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Lu Rong stared at Lao Wang’s shiny forehead, his eyes sseming very satisfied.

Lao Wang was in a very irritable mood. He didn’t have much hair to begin with, and things that were rare were more valuable. He cherished the few hair he had left, but now they were all gone: “Why did you suddenly call me out and shave my hair?”

Lu Rong said seriously: “We’re going to meet a partner today.”

Lao Wang: “…” Theirs was an unlicensed stall selling fried fish cakes at the school gate. Was there still a partner?

Lu Rong: “Hurry up, I’ve designed a new image for you.”

He looked at the 40 yuan watch in his hand and walked forward in a hurry.

Lao Wang was infected by Lu Rong’s solemn expression and was also shocked by the word “partner”. He caught up with Lu Rong in his flip-flops and asked, “Who is this partner?”

Lu Rong: “A young writer.” A writer of high-quality pornographic stories. The characters were mainly based on the boys from Chengnan High School, and whoever was caught was the unlucky one; while the storyline mainly drew on various g-movies.

Lao Wang was in awe: “He is actually an intellectual! Then I will have a good chat with him.”

Lao Wang had always been arrogant and self-righteous. He did not like to see people who were full of copper odor, and did not want to see them. Lao Wang was overjoyed to hear that his partner was a young writer. He had nowhere to put his literary talents to use, and he might be able to take this opportunity to hook up with a big shot in the literary world.

Lao Wang: “What does he mainly write about?”

Lu Rong: “Love.” She had a great time writing about two men having sex.

Lao Wang: “What’s his pen name?”

Lu Rong said sternly: “How could someone else’s vest be leaked to you so easily?”

Lao Wang: “Oh, oh, I understand. There are too many fans, and it’s hard to hide your true identity when exposed. Protecting Privacy – but why would a great writer partner with us to open a restaurant?”

Lu Rong: “The market is sluggish, and everyone is looking for good investment projects.”

Lao Wang was impressed: “We, we are actually a good investment project?”

Just a cart, a briquette stove, minced fish wrapped in flour balls, Lu Rong’s tone could melt an ABC wheel!

Lu Rong: “I told her that you are a successful person and plan to open a new restaurant chain.”

Lao Wang: “Then, how does he plan to partner with us?”

Lu Rong: “Her creations will gradually become physical, so she wants to come closer and try oto linkage.”

The fujoshi wrote those things that were so damn hard to write in the past, and there were less than 1,000 downloads. If she could write a few words and print them on a napkin of a small fish cake, it would be very interesting. If there was good demand, maybe they could serialize paper towels to drive the sales of small fish cakes – this was OTO linkage, from online Baidu Cloud to small fish cake napkins.

Although Lao Wang didn’t understand a single word, there were so many professional terms piled together that he almost had an orgasm: “Then I have to figure it out quickly.”

Lu Rong led him to the store where Wenfeng had ordered a suit from for Fang Qing’s wedding, then he took out the suit he had ordered and handed it to Lao Wang, urging him to go in and change. He himself also entered the trial room next to Lao Wang, lowered his voice and kept chattering to him: “At the dinner table, you should try your best to brag about her good writing and say that you like her article very much. As for her asking about how to cooperate, you just take the form of copyright shares, this and that…”

The salesperson looked at the closed doors of the two trial rooms strangely – why did it sound like two CEOs of listed companies were having a meeting in the trial rooms? What kind of business needed to be conducted in a trial room?

Lao Wang came out after changing into a suit and leather shoes, adjusted his cufflinks, and turned to face the mirror. He was stunned by what he saw in the mirror. He couldn’t help but straighten his back. The person in the mirror did the same thing as him. Lao Wang resisted the urge to rub his eyes. He looked completely different now, as if he had been reborn from his mother’s womb. He cleared his throat and raised his chin thinking: I used to be considered fat, but now I look so damn fat that I look like a boss.

Lu Rong took out a gold necklace as thick as his thumb from his pocket and hung it around his neck: “Have you remembered everything I told you?”

Lao Wang stared at the movements of Lu Rong’s fingers in the mirror, holding his breath and waiting as a gold necklace hung around his neck. After waiting for a long time, he still didn’t get the weight that weighed more than a thousand gold. Lao Wang felt something was wrong, so he picked up the gold necklace and took a bite. Then he squinted at Lu Rong and said, “This thing can float in the water.”

Lu Rong: “Maupassant’s masterpiece “The Necklace” tells the story of vain and beautiful people. Matilda borrowed a real necklace to go to the party and it turned out…”

Lao Wang silently covered Lu Rong’s mouth while he was chattering.

He looked at his new look in the mirror: a straight suit, a shiny scalp, and a fresh look, which made him look like a successful person: “…but this fake gold necklace lowers my grade. I look a bit like a nouveau riche.”

Lu Rong: “It’s not the fake gold necklace that brings you down, but your face.”

After saying that, he took out the thick mustache he had prepared from his pocket and put it on Lao Wang’s lips.

After school, the fujoshi carried her schoolbag to the restaurant designated by Lu Rong – Wuji Restaurant. This was the first time Lu Rong had invited her to dinner since they had been sitting on front and back tables. He usually didn’t even give her a discount when selling tissues, just like a rebellious boy in adolescence.

The fujoshi happily felt that this must be because she had done emotional counseling for Lu Rong today. He must also want to bring Ji Wenfeng with him for emotional counseling. Her favorite CP co-star would be sitting across from her, loving each other and you feeding me and I feeding you… What more could a CP fan ask for if she could have this?!

When the fujoshi arrived at the designated place, there was indeed another person there, but it was not Ji Wenfeng.

The man was in his forties, with broad shoulders and a round waist, and a bright forehead. He was wearing a designer suit. He had his hands placed on the back of the booth in a domineering manner. The top button of his shirt was unbuttoned and unruly, revealing a large gold chain inside.

If other people were big and round, had shaved heads, and wore gold chains as thick as a thumb, they would be complained about to the Central Inspection Team for Combating Crime and Evil thousands of times a day, but this person had no vulgar gangsterism to him at all. On the contrary, he actually revealed an intellectual elegance, like a big shot from the Republic of China – because of his black, bright, and thick mustache!

The fujoshi looked at Lao Wang, and inexplicably thought of Lu Xun on the title page of the textbook.

The fujoshi became wary and retreated secretly, planning to retreat.

Lu Rong caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of his eye and chased her out: “That’s it.”

The fujoshi hugged her small schoolbag tightly: “I’m not going!”

Lu Rong: “…?”

The fujoshi looked at Lao Wang in the seat warily: “You didn’t tell me there was going to be someone else!”

Lu Rong: “…Didn’t we confirm that it was a three-person date at that time?”

The fujoshi: “But you didn’t say it was a stranger!”

Lu Rong could tell by looking at her panicked and disappointed expression: “Haha, did you think it was Ji Wenfeng?”

Fujoshi: “If it’s not him, I’ll leave! I won’t eat with a strange man! A young girl like me can easily get killed when she goes out! There are perverts on the bus, perverts following around with pinhole cameras, and human traffickers. Human traffickers are also subdivided into three sub-categories: those who would kidnap me and take me to Southeast Asia, those who would kidnap me to go to the mountains and valleys to give birth, and those who would cut out my heart, liver, spleen, stomach and kidneys directly on the spot and airlift them to various parts of the world to sell for money!”

Lu Rong thoughtfully said: “Actually, my heart, liver, spleen, stomach and kidneys should be more profitable, because I am a healthy young man.”

Fujoshi: “Should this be your focus?!”

Fujoshi’s expression of being on the verge of collapse was rare. Seeing that Lu Rong had gotten his revenge, he lazily leaned against the railing, put his pants in his pockets and said with a smile: “I’m here, why are you panicking?”

The rotten girl looked around: “It’s because you’re here that I’m panicking! You even made money from a small pack of paper towels in the classroom! Who knows what deal you made with that wealthy old man inside who looks like a polite scum? It’s entirely possible that you put something in the dish to knock me out and then …Then when I wake up tomorrow, I will have lost something important!”

Lu Rong: “Your integrity was lost as early as when you showed me the 100m high-h text with Ji Wenfeng and my name written on it, which had been dispersed with the wind.”

The fujoshi: “I’m talking about my heart, liver, spleen, stomach and kidneys!”

Lu Rong shrugged: “Okay.” Then he calmly walked to the side.

The rotten girl escaped from the trap so easily and so quickly. She looked around, wondering if Lu Rong was playing hard to get and was going to call in a few more men? As long as she took a step out of the stairs, it meant plan A’s failure and plan B must be initiated for robbery, just like in the Victory Nightclub!

The fujoshi was observing the enemy’s situation through the guardrail glass. Lu Rong took out a cup and handed it to her. Facing the fujoshi’s obviously distrustful gaze, Lu Rong said: “Calm down. Do I look like the kind of person who has ties to a human trafficker organization and would harm classmates?”

The fujoshi didn’t hesitate for a second: “Yes.”

Lu Rong: “…the person inside is a distant relative of mine. He contracted projects in the early years and made a lot of money. Later, something happened to the leader he followed, and he could no longer work in his old profession. With a sum of money, he is considering changing careers. He graduated from the Chinese Department and has a high level of aesthetic quality. I heard that you wrote a book and he read some of your work, and he is interested in printing your works on paper.” On the paper napkin.

The fujoshi was stunned, her mouth slightly opened, with a look of good luck arriving unexpectedly on her face.

Lu Rong: “So, he wants to invite you to have a meal and talk about cooperation.”

The fujoshi: “Really, really?”

Lu Rong saw that the fujoshi was already moved, so he raised his hand and looked at his watch: “It’s normal for you to have concerns. I didn’t think carefully and let you eat with a strange uncle rashly. I’ll take you back.”

The fujoshi: “No, no, no, no, no, it’s not good to ask someone to come all the way and then let someone else’s pigeons go. Here we go…”

Lu Rong wanted to refuse but returned the greeting: “You don’t know each other, so it would be bad if things got unpleasant.”

The fujoshi folded her arms and patted his chest: “You are here, aren’t you?!”

Lu Rong: Plan pass.

When Lu Rong walked into the restaurant with the fujoshi, he received a WeChat message from Ji Wenfeng.

Ji Wenfeng: Are you home yet?

Lu Rong: Yeah.

Ji Wenfeng: Be good

Ji Wenfeng: I’ll come back later and bring you something delicious

Lu Rong: No need, I finished my homework and going to bed.

Lu Rong, who had been baptized by the 100m high-h text bag, didn’t want to eat Ji Wenfeng’s food at all.

In the KTV at the other end of the mall.

Ji Wenfeng put away his mobile phone and said to Ling Ren in a distressed manner: “I have to go back first.”

Ling Ren: “Today is a party for you – oh, is it because of that person?”

Ji Wenfeng had a crush. Ling Ren thought he was Fang Chang in the past, but later found out that it was all just a misunderstanding, which caused Ling Ren to be troubled by a new problem: he wanted to know the identity of the man who made him and Ji Wenfeng almost kill each other with swords. He had no idea who it was.

This moment was the first time in many days that there was any progress on this issue.

Ji Wenfeng didn’t notice Ling Ren’s shining eyes in the dark box. He just hummed inadvertently, thinking thoughtfully amidst the noise of the music: “He seems a little angry.”

Ling Ren: “Who is he?

Ji Wenfeng took over the conversation: “…is he angry that I would be going back too late, or is he angry that I didn’t bring him? I told him about today’s party, but he didn’t say anything at the time.”

Ling Ren pretended to look very understanding: “Boyfriends are usually like this. – when you message them- I’m going out with my buddies today and won’t be back early. They would reply – Okay:) Then when you go back, you are dead.”

Ji Wenfeng suddenly realized: “This question should not be raised at all. Raising this question is disrespectful to him.”

Ling Ren: “…”

Hearing the word “disrespectful” from Ji Wenfeng’s mouth was really terrifying!

Who on earth could train Ji Wenfeng to be like this!

Ji Wenfeng couldn’t sit down for a moment: “I’m leaving first.”

Ling Ren: “I’ll see you off!”

Ji Wenfeng: “No, I have a driver.”

Ling Ren: “…”

Ling Ren looked at Ji Wenfeng leaving the scene early amidst the mournful sounds of Class 1 ER.

Curiosity was killing Ling Ren.

As Ji Wenfeng stepped outside, he suddenly remembered that there was a good restaurant here called Wuji. He promised to bring Lu Rong something delicious. Maybe Lu Rong won’t lose his temper when he’s full, probably.

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