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#Cheng Yangbin Mech Manufacturing Contest Cheating in the Finals#

#Cheng Yang commits blasphemy#

#Cheng Liuliu leaked test questions and will bear criminal responsibility#

#Revealing why the genius persona of mecha manufacturing genius collapsed#

The mecha manufacturing competition was a highly public event. When the verdict of Cheng Yangbin’s cheating came out, the public opinion on the Star Network exploded in an instant, and nearly half of the star entertainment hot search list was about the Cheng family scandal.

An exotic mecha maker saw traces of his own work on the drawings that Cheng Yangbin handed over to the master for modification. The mecha maker came from a copyright-rich country and out of anger directly sent a lawyer’s letter demanding sky-high compensation.

The power of netizens was endless. Soon other netizens found out that Cheng Yangbin’s various works had traces of plagiarism. Many people came forward to claim credit in order to gain popularity. For a time, Cheng Yangbin seemed to have plagiarized most of the mecha manufacturing industry.

Cheng Yangbin was furious but helpless, he became a street rat for a while, even more embarrassed than Qin Jun who had had to apologize in public some time ago.

Although the Cheng family spent money to push down Cheng Yangbin’s trending searches, the stain on Cheng Yangbin’s reputation could not be undone.

His bright future, his life as a councilor, and even the future of the Cheng family’s head were all ruined by this stain.

Cheng Yangbin smashed a set of cups and two vases at home, venting his anger desperately. A communication notification made Cheng Yangbin raise his head from the mess on the ground. He picked up the communication device with a heavy face, “Mr. Cheng, I investigated and found out about Jun Tongchen. You can never guess who he is.”

“Don’t beat around the bush, who is it?!” After a while, Cheng Yangbin’s tone changed: “What did you say?!”


“Question 18 is correct!”

“The nineteenth question is also done!”

“He answered all the previous questions!” A judge couldn’t believe it.

“If I were to answer the questions, I wouldn’t be able to answer so well…”

Professor Li looked thoughtfully at the design drawing of a space combat mecha written by Tang Bai on the screen.

A novel but unexpectedly complete concept, abandoning the double leg structure of the humanoid mecha, and using the galaxy to push the engine to complete the movement of the mecha. The weapons on the mecha were mainly BVR strike weapons… It seemed Tongchen was very interested in space combat mechs.

“Ding—the exam is over. Except for contestant No. 103 Jun Tongchen who will continue to answer, please put down the answer sheet and leave the examination room.” Tang Bai, who was writing quickly, heard the announcement and realized that he was so hungry that his chest was pressed against his back, but his spirits were so high that he was completely unaware of his hunger when he answered.

His eyes fell on the last question, which was more than half completed.

Tang Bai’s expression was calm, and the rhythm of the drawing was not disturbed by the announcement. He wrote down his opinion in an orderly manner: “I think space combat mechs can play an unexpected restraint role when encountering special races in the universe…”

[Oh, I can only see a mosaic]

[Let’s see the judges, there is an old man who has a stinky face one second and the next is so happy that he stomps his feet, I really don’t know what magic power Jun Tongchen’s paper has]

[Don’t look at the last question but you can read the previous ones. Many of the questions were calculated directly in his mind. The school bully in our dormitory closed himself on the spot after seeing it]

[Is this the world of the god of learning? Love it, love it]

[Jun Tongchen is so powerful, why didn’t he go to college, it doesn’t make sense, he will be chased by any university he puts his mind on]

Amidst the lively discussion on the bullet screen, the protagonist of their discussion handed in his exam paper, left the exam room, and walked out of the hall to get some air while the judges were marking the exam.

It was already eight o’clock in the evening, and there were eighteen other contestants and their family members and friends waiting for their results outside the hall. Tang Bai only told Grandpa Tang about his anonymous participation. He knew that Grandpa Tang would not show up now to avoid suspicion, but it didn’t matter –

Sitting in the seat of No. 103 Jun Tongchen was a handsome young man, Xie Ruheng who Tang Bai hadn’t seen these days.

“Brother Xie!” Tang Bai didn’t expect Xie Ruheng to appear here. During this time, Xie Ruheng was practicing etiquette knowledge, because Tang Bai couldn’t tell Xie Ruheng that he knew the questions. But what he taught was enough for him to pass the exam. If he didn’t teach it, he wouldn’t have to practice it, so Xie Ruheng practiced etiquette in his free time, and Tang Bai was too embarrassed to disturb Xie Ruheng recently.

When Tang Bai walked forward quickly, he found that Xie Ruheng was holding a thermal box in his hand. The thermal box contained rabbit meat that he had eaten at the roadside stall.

Tang Bai: “!!!”

Tang Bai’s eyes lit up: “How do you know that I like this?!”

“I saw you say in your circle of friends that this rabbit meat is delicious.” Xie Ruheng got up and gave his seat to Tang Bai, then he calmly put on a pose that could reflect his figure and show Tang Bai his strong but not overly prominent biceps, triceps, and smooth muscle lines.

He had done some research and found that Tang Bai’s fascination with Xiao Cheng might be due to Xiao Cheng’s figure-revealing dressing style.

As an alpha who often lurked in the group of omega ladies, Xie Ruheng learned a lot of new knowledge!

For example, omegas would also be greedy for alpha’s body!

So, his current seemingly casual attire was full of scheming. The tight white shirt had the top three buttons unbuttoned. It was said that this was an irresistible temptation for the ladies in the group.

Xie Ruheng turned his head slightly, the corners of his lips curled up and his eyes were deep, as he said in a gentle tone: “You have been sitting in the examination room for a whole day, and you only drank the nutrient solution once at twelve o’clock. You must be hungry. Let’s eat some hot food first.”

Tang Bai nodded vigorously, and after eating the familiar rabbit meat, he was moved and said: “Brother Xie, you are so kind!”

He was immersed in eating the whole time, and he didn’t even have time to look at Xie Ruheng.

The cold wind outside the window blew through the hem of Xie Ruheng’s clothes, making him feel the slightest bit of desolation of having no one to support him.

Tang Bai ate a big mouthful of rabbit meat with tears in his eyes and couldn’t help sending a message to share the happiness with Xiao Cheng: “Have you had dinner yet?! My sister gave me the rabbit meat we ate together last time. It is very delicious!”

Ding ding ding ding sounded from Xie Ruheng’s body one after another, as if calling in a series of life-threatening calls, and each ding sounded in line with Tang Bai’s rhythm of sending messages.

Seeing Tang Bai raise his head blankly, Xie Ruheng forced out a smile: “Ah… there are too many things at school, and the class committee keeps sending me messages.”

Hearing this, Tang Bai said distressedly: “Brother Xie, you are so busy, and you still came to see me.” There was a live broadcast in the hall. Tang Bai was afraid of being overheard by interested people, so he could only praise: “Good brother!” After saying that, he lowered his head and prepared to tell Xiao Cheng how much of a good sister he was. Gentle and considerate!

Taking advantage of Tang Bai lowering his head to type, Xie Ruheng used the speed of his hands and fingers that he had been cultivated after being single for 20 years to successfully catch Tang Bai’s message and chose to mute the notifications!

Xie Ruheng, who was about to have a sudden cardiac arrest, felt like he was running a race against death, then he looked at the message from Tang Bai with a weary face.

Tang Bai: “Woo, woo, I have the best sisters in the world!”

Xie Ruheng: “…”

Tsk, this little green tea can also change people’s gender behind their backs.

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