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One day later, at the Sichuan City Demon Hunter Branch, the demon power detector suddenly started to stop working and raised an alarm.

“What’s going on?” After receiving the news, the branch president hurried over, glanced at the light spots on the screen, and asked subconsciously, “Is the demon power detector broken?”

“No, the demon power detector is normal.” In fact, at the beginning, they also thought that the demon power detector was broken, but after checking several times, they found that the demon power detector was not broken at all.

“Then how could there be such a wide range of demon power reactions? Could it be that the entire Sichuan city is full of the demon race?” The branch leader asked with an ugly face.

“President, the wavelength of the demon power is the same in the whole city.” The demon hunter who was in charge of detecting the demon power replied.

“What? Could it be that such a huge demon power was created by just one demon?” The branch president’s expression suddenly changed, and he suddenly had a guess. A demon who could create such a large fluctuation in demon power in an instant was probably the one who they reminded about when they were summoned to the general meeting, the former demon king Peng Yan.

Ma Dan, the whole world was so big, how could his city have been chosen.

“President, the intensity of demonic power is slowly increasing. And it’s all below the surface. What does the other party want to do?”

“He wants to cause an earthquake.” The branch president understood immediately, “Hurry up and lock his position.”

“It can’t be locked, now the fluctuations of demonic power in the entire city are the same, and it is impossible to lock his position.”

“Continue to try to lock, I will notify the headquarters.” The branch president of the Sichuan City branch left the detection room and immediately contacted the Demon Hunter Association Headquarters.

After receiving the reminder from the demon clan, President Yi Xun immediately informed the major branches of Peng Yan’s plan. That was why the Sichuan branch chief knew Peng Yan at the first glance when he saw the demon power distribution map and that he wanted to cause an earthquake.

“President, Peng Yan is in Sichuan City, and his demonic power has already covered the surface of Sichuan City.” The branch president of Sichuan City quickly reported, “And the other party deliberately controlled his demonic power, so that our demonic power detector can’t detect it at all and go to his place.”

“Don’t panic.” Yi Xun signaled the other party to calm down, “How long has it been since you discovered the anomaly?”

“Ten minutes, but the other party’s demon power has covered the entire surface of Sichuan City.”

“The demon king said that it takes a lot of demon power reserves to cause an earthquake, and even Peng Yan needs a long enough preparation time, so the earthquake will not happen in a while. I will send people to your side now, and you do your best to lock onto Peng Yan’s position.” Yi Xun ordered.

“Do we need to notify people to evacuate?” the branch president asked again.

“Don’t cause panic, wait a little longer.” Yi Xun hesitated for a while and chose not to announce, since the earthquake may not happen. Even if it did, it would be too late to escape. Now they could only hope that Demon King Fan Chen would keep his word.

After hanging up the phone, Yi Xun turned around and dialed the Demon King’s exclusive number, and the call was quickly connected.

“Demon King, Peng Yan is in Sichuan City. He has spread his demon power all over the surface of Sichuan City.” Yi Xun briefly introduced the current situation.

“I know, I’m already on my way.” Fan Chen’s voice came from the phone in an unhurried manner.

“The earthquake…”

“Don’t worry, I will stop it.” Fan Chen replied.

Yi Xun heaved a sigh of relief, although he largely believed in the words of the demon king, but as demon hunters, they couldn’t really do nothing just because of a promise from the demon king and pin all their hopes on the demon clan.

“Old Wei, can you go to Sichuan City?” Yi Xun called Old Wei.


Actually, Fan Chen sensed it as early as when Peng Yan started to arrange the demon power formation, and he flew over immediately. It was just a pity that by the time he arrived, the formation had already been completed, and Peng Yan had escaped into the interior of Sichuan City, he further restrained his breath, such that even Fan Chen couldn’t perceive him.

However, after the demon power array was fully charged, it needed to be mobilized. At that time, he could sense Peng Yan’s position and teleport there. So, Fan Chen was not in a hurry, he stepped on the land full of demon power and took a leisurely walk, waiting for the best opportunity.

On the other side, Mi Wan’s helicopter was also flying from Cannes to Sichuan City at the fastest speed.

Meanwhile, Peng Yan, who was waiting for a big battle to accumulate energy, was eating deliciously at a certain hotpot restaurant in the city.

The hot pot soup base was rolling. Peng Yan sat alone in the huge box, occupied an Eight Immortals table by himself, ordered a table full of ingredients, and ate food with a delicious taste. The more he ate, the more he couldn’t help but feel pity. He remembered that one of the reasons why the few human girls said they liked Sichuan City was that the food in this city was very delicious. At this time, he ate it and thought it was really good. After the earthquake started, it was not a pity that the human beings would die, but it seemed a pity that the food would be gone.

How about taking away the chef in this store before the earthquake happened so that this skill could be preserved?

Peng Yan ate all afternoon, from lunch to dinner, before he was full. Calculating the time, the power-charging formation was almost completed, so he decided to leave.

“Sir, how do you want to pay?” The waiter had already set his sights on this super-eatable customer. If he didn’t see that the other person’s demeanor didn’t look like someone with no money, he would have definitely made the other person pay before ordering so much food.

“I want to meet your chef here.” Peng Yan said.

Chef? This man talked so strangely, and why did he want to see our chef? Was he still some kind of hidden gourmet?

“What, I can’t see the chef?” Peng Yan frowned.

The waiter couldn’t resist Peng Yan’s kingly domineering attitude, and agreed unknowingly: “Yes, yes, I’ll call him right away.”

After a while, a fat chef and the waiter came together and walked into the box together.

“Sir, did you want to see me?” the fat chef asked with a smile. Theirs was a famous hot pot restaurant in Sichuan City. Some customers would like to thank the chef after they ate well, so the fat uncle was not nervous, but a little excited.

“Yeah.” Peng Yan nodded slightly, “For a human, your cooking skills are pretty good.”

“You just have fun eating.” As a chef, the happiest thing for him was when others praised the delicious food he cooked. Even if he just prepared a hot pot base today.

“There will be a big earthquake here in a while. It’s a pity that you will die despite your good craftsmanship. It’s a pity for you to die. So, come with me.” Peng Yan stood up, grabbed the shoulder of the fat chef, and then his body suddenly became transparent, and they disappeared from the hot pot restaurant in the blink of an eye.

In the box.

“??” The waiter took a breath, and then yelled loudly, “It’s not good, the kitchen master was taken away by a demon…”

At the same time, Fan Chen and Mi Wan sensed a burst of abnormality at the same time. The demon power was fluctuating.

“Found it!”

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