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“I didn’t expect you to have such a vicious tongue.” When the people left, Shen Qinglan said something quietly. Just now, Meng Liang vividly recounted Fu Hengyi’s original words that stimulated them at that time.

“I have never seen this side to you.” Fu Hengyi said with a light smile.

This man!

Shen Qinglan smiled slightly and ended the topic. She suddenly remembered that when Fu Hengyi was injured and hospitalized, Shen Xitong came to see him in the hospital, and her mouth was just so poisonous.

Fu Hengyi went back to the office first, made a phone call, and then took Shen Qinglan home.

Because in the army, Shen Qinglan’s mobile phone was in a signal-blocked state. As soon as she left the military area, a lot of messages flooded out of her mobile phone, including text message prompts and WeChat messages. She read them one by one. They were from Fang Tong, Yu Xiaoxuan, Yan Xi, her mother, her brother, as well as Jin Enxi and Andre.

She called back the first few people first. As for Jin Enxi and Andre, she just sent them a text message to explain her whereabouts. The last time she left was on a whim, but she forgot to notify them.

“Bring a few changes of clothes, too.” Fu Hengyi saw that she only packed the drawing tools, and said.

Shen Qinglan’s movements paused, did he plan to let her live in the army? But thinking that she was fine recently, she simply agreed, and anyway she was really happy to see him every day, “Okay.”

Fu Hengyi moved all the things to the car, and the two of them got in the car, “Aren’t we going back home? Or to the military area?” Shen Qinglan asked, looking in the opposite direction to the military area.

Fu Hengyi explained, “Before, I always wanted to take you to the old Chinese doctor’s place. Now that I’ve come out this time, we’ll stop by there.”

Fu Hengyi always kept this matter in mind, and Shen Qinglan didn’t object.

Shen Qinglan looked at the hospital in front of her. It seemed more like a nursing home. Fu Hengyi led her in.

“Doctor Zhong, I’m Fu Hengyi.” Knocking on the door, Fu Hengyi said warmly to the person inside.

Dr. Zhong raised his head from the case, pushed the glasses up the bridge of his nose, and smiled kindly, “Come in.” Fu Hengyi had made appointments with him many times, but he was at his son’s house in another place before, and he just came back recently.

“This is your wife?” Dr. Zhong looked at Shen Qinglan and asked with a smile. His tone was very familiar, and he must have known Fu Hengyi for a long time.

Fu Hengyi and Dr. Zhong had known each other for a long time. To be precise, it was because Mr. Fu was unwell seven or eight years ago and had taken traditional Chinese medicine for a period of time. His attending doctor at that time was Dr. Zhong.

“Girl, sit down, and I’ll take your pulse. ” “Dr. Zhong waved and signalled Shen Qinglan to sit down.

Shen Qinglan sat on the stool in front of her, stretched out her right hand, revealing a section of her snow-white wrist. Dr. Zhong put his hand on her wrist, carefully feeling the pulse, until only the breathing of three people could be heard in the consulting room for a while.

However, as the pulse diagnosis continued, Dr. Zhong frowned. He glanced at Shen Qinglan and said nothing. Because of her training since she was a child and many injuries, her body was actually left with a lot of hidden dangers. Although Eden treated her, some injuries were left very early. Fu Hengyi looked at Dr. Zhong and frowned, and was also feeling nervous, so he put his hand on Shen Qinglan’s shoulder, signalling her not to be nervous. Feeling the temperature on her shoulder, Shen Qinglan’s heart gradually relaxed. Dr. Zhong withdrew his hand, glanced at Shen Qinglan, then at Fu Hengyi, “Do you want to go out first?” The words were addressed to Fu Hengyi.

Fu Hengyi’s eyes sank, he glanced at Shen Qinglan, and met her gaze.

“Doctor Zhong, it’s fine if you say it in front of him, it doesn’t matter.” Shen Qinglan said lightly. She had no need to hide anything from Fu Hengyi, except for that matter.

Since the parties concerned didn’t care, Dr. Zhong naturally wouldn’t say anything more, and asked Shen Qinglan in a warm voice: “Did you suffer from cold or serious injuries when you were young?”

Training in unfavourable environments was common for her, let alone serious injuries.

It was just that Fu Hengyi’s heart tightened suddenly when he heard this, and the hand hanging by his side clenched into a fist. He thought of the man who was with her when Shen Qinglan met him in the rainforest, although he had never seen that man’s true face, but Fu Hengyi could be sure that this man must be very skilled, and…, he glanced at Shen Qinglan, Qinglan, what did you go through when you were young? What is your past identity?

“Your body was seriously injured. Although the subsequent treatment was successful, there are still hidden dangers, and…” Dr. Zhong paused, then continued, “Do your hands and feet get cold in winter?”

Shen Qinglan continued to nod, she had already guessed what Dr. Zhong was going to say, she lowered her eyes slightly and looked at her abdomen.

“You have a cold body, that’s why you are like this, but fortunately you are still young, and you are exercising at ordinary times. Eat less or try not to eat anything cold.”

Dr. Zhong glanced at Fu Hengyi, “Should you be planning to have children in the near future?”

Fu Hengyi shook his head, he had no plans to have children in the next two years, “I have no such plan in the near future.”

“Then I will prescribe some traditional Chinese medicine for the little girl to recuperate, her current body is not suitable for pregnancy.” Dr. Zhong said.

“This traditional Chinese medicine tastes very bitter, but it has a good effect on your body. It needs to be taken for three months. Can you persist?” Dr. Zhong asked Shen Qinglan.

Shen Qinglan nodded, “Doctor, it doesn’t matter how hard it is.” She was not afraid of suffering.

“Doctor Zhong, if you can reduce the bitterness a little, can you give it to her…” Fu Hengyi said before Dr. Zhong prescribed the medicine.

Dr. Zhong smiled, and he could see that the young couple had a good relationship. He didn’t expect Mr. Fu’s grandson to be so fond of his wife. Shen Qinglan was slightly embarrassed, “Doctor, don’t listen to him, just prescribe the medicine.”

“I’ll prescribe it for you for half a month first, and you come back in half a month. Should I fry it for you or will you do it yourself?”

“Please fry it yourself.” She was in the military area recently, and it was inconvenient for her to cook it.

Coming out of Dr. Zhong’s consulting room, Fu Hengyi went to pay for the medicine, while Shen Qinglan sat and waited for him in the corridor of the hospital, with her head down, wondering what he was thinking.

“What are you thinking about, so preoccupied?” Fu Hengyi asked warmly when he came back with the medicine.

Shen Qinglan looked up, saw him, and stood up, “Already paid?”

Fu Hengyi nodded, and the two left the hospital.

“Fu Hengyi, I’m sorry.” At a traffic light, Shen Qinglan spoke softly.

Fu Hengyi was taken aback, and turned to look at her, “Why do you say that?”

Shen Qinglan felt sorry, she actually wanted to have a child for Fu Hengyi, and she knew that Mr. Fu had been looking forward to having a great-grandson, but her body…

Seeing her silence, Fu Hengyi sighed slightly. After all, she was a sensitive girl. He turned to hug her, “Qinglan, I never planned to be a father so early, and for me, you’re the most important thing. Even if you can’t give birth, it doesn’t matter. We can support each other for a lifetime. You will be my daughter and I will be your son. We can live in the world of two people for a lifetime, that is also very good. What’s more, now your body is far from being that bad.” Even Dr. Zhong said that three months of recuperation would be enough.

Shen Qinglan didn’t speak, but took a deep breath, because of Fu Hengyi’s words, a sparkle appeared in her eyes, and it fell on the clothes on Fu Hengyi’s chest, blurring a small dark trace.

The car behind them honked, so Fu Hengyi let go of Shen Qinglan, and started the car, but one of his hands kept holding Shen Qinglan’s hand and he did not let go.

Fu Hengyi also went to buy pots for decocting medicine, and then brought Shen Qinglan back to the military area.

The traditional Chinese medicine was to be decocted in the morning and evening. In the morning, Fu Hengyi decocted it himself after he got up. In the evening, he decocted it if he could come back.

“Sister, why does your house smell like traditional Chinese medicine? Is anyone in the house not in good health?” Sister-in-law Zhang knocked on the door and came in when she smelled the smell wafting from Shen Qinglan’s house.

“It’s for conditioning the body.” Shen Qinglan explained.

Sister-in-law Zhang suddenly understood, “Are you planning to have a baby? You should take care of it. When I gave birth to my eldest, I took Chinese medicine for half a year. Let me tell you, a woman’s first child is very important. If the mother is in good health, than the baby born is also in good health. You can see that my daughter is in excellent health, and she rarely gets sick.”

Shen Qinglan wanted to explain, but she didn’t say anything after thinking about it, but just listened carefully.

“Sister, if you are planning to get pregnant, you should eat less iced food on weekdays. Eating too much iced food is not good for girls. If you are pregnant, you should eat more fruits and walnuts…” Mrs. Zhang talked endlessly, wishing to share all her experience with Shen Qinglan in one breath.

Although Shen Qinglan wasn’t planning to get pregnant in a short period of time, she still listened carefully. These would always be useful in the future.

“Sister, if you don’t understand anything after you get pregnant, you can ask me. Although I’m not a professional, I have given birth to two children and know more than you.”

“Thank you, sister-in-law.” Shen Qinglan thanked earnestly.

“What thank you, I have time while sitting at home.” Mrs. Zhang glanced at the kitchen, “Are you going to cook?”

Shen Qinglan smiled embarrassingly. She didn’t cook for the past two days. She went to the cafeteria with Fu Hengyi. Except for the few dishes she learned from Mrs. Song and Aunt Zhao, she didn’t have any other dishes that she could cook.

Mrs. Zhang was a smart person. Seeing the embarrassment in Shen Qinglan’s eyes, she smiled, “Sister, come to my house for dinner with Hengyi tonight. You should be tired of always eating the food in the cafeteria.”

“No need, sister-in-law, Hengyi will be back later, I’ll make some side dishes.”

Sister-in-law Zhang didn’t force it, as it was getting late, she didn’t stay long, and went home.

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