couldn’t do would be discussed when he couldn’t do it. His current thinking was, no matter what, let Jing Yang go back first and then talk to him later.

Seeing that he agreed without any hesitation, Jing Yang actually knew that although he agreed simply, it was really difficult to do as he had said, but he didn’t say anything more. He jumped from the roof to the front of the car, and then jumped to the ground holding Shang Yue’s hand.

“What he can do, I can do too.” Seeing that Jing Yang was about to reach an agreement with Shang Yue, Chen Weilu immediately panicked and wanted to make a final attempt.

Jing Yang looked at him and said, “It’s not that I want to hit you, but your appearance is really not the type I like to see. But you can take good care of Qi Yun, don’t let him die, maybe I would want to kill him later, so when you have something that you want from me, you can use him as a bargaining chip to negotiate with me.”

“Aren’t you going yet?” Shang Yue looked at Chen Weilu sharply and threatened, “You still want me to send you away?”

Chen Weilu’s hand clenched into tight fists, he was unwilling to leave like this, and he would definitely be punished if he went back now, but he also knew that facing both Shang Yue and Jing Yang at the same time, he had no chance of winning. And he further knew that Shang Yue, with Shang Yue’s character, would never show mercy to him if he didn’t leave quickly.

Chen Weilu didn’t dare to stay for too long, so he could only grit his teeth and get into the car, and then leave with his people.

Jing Yang took Shang Yue to see Professor Cui. During this time, besides eating and sleeping, Professor Cui was in a daze. Jing Yang could understand the pain of losing his son at an old age, and even his grandson was gone. Therefore, in addition to letting the bodyguards silently pay attention to his situation, he didn’t disturb him.

The military region had taken over many professors of medicine, and there were some of his old friends there. Now if Shang Yue took him over, he would let him meet his old friends, and vent the grief in his heart, then maybe he could get back on his feet.

As soon as Jing Yang met Shang Yue, he had a relaxed feeling that he could finally be the boss and take care of everything. So, he told him how many supplies and weapons he had now, and where they were hiding, and then gave him the password and the remote control for unlocking. He also let him make arrangements for those bodyguards, and then let Li Sheng and Wu Zhong report directly to Shang Yue if they had anything.

Shang Yue was suddenly entrusted with a lot of things by Jing Yang. He did not expect that Jing Yang would hide so many things. The amount of these things, even for their military region, was quite impressive. Moreover, Jing Yang completely trusted him, which surprised him and felt very comfortable at the same time.

Shang Yue originally only came to pick up Professor Cui, but not only did he go back much later than originally planned, he also brought back more than a dozen trucks of supplies, several vehicles of weapons, and forty or fifty strong men. When such a big group returned to the military region, even the leaders of the military region were alarmed.

After listening to Shang Yue’s story and knowing what was going on, the leaders of the military region felt that since Shang Yue brought back the people and items, then it should be added to his team to let him make the arrangements. After learning that Jing Yang had strong abilities, they immediately paid attention to him, but Shang Yue told them that Jing Yang had a weird personality and might not cooperate with them to do various experiments like their soldiers. The military area came to feel that now was the time to hire people, so they let Shang Yue convince Jing Yang to cooperate as much as possible, and they would compensate him in other aspects.

Shang Yue didn’t want Jing Yang to feel controlled and exploited, so he said that. In fact, those experiments were not cruel experiments, but experiments to improve their abilities from various aspects while ensuring human health. But in Shang Yue’s heart, he felt that he could shield Jing Yang from the wind and rain, and he didn’t need to face the current external environment by himself. It was just that Jing Yang’s supernatural ability would be discovered sooner or later. He didn’t want to hide it deliberately, therefore he reported to the leaders from the beginning, so that they would have some mental preparation.

After Jing Yang arrived in the military area, he received very good treatment, not only because of the large amount of supplies he brought, but also because of the abilities he possessed, and most importantly, because of the special care that Shang Yue gave him. In this chaotic world, there were no idlers in the military region, and everyone must do their part, even if it was the simplest things. But only he could sleep most of the time and didn’t have to worry about anything.

Jing Yang’s room was next to Shang Yue, a suite that had been vacant all this time. He spent most of the time in the room and rarely went out. Only occasionally did he call Li Sheng to ask about their situation. Although Shang Yue had already made arrangements for them, he had nothing to worry about, but after all, he brought them here, and he had certain responsibilities towards them.

From now until everyone’s abilities were activated, there would still be a period of calm in chaos, because without abilities and weapons, most people could only try their best to avoid the zombies and try not to come out. But after the supernatural powers had been activated and a certain self-protection ability was obtained, in order to become stronger and to survive, the war between humans and zombies, as well as the war between humans, would officially begin. That’s when it could really be called chaos.

Jing Yang knew that by that time, even if he wanted to hide, it would be impossible. If it was a normal world, he could live like a cripple with peace of mind. But in such a world, he couldn’t do this, first of all he couldn’t get through it himself.

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