TMLVOS Ch. 70.1

TMLVOS Chapter 70.1

Translator: SJade, Editor: Dj22031

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Fifth Master Lu appeared strangely and left silently. After Chu Shuangyan was kindly invited out by his bodyguards, she looked back and found that the low-key luxurious car was no longer where it had been.

When she walked outside and was blown by the cold wind, Chu Shuangyan’s brain, which was so nervous that she couldn’t think about anything, awoke a little bit. It was then that she realized that the back of her clothes was soaked in cold sweat.

Although Fifth Master Lu’s attitude to her just now seemed to be rare and amiable, after all, this uncle’s fierce fame was not only a matter of fact, it had also imprinted an indelible impression of the Great Demon King in Chu Shuangyan’s heart. She felt a bit bad.

Yes, she wandered in alone under Fifth Master Lu’s eyelids, and then came out unscathed. At the very least, she was better than that helpless cousin of hers. She should at least get a star or a half…

But Chu Shuangyan still felt a little puzzled. So she cautiously asked the black-clothed bodyguard who had sent her down: “Well, didn’t Fifth Master Lu come to see Sister Siyu? He… didn’t go in?”

Chu Shuangyan didn’t have the courage to think that Fifth Master Lu was here to look for her. He was chatting by himself and was like that towards her, thus it was clear that he came for Siyu, any fool could see the relationship between the two people, but since he was looking for someone, how could he leave without waiting for Siyu to finish filming? Still thinking about mending their relationship, she couldn’t hold back her curiosity, and secretly asked the bodyguard: “Just tell me, did Fifth Master Lu really quarrel with Siyu?”

The black bodyguard wasn’t wearing sunglasses. Hearing her, the bodyguard gave Chu Shuangyan a surprised look, it seemed that he was wondering how she knew, but it was obviously against professional ethics to talk about his master’s affairs behind his back, so the bodyguard just said coldly: “I don’t know.”

But just now his first glance had betrayed him, Chu Shuangyan followed along and started to replenish her brains, and smiled clearly: “I understand, I won’t talk nonsense everywhere.”

It seemed that these two people were still in a state of quarrel, Fifth Master Lu was probably missing her, and was unable to suppress himself, so he came to take a peek outside Siyu’s workplace, right? Alas, he found someone like her who was not very acquainted with Siyu to understand the situation but was reluctant to talk to her face-to-face. It seemed that this contradiction was a bit big…

The more Chu Shuangyan pondered, the more she felt that her guess was reliable. Suddenly, the image of Fifth Master Lu in her heart was not as scary as before. After all, even if he was a god, he still had to cringe in front of love. All of a sudden, Fifth Master Lu had an added hint of softness in her mind.

The bodyguard looked at her silently, who was smiling and nodding: “…” He didn’t understand what she understood.

Chu Shuangyan felt that she had the information she wanted, so she didn’t dare to harass the bodyguard anymore, thereafter she turned her head and slipped away. She got into her car, and it took a while before she thought of an important question: Then, this… the news of Fifth Master Lu’s visit, should she tell Siyu anyway?

The two were so awkward towards each other that Fifth Master Lu was just looking from outside and didn’t dare to enter. Chu Shuangyan thought he probably didn’t want people to know, but her dad just talked about getting her to have a good relationship with Siyu, and the most effective way for girls to get closer was to pass on small secrets. In case Siyu found out that she knew about it in the future… Chu Shuangyan had no experience in dating and couldn’t decide what to do. In order to avoid making wrong decisions, after she returned to the hotel, she contacted her mother remotely to ask for support. After talking about it, she then humbly asked: “Mom, what do you think I should do?”

Seeing her daughter contacting her hurriedly, she thought something had happened. After listening to the cause and effect, she suddenly couldn’t laugh or cry: “You weren’t afraid before. Aren’t you the one who is most afraid of the Fifth master? How can you go against him this time?”

“It used to be like that before, but now there is sister Siyu. I feel that Fifth Master Lu’s temper seems to be much better…” Chu Shuangyan muttered. Then she said seriously, “Didn’t Dad always want to repair the relationship between the Chu family and Fifth Master Lu? I think the Fifth master definitely does not need anything from others, but this is different mom, think about it. If I can help, it would be considered matchmaking for him, right?”

“You still want to be a matchmaker, how is this your turn, but…” After Mother Chu laughed, she thought about her daughter’s words and had to admit that she indeed made some sense.

The Chu family was now a paper tiger. Everyone treated with courtesy because of them having a relationship with the Fifth Master Lu, but only they know how guilty they were. No matter how good they were, it was of course not as good as their own admission. There was a deterrent!

“Mom, do you want me to tell Sister Siyu about Fifth Master Lu’s visit? Anyway, I’m afraid that the Fifth Master will be angry…” Chu Shuangyan was still struggling with this question.

Mother Chu was older than her, and she could see things more clearly. She said, “Have you ever thought that before you got off the car, Fifth Master Lu didn’t warn you and told you not to say that he had been here, maybe in his heart, he just hoped you could tell Ms. Zhou?”

Chu Shuangyan didn’t expect there to be such an operation, and was stunned.

Seeing her daughter’s ignorant appearance, Mother Chu sighed: “The so-called true feelings are timid. You can’t just look at the surface when you look at these things.” For example, she used to think that the Fifth Master Lu did not have any feelings so it was impossible for him to find a wife except one that had a ghostly temperament, but now didn’t he still surprise everyone?

Indeed, Chu Shuangyan had never met someone more boring than Fifth Master Lu. He wanted to see her, but he just looked at the door and walked away. He refused to say it, hoping that they could understand what she meant…

“Mom, I’ll just go ahead and talk, is it really okay?” Chu Shuangyan felt that her mother’s guess was a bit bold, so she was not very confident.

Mother Chu comforted: “Don’t worry, you don’t have to worry about not paying attention to both sides. Fifth Master Lu’s heart can be biased. If you show your favour to Miss Zhou, even if he is dissatisfied, he will not touch you.” The food chain relationship was about to be reversed. There was a disease called wife con. If her daughter first had a good relationship with Siyu, then there would absolutely be no harm.

With her mother’s assurance, Chu Shuangyan was finally relieved. She let people wait at the door of the hotel. When Siyu came back, she told herself to sit in the room and wait.

Chu Shuangyan immediately cheered up, set herself up carefully, settled down, and walked to Siyu’s room. Before she got there, she first saw a tall man standing in front of the door, raising his hand to knock. At the door, hearing the sound of footsteps, the man turned his head and raised his eyebrows at Chu Shuangyan, revealing a hint of surprise.

It was Wen Yuan.

Chu Shuangyan unexpectedly came to find Siyu and crashed into Wen Yuan, and suddenly felt a little unhappy. She was spoiled by nature. As long as she didn’t meet Fifth Master Lu or Siyu, she basically did everything her own way.

So, she didn’t care if there was the great actor Wen Yuan in front of her, and how high his status was in the circle, she asked directly: “You have something to ask Sister Siyu? But I made an appointment with her first, if you are not in a hurry, it will not be too late tomorrow.”

Wen Yuan looked at her, but he was not angry because of Chu Shuangyan’s bad tone. He still smiled gently: “Since there is an appointment in advance, then I will naturally not bother you.” For some reason, when Chu Shuangyan looked at his smile, there was a little bit of chill in her heart, but fortunately, this uncomfortable feeling was not very serious. Chu Shuangyan had a big heart, and she didn’t think about it again after a few seconds of strangeness.

She just stared directly at Wen Yuan, urging the other to leave with her eyes. Fifth Master Lu asked about Wen Yuan’s pastries in the car just now—even though Chu Shuangyan still didn’t quite understand what that meant. But this did not prevent her from feeling that Fifth Master Lu didn’t like the actor, so she was sorry but Wen Yuan should stay away from Sister Siyu.

It might be that the movement outside the door was heard by the people in the room. After a while, Siyu’s assistant Shen Yue ran to open the door and took a look outside. Wen Yuan and Chu Shuangyan were both stuck in the doorway and couldn’t help but become dazed.

“What’s the matter with the two of you…?” Both of them were not easy to provoke. Wen Yuan was in a high position, and Chu Shuangyan had a bad temper. Shen Yue dared not offend either, so she quickly notified Siyu carefully.

Chu Shuangyan squeezed away Wen Yuan first, and said, “I came to report an important situation to Sister Siyu!” She also emphasized the word report, raising her head as if she was proud.

Shen Yue: “…” What medicine did this lady take?

When Shen Yue didn’t know what to say and could only cope with a smile, Siyu stepped out of the room and asked in amazement, “What are you doing here, aren’t you afraid of being misunderstood?”

The two of them then moved, and stood a certain distance apart from each other.

Siyu glanced at Chu Shuangyan, and asked Wen Yuan first, with a polite tone: “Is there something wron?”

“It’s not a big deal. I went back and thought about the filming during the day for a long time, and I felt unsatisfied, so I came to you to discuss it and see if it was necessary to redo it again.” Wen Yuan gave a very good reason, Chu Shuangyan immediately cast him a vaguely dissatisfied look, Wen Yuan ignored it, and looked at Siyu mildly. “But since Miss Chu said that she had made an appointment with you first and arrived first, it is not too late to discuss my matter tomorrow morning.”

Siyu was a little puzzled. She had never asked Chu Shuangyan over, but rather than discussing the script with Wen Yuan at night, it was more suitable for Chu Shuangyan, who was also a girl to enter her room, so Siyu didn’t expose her, but just pretended to realize it: “There is such a thing. Seeing that I was tired after the filming, I had completely forgotten.”

She didn’t know if Wen Yuan could see the traces of her performance, but he didn’t say anything, just walked away thoughtfully. When Chu Shuangyan saw the gap, she slid into the room and ran behind Siyu, as if she was very vigilant towards Wen Yuan.

“You have filmed several chase scenes today, so don’t stay up too late and rest early. There will be a highlight tomorrow morning.” Wen Yuan exhorted very smoothly, and then asked, “I borrowed the kitchen from the hotel. What do you want to eat, I will help you make it in the morning?”

Siyu stood there, a trace of unnaturalness slowly emerged in her eyes. Wen Yuan’s gestures came too abruptly, but he was gentle and polite when saying what he said. It was also embarrassing to reject him bluntly. Siyu was thinking of words to refuse, when she saw Chu Shuangyan poking his head out from behind her, and say to Wen Yuan: “No, Siyu will eat with me. You can take care of yourself. Goodbye, I won’t send you away!”

She closed the door decisively, isolating Wen Yuan’s smile and words behind the door.

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