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Shen Yue: “…”

Wen Yuan: “…”

Siyu: “…” Good job!

Shen Yue was stunned, he was the actor, in fact a popular superstar, but she slammed the door in front of him? If it was her, she would definitely not dare to do that! Chu Shuangyan deserved to be a well-known thorn in the entertainment industry.

Shen Yue couldn’t help but cast an admiring look at Miss Chu.

She also felt that Chu Shuangyan and Siyu must have something to talk about, so she obediently stated that she would go to rest first. The crew was well paid, Siyu was the heroine and was also assigned a suite. Thus, there was also a small room for Shen Yue to live in, so she could stay near her to take care of her. At this moment, Shen Yue slipped into the room in two steps and closed the door.

Siyu had nothing to eat here, because her stomach did not allow it, but there was no shortage of medicinal materials. Even the usual tea would have two added slices of ginseng. She poured tea for Chu Shuangyan, and Chu Shuangyan hesitated for a long time while holding the cup. It tasted delicious.

“Sister Siyu, no wonder the smell of medicine in your room is so stiff.” Chu Shuangyan sniffed and said, “But if you count it like this, how much medicine do you need a day…”

Chu Shuangyan also grew up spoiled, naturally. The ginseng that she could taste in Siyu’s tea was top-notch quality, which stunned her a bit.

Siyu was drafting a while ago, at this time she was picking up the drafts scattered on the table and replied without looking up: “It was all from Lu Yuanhe. Anyway, he is not missing it, I have never seen it.

The name “Lu Yuanhe” was right. Chu Shuangyan thought it was very strange. She was at a loss for a while, searching among the Lu family for a person by this name in her mind, and for a moment thought that Siyu really had moved away from her love. When Siyu saw that she was confused, she finally explained: “It was given by the Fifth Master Lu.”

Oh, no wonder, such a large cost could only be afforded by the Fifth Master Lu. Chu Shuangyan relieved her heart and thought that it didn’t mean anything, she just said, “Sister Siyu, when I left the crew today… I saw the Fifth Master.”

Siyu was just pouring tea for herself.

Chu Shuangyan didn’t notice and continued to betray him: ” Fifth Master Lu…, chatted with me for a while and ask a lot about you.”

Actually, there were not so many things. Fifth Master Lu just confronted her about Siyu and Wen Yuan. The pastries delivered from far away were disdained for a while, then he threw the things back to Chu Shuangyan, and rushed her out of the car.

Siyu lowered her eyes, she was wunable to see whether her expression was one of joy or anger: “What does that have to do with me, he likes to look for whomever he wants.”

Chu Shuangyan glanced at her, alas, she was still angry. Sure enough, Fifth Master Lu shouldn’t have just waited outside, he should have taken the initiative to find her. How could he let the woman take the initiative in these kind of things?

Of course, Chu Shuangyan, who thought she was in charge of the matchmaker’s mission, couldn’t say that. She tried her best to say good things about Fifth Master Lu: “Sister Siyu, Fifth Master Lu cares about you very much. I don’t think he doesn’t want to come to you. Maybe he is… afraid you don’t want to see him? When I met him in the car, Fifth Master Lu didn’t seem to be in a good mood, but when he mentioned you, he actually smiled at me!”

Chu Shuangyan’s words were based on the truth. However, she had added a lot of fictional elements as well, focusing on how Fifth Master Lu missed Siyu, and how he inquired about Siyu’s situation, adding fuel and jealousy to the words, made Siyu feel it was too shameless.

“It’s alright. I don’t know what his problem is.” Siyu thought that the little girl now was really good, she just opened her mouth and did not look at the actual situation. “Did Fifth Master Lu promise you anything good, that today you are speaking for him!!!”

Chu Shuangyan quickly denied: “No, no, really no, he just looked anxious, so I came to persuade you…”

Siyu glanced at her obliquely, “What persuasion, we didn’t quarrel.” From start to finish, there seemed to be nothing that could cause disputes between the two people. The last time they met was when they kissed at home, then Ji Lin arrived, and it didn’t take long for Fifth Master Lu to leave…Wait, maybe it was Ji Lin. What did he say to him?

Siyu thought for a while, and found it impossible. Who was Fifth Master Lu, that he could be persuaded by the little boy Ji Lin? Such a joke.

Chu Shuangyan was a little anxious seeing Siyu denying it, even if they didn’t quarrel, the cold war between them was not desirable!

She hurriedly continued her efforts and continued to persuade her: “Sister Siyu, Fifth Master Lu really wants to see you, he was still jealous when facing-!”

Intuition caused Chu Shuangyan to swallow back the words “Wen Yuan’s Pastry”.

This sentence made Siyu react a little bit: “Jealous?” She froze for a while, and said helplessly, “What’s this all about.”

In order to corroborate her own statement, Chu Shuangyan replied: “Really, Fifth Master Lu doesn’t seem to want you to eat something from someone else. He told me to throw away the box of pastries you left with me… Sister Siyu, you haven’t met Fifth Master Lu after you joined the group, don’t you want him anymore?” It was not just after joining the group, she hadn’t actually seen him for half a month… Siyu fell silent, it may be because Chu Shuangyan was so serious, but when she asked herself, after thinking about it, she found that she couldn’t easily say that the answer to the question was “not at all”.

To be honest, when Fifth Master Lu was not by her side, at first it felt easier, but then she became a little uncomfortable. Siyu also wondered if it was a sequelae of the previous kiss.

But as time went on, she denied this idea again. It was not the kiss. This was at best a fuse, and it was Fifth Master Lu himself that made her unable to calm down.

During the days when they didn’t meet each other, Siyu even gave birth to the hypocritical thought of “can’t bow my head first, wait for the other person to come to coax”, and she was shocked when she came back to her senses. This was obvious. It was the idea that people in love have, but…the two of them never had such a relationship though. Fifth Master Lu only said that she was his person, but he didn’t clearly say whether it was love or like, so she couldn’t determine her own mind.

After thinking about it for so long, she still didn’t get a clue.

Chu Shuangyan watched the changes in Siyu’s expression carefully. Seeing that she was thoughtful, she hurriedly pursued the victory: “Sister Siyu, do you really think that it is a good way for everyone to be so stiff with each other? No matter what, you have to meet if you have something to say. It’s time to make it clear, right?”

Siyu found it a little funny. She didn’t even figure it out yet. The emperor was not as anxious as the eunuch Chu Shuangyan who was rushing her, so she also asked, “Are you trying to push me?”

Chu Shuangyan repeatedly shook her head and shouted, wronged: “Where do I dare, it’s just a suggestion, just a suggestion, you can actually take a step back…”

Siyu remained silent for a while, and Chu Shuangyan couldn’t see what she was thinking this time. What was the matter? She just sat quietly on the side, not daring to speak.

She didn’t know how long it took, Siyu finally made up her mind, then she took out her mobile phone and dialled the number of the missing person -this time she was connected.

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