CFCS Ch. 203.2: Apocalypse World (7)

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Seeing Qi Yun raising his gun, Chen Weilu quickly walked over to stop him, because he felt that if Jing Yang was injured or died, the two sides would definitely be unable to avoid a fierce battle, and their people might kill Professor Cui in a fit of anger. But before he had run to Qi Yun’s side, Qi Yun had already fired, and he fired several times in a row. He turned his head subconsciously, thinking that Jing Yang must have been shot, but he saw a blue light barrier around Jing Yang, and the bullet hit the barrier and fell to the ground, not hurting Jing Yang at all.

Except for Jing Yang, everyone present was stunned, including those bodyguards.

Just when everyone was in disbelief and didn’t understand what was going on, Qi Yun already knew the reason why Jing Yan couldn’t be wounded with a gun, but he still couldn’t accept it, he watched Jing Yang, then suppressing his voice, he asked, “You, your ability has been activated?”

“Yes, it’s the crystal core you know, it made me activate my ability in advance, not to mention guns, cannons may not be able to hurt me.” Jing Yang concealed some of the facts and said to Qi Yun with a smug look on his face.

“It’s not true! It’s not true! Ah!!!!” Qi Yun shouted and kept firing. Knowing that the bullets had run out, he rushed towards Jing Yang irrationally, as if he wanted to fight Jing Yang desperately, with a hideous appearance.

Jing Yang took out his pistol and fired a shot at Qi Yun’s shoulder who was about to climb onto the car. Qi Yun immediately bounced back and lay down on the ground, but still gritted his teeth and struggled to get up and rush towards Jing Yang.

“Drag him away!” Chen Weilu frowned and looked at Qi Yun, who seemed to be crazy, and asked the soldiers to drag him away and put him in the car.

Just when Chen Weilu wanted to continue to persuade Jing Yang, the sound of a helicopter suddenly came from the sky. They looked up at the sky, and two small helicopters were flying towards them.

Jing Yang recognized one of the helicopters, the one he saw in the city last time. He thought to himself that the man had finally appeared again, and it took him so long to find him.

Two helicopters came out of the sky, and more than a dozen cars drove over. When they saw the cars, they knew that these were also soldiers from the army. With such a big pomp, Jing Yang would have shot down a helicopter if he hadn’t known who the most important person might be.

The helicopter landed not far away, and a few people jumped down from the two helicopters and strode towards this side.

Before the helicopter landed, Shang Yue had already seen Jing Yang standing on the roof of the car. He wondered what weird hobbies this person had, and why he liked standing on the roof so much.?

Chen Weilu’s expression changed immediately when he saw that the leader was Shang Yue. He resisted the urge to leave, thinking that this time he had to complete the task no matter what, so that he might not be frightened when he saw Shang Yue in the future.

As Shang Yue got closer and closer, he kept staring at Jing Yang, confirming that this person was the one who had been appearing in his dreams all the time, and the one he had been thinking about after a quick glance. When he finally saw him standing there alive, there was a sense of relief and joy in his heart.

Shang Yue kept looking at Jing Yang when he walked this way. After he was sure that Jing Yang was not injured, he turned his eyes to Chen Weilu and said to him, “Chen Weilu? What are you doing here?”

“Of course I have come to carry out a mission.” Chen Weilu puffed out his chest, trying his best to hide his fear of Shang Yue.

“Mission?” Shang Yue looked at him and said, “Your mission is over, you can go, and now I will take over here.”

“Our base has become independent from the military area, and even if you are higher in level than me, I’m already not under your control anymore, you have no right or qualification to order me.” Chen Weilu said unconvinced.

“Hmph.” Shang Yue said with disdain in his eyes, “Do you get independence when you say independence? We let you play on your own because we don’t have time to pay attention to you, and when we’re done for a while, we’ll let you know if you’re not obedient, what would be the consequences?”

Chen Weilu knew very well that his arguing with Shang Yue here, even if he won, it would have no meaning, and he couldn’t possibly win. The most important thing now was to take away Professor Cui and this person who was so powerful that he didn’t look like a human.

“If you come with us, we will give you the highest treatment. When you arrive at our base, you can do whatever you want, and your enemies can also be handled by you.” Chen Weilu was anxious and wanted very seriously to convince Jing Yang.

Jing Yang looked at Shang Yue, Shang Yue also looked at him, but did not speak, Jing Yang asked, “Don’t you have anything to say?”

“Do you want to hear what I have to say?” He felt a softness in his heart, and he couldn’t help but want to tease him.

“I’m very powerful. You see he tried so hard to convince me to go with him. Won’t you say something to convince me to go with you?” Jing Yang said.

“Oh?” Shang Yue pretended to be puzzled and said, “How powerful are you? Can you show it to me?”

Jing Yang raised the gun in his hand, thought about it and changed it again, turning it between his fingers, then he raised his hand and fired a shot at one of the cars Chen Weilu brought.

The car exploded under the watchful eyes of all, leaving only the broken pieces still burning.

Those who saw this scene for the second time could not help but feel shocked, and those who saw this scene for the first time were even more surprised to the point of being speechless.

His unexpected ability to stop bullets was already so powerful that he was not like a normal person. Chen Weilu didn’t expect Jing Yang to be able to do this with a pistol, so it was not a bomb but a gun that blew up their two cars just now. He swallowed involuntarily and thought, if you want to prove that you are powerful, why didn’t you blow up those two helicopters, why did you blow up our car again!

Of course he didn’t know how Jing Yang could never have bombed Shang Yue’s plane.

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