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After Tang Bai sent the message to Xiao Cheng, he looked up and saw Xie Ruheng’s faint eyes. So, he pursed his lips and smiled sheepishly.

This way of leaving a good sister aside to chat with Xiao Cheng was really unethical!

Tong Meng had done this before and was caught and tickled by Tang Bai.

Why am I so obsessed with s*x now?!

Tang Bai condemned himself.

“Brother Xie, come on, sit down too! This chair is very big, two people can sit on it~” Tang Bai diligently gave up his seat, clapped his little hands and motioned for Xie Ruheng to sit down.

He felt guilty.

Xie Ruheng thought calmly, he was like the husband standing at the scene of the adultery, except that it was his own hands that were cuckolding him.

After Tang Bai waited for Xie Ruheng to sit down, he softly started the secret chat between girlfriends: “Brother Xie, do you know Xiao Cheng from your school?”

Xie Ruheng: “…!” The cuckold’s hands trembled slightly.

Was Tang Bai doubting his identity?!

How should he answer Tang Bai?!

Xiao Cheng’s vest was originally a daily disposable vest, so Xie Ruheng had never made a detailed character design for him. At this moment, Tang Bai’s question caught Xie Ruheng off guard, and the alarm in his mind went off crazily.

Don’t hesitate for too long, otherwise it will look suspicious!

“I don’t know.” Xie Ruheng pretended to be calm.

Tang Bai’s interest continued: “He is also from the slums. He has also played in underground arenas and supports equal rights. Do you think it is a coincidence or not?”

He sat there and thought about whether he should confess now or bow and apologize gracefully in a deserted place later.

Tang Bai smiled mischievously and said: “What’s more, he is also your little fan~ He told me this personally when we first chatted!”

Xie Ruheng: “…”

Tang Bai, who had been laying the groundwork for so long, finally rubbed his hands and expressed his wish: “He saved me in the slums before. I haven’t prepared a thank you gift for him yet. I don’t know what he wants. If I help him get his idol’s autograph, he will definitely be very happy ~”

Xie Ruheng: “…” Thank you, I’m so happy.

Tang Bai still wanted to continue chatting with Xie Ruheng. At this time, in the hall, they heard the sound of the judges commenting on each contestant’s test paper: “Contestant No. 19 Bi Qian’s score is 89 points. He…”

When the judges came to Tang Bai’s examination, the atmosphere among the judges suddenly became lively. Professor Li stroked his beard and spit, dancing and explaining Tang Bai’s wonderful design drawings. His unique insights into Tang Bai’s space combat mechas attracted frequent nods from the other judges.

Under the expert analysis of the judges, the barrage half-understood and were half-unclear, but it was enough to understand that they were praising Jun Tongchen for being awesome.

The champions of every mecha manufacturing competition were the hottest newcomers in the mecha industry, and the barrage seemed to have seen the rising star in the mecha industry.

[Jun Tongchen is awesome for being able to give such high-quality answers in such a short period of time]

[Experts’ rainbow farts are really good]

[Jun Tongchen took two exams! He can take first place in both roll A and roll C and is a well-deserved champion!]

[When the judges said Paper C was the most difficult, I thought Jun Tongchen was about to overturn]

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh first place!!! Definitely number one!!!]

“Dear contestants, the results of the competition have come out, please look at the big screen.” The nineteen contestants on the screen were arranged from high to low according to their results. “Jun Tongchen” was ranked first, with absolute advantages in all results, crushing the second place completely, his score was close to the perfect score.

“Congratulations.” Xie Ruheng said softly, with a faint expression of emotion in his eyes. When Tang Bai was about to sign up for the competition, he never thought that Tang Bai could reach this point.

At first, Xie Ruheng thought that it was a great achievement for Tang Bai to pass the preliminary round and enter the semi-finals.

But Tang Bai’s performance in the preliminary round was so good that he could directly advance to the finals.

When Xie Ruheng was waiting in the live broadcast room, queuing up to buy rabbit meat, and watching Tang Bai write furiously to answer the difficult C paper, he thought that the score in Paper A was already Tang Bai’s peak, but Tang Bai’s performance set new standards in his cognition time and time again.

He watched Tang Bai getting better and better.

This felt…good.

Tang Bai’s amber eyes looked at Grandpa Tang who had come out from behind the scenes. He saw that Grandpa Tang was holding the championship trophy in his hand.

That was the honor he had longed for, for many years. He had once been unable to reach it through the screen. However, at this moment, this crown was waiting for him to pick it up.

[My idol Mr. Tang is here to hand out the trophy, woo woo woo.]

[Oh my God, I’m so envious. Jun Tongchen is simply a winner in life!]

“Go quickly.” Xie Ruheng said to Tang Bai.

The judges also cast encouraging glances at Tang Bai. The contestants and other people in the hall looked at Tang Bai with envy. Amidst the anticipation and admiration, Tang Bai’s heart beat faster and faster, and he took a deep breath, ready to stand up with a smile to receive his own honor.

At this moment, an uninvited guest suddenly broke into the hall.

“I want to expose Jun Tongchen for cheating!” Cheng Yangbin shouted: “Jun Tongchen entered the examination room with a false identity! He knew the test papers in advance! He is the one who really violated the rules!” There was a commotion in the hall.

“He is actually an omega! He is Tang Rong’s omega grandson Tang Bai!”

The whole audience was in an uproar.

Even the usually calm Bai Zhi couldn’t form words at this moment. Jun Tongchen and Tang Bai, were they the same person?!

He subconsciously looked at Tang Bai, and suddenly found that the two of them had the same amber eyes, which looked like thick honey syrup in the sunlight, and looked unusually calm and transparent in the dark corner of the room.

Tang Bai sat in his seat with a dignified manner, watching quietly as Cheng Yangbin shouted bitterly: “Tang Rong has leaked the test questions to his grandson a long time ago! The old and the young have teamed up to target our Cheng family! They are the real cheaters!”

[Isn’t it? Is Cheng Yangbin crazy? How could Jun Tongchen be Tang Bai?]

[What do you mean, Jun Tongchen knew the question in advance?]

[I believe in Mr. Tang’s character!]

[The reversal is coming! Sure enough, you can’t take sides too early]

[I’ll just say it! How could Jun Tongchen answer Volume C so perfect in such a short period of time!]

[Tang Bai? Isn’t Tang Bai the green tea omega who does green tea makeup? How could he make a mecha?]

Judges were in a state of you look at me and I look at you. One judge laughed and said: “Are you kidding me, Jun Tongchen is an omega? How can an omega compare to a group of alphas?” Professor Li sat blankly.

At the judges’ table, he suddenly remembered that after Xie Ruheng used the brand-new mecha to perform a killing move, a beautiful little omega ran desperately towards the mecha and opened the cockpit in a few seconds.

The way to open the cabin of each mecha was different. Most people had to fumble for a while when facing a new mecha. At that time, he was still a little surprised that the little omega could open the door so skillfully.

That omega… seemed to be called Tang Bai?

“Isn’t it?”


“How can an Omega make a mecha?”

Countless whispers sounded from every corner of the hall.

He seemed to have seen such a scene before.

By the way, it was in the novel in his mind. When the people in the book faced Xie Ruheng’s gender reveal, their initial reaction was also such disbelief.

They had become accustomed to the meek and weak attitude of omegas. In their eyes, omegas were beautiful waste and fertility machines. So, they rejected omegas and looked down upon omegas. Society put shackles on omegas and limited their possibility of showing their talents.

And when the first omega broke out of his shackles and danced, he was destined to walk on a road dripping with blood.

“Are you okay?” Xie Ruheng held Tang Bai’s hand worriedly. Tang Bai, who was motionless, blinked and looked back at him quietly.

There were too many emotions in those eyes that Xie Ruheng couldn’t understand, sad and tender, firm and decisive.

Tang Bai shook his hand hard, as if trying to draw some strength from him.

Then Tang Bai stood up.

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