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As he stood up, countless eyes fell on him. Tang Bai saw similar astonishment and doubts appearing on the familiar or unfamiliar faces.

“Do you dare to admit it?! You cheater!!!” Cheng Yangbin pointed at Tang Bai and shouted.

Tang Bai met Cheng Yangbin’s crazy gaze without hesitation. He held his head high and raised the corners of his lips mockingly at Cheng Yangbin, who no longer had any grace to speak of. Then, in front of everyone, he tore off the skin mask neatly and smashed it to the ground.

The appearance of that human/leather mask was too dull, so everyone was caught off guard when saw the unrealistically beautiful face under the mask, it was like someone who had been in a dark room for a long time looking directly into the scorching sun without any precautions, such that they couldn’t help but exclaim.

“Look! He is an omega! Omega, get out of the mecha manufacturing circle!” Cheng Yangbin shouted excitedly. His heart was full of satisfaction that a great revenge had been avenged. Tang Bai had ruined his future, and he could not let Tang Bai off!

“Unfair! How could an omega win the championship?!” Someone came to his senses and said angrily: “The final is unfair! Omega, get out of the mecha manufacturing circle!”

“Damn, an omega bi**h won the championship?! There must have been a shady secret in the competition!!”

“Tang Rong leaked the questions!”

“Omega, get out of the mecha manufacturing circle!!!”

More and more angry voices sounded, including the barrage that was frantically refreshing the screen with the words, “omega, get out of the mecha manufacturing circle”. There was even an alpha who picked up a water glass and threw it at Tang Bai.

Xie Ruheng quickly blocked the thrown object for Tang Bai with quick eyes and hands. He looked back nervously at Tang Bai and saw Tang Bai standing there with his head held high, his etiquette impeccable, but his tightly pursed lips were trembling slightly.

“Please be quiet!” Lieutenant General Mo shouted loudly: “Tang Bai did not hide his identity! The head of the review team and I already knew that Tang Bai was Mr. Tang’s grandson since the time he reported Cheng Yangbin. Thus, Mr. Tang avoided asking questions throughout the finals and did not participate in any scoring!”

Cheng Yangbin sneered: “Although he did not directly participate in the scoring, his presence must have influenced other judges who scored. It was because of his influence that Professor Li and Bai Zhi repeatedly gave Tang Bai high scores. There are other judges, who knows which one has been favored by Tang Rong and opened an upward path for his grandson?!”

Several judges looked at Bai Zhi and Professor Li.

Bai Zhi, who had calmed down, stood up and said coldly: “In order to protect the personal safety of mecha manufacturers, anonymous participation is permitted by the federal government. Every year, some players participate anonymously. The identities of these players only exist in confidential libraries. Many of them, none of the judges, including me, could know.”

Professor Li nodded.

“As for what you said before about Tang Bai using a false identity, Tang Bai never said that he was a beta, and Jun Tongchen was just a codename he used during competitions,” Bai Zhi said.

“But how can an omega win the championship?!” There was an alpha in the crowd who was bribed by Cheng Yangbin that shouted out: “You say that if you don’t tell the truth, you don’t tell the truth?!”

“What if Tang Bai wears a two-layer human/leather mask on his face??! How could an omega do so well in the exam!”

“Yes, the rabbit mecha in the preliminary round may have been bought from an exotic mecha manufacturer!”


Grandpa Tang looked at the hall and held on. Looking at the thin figure, he seemed to see the stubborn figure who had never looked back after walking out of the weapons research room that day.

He thought it was a sapling that needed to be cared for and grown in a greenhouse, but in a blink of an eye, the sapling grew into a poplar tree that could stand upright amidst the wind and sand.

A gratified smile and uncontrollable distress appeared in his old eyes. Grandpa Tang coughed and said slowly: “Everyone, can you listen to me for a few words?” Grandpa Tang’s presence in the Federation was like a needle in the sea. When he spoke, the hall gradually became quiet.

“A kid questioned the fairness of the finals. I want to clarify here that no matter how many layers of human/leather masks you wear, there will be no substitute test, because fingerprints and irises must be checked during the competition.” After Grandpa Tang said that, the questioner blushed.

[This suggestion to participate in the competition anonymously was proposed by Mr. Tang, and some people actually suspected that there were loopholes in this rule in front of Mr. Tang]

[Times have changed, times really have changed. In fact, many players participated anonymously in the early years. At that time, the empire had a special hunt for outstanding mecha builders in the Federation. Now that the federation has become stronger, more and more young mecha builders dare to reveal their identities openly.]

[Yes, in the older generation even the family members of the mecha manufacturers didn’t even know that they had gone to research mechas]

[Old Tang’s wife seemed to have died in the empire’s hunting activities…]

“There are still people worried about Tang Bai’s rabbit mecha in the preliminary round. That I hired someone to design it for him.” Grandpa Tang carefully took out a somewhat old drawing from his arms. It was the first draft of the rabbit mecha, and there was a line of childish font on it: I want to build a mecha that an omega can also operate, so everyone can fight the bad guys themselves!

“This is the first draft that my grandson drew when he was a child.” Grandpa Tang showed this imperfect first draft to the camera. The questioning commentators wanted to find out the loopholes, but the draft clearly recorded the design completely from the beginning to the end.

[What the hell? Is this the first draft Tang Bai made when he was a child? It seemed like I was still playing in the mud at that time]

[Kneel down! I won’t be able to do it in my next life]

[Jokes aside, can Omega really make this kind of mecha?]

[Do those people who said that Tang Bai plagiarized and hired someone else to write for him feel hurt?!]

[Just because you alphas can’t do it yourself, doesn’t mean that others can’t do it either! Protect our little genius Tang Bai! Support Mr. Tang! I believe in Mr. Tang’s character!]

[Is this talent…]

Grandpa Tang showed off to everyone with a tone of pride that he didn’t even realize: “My grandson, a genius in mecha manufacturing, is with me.”

The tears that Tang Bai had been holding back for a long time almost burst out because of Grandpa Tang’s words. He gritted his teeth, his eyes were red, and he said, tremblingly: “I am an omega, but I have never cheated. If you doubt my strength, then this is good -“

“Now, the entire Internet can give me questions, you give me one question, and I will answer one.”

“You see if I am worthy of staying in the mecha manufacturing circle.”

The barrage was silent for a moment, no one thought that this seemingly weak omega would make such a crazy and risky move.

Professor Li became anxious when he heard this. He said repeatedly: “What angry words are you talking about! Tang Bai, don’t act out of anger! We all believe in your strength!” Cheng Yangbin was overjoyed when he heard this. He said quickly, fearing that Tang Bai would regret it.

“Okay! If you can’t answer a question! What are you going to do?!”

Tang Bai stared at Cheng Yangbin steadily and said softly in the softest tone: “Then I will get out of the mecha manufacturing circle.”

“But I would like to ask Mr. Cheng Yangbin to answer questions with me. Netizens will raise questions and we will choose each other’s questions. If you can answer one question correctly, I will answer ten questions. Do you dare to answer the questions with me?”

Tang Bai’s voice said again. It was gentle and could be said to be a breath of fresh air, but Cheng Yangbin got goosebumps inexplicably when he heard these words. He took a step back with some flinching, as if he had returned to the shadow of Tang Bai’s cold voice from before.


Tang Bai couldn’t have real strength. The previous mechas must have been designed by Tang Rong, just like his second uncle helped pave the way for him before. The questions Tang Bai asked him last time must also have been specially taught by Tang Rong!

How could an omega learn to make mechas well? He must be bluffing now!

But facing those calm eyes, Cheng Yangbin suddenly lost his confidence again.

Professor Li on the side was so anxious that he was sweating profusely. He was worried that Tang Bai’s bright future would be ruined due to an emotional dispute, and he was also angry at Cheng Yangbin and those who denied Tang Bai without knowing the truth.

Tang Bai smiled slightly at Professor Li, with strong confidence in his eyes.

He believed in his own strength.

Besides, he still had a strong urge to do that.

Bai Zhi saw Tang Bai’s firm eyes and his extraordinarily powerful aura when confronting Cheng Yangbin with his thin body. He put away his doubts about Tang Bai and narrowed his eyes to look at the surprised Cheng Yangbin.

Then, Bai Zhi stood up to “smooth things over” and said, “Tang Bai, look at you, the more you talk, the more nonsense you would be facing. The strength of a mecha manufacturing master is reflected by formal tests. You did two sets of papers in a row today. Your strength has been seen by all, you don’t need to prove yourself in this way…”

Cheng Yangbin was still hesitant at first, but after hearing Bai Zhi’s explanation, he was afraid that Tang Bai would use this step to go down. So, Cheng Yangbin suddenly interrupted Tang Bai: “Okay! I’ll answer the question with you! If you lose, quit the mecha manufacturing circle!”

His future was ruined anyway! So what if he just bet with Tang Bai!

“Then what if Mr. Cheng Yangbin loses?” Amber eyes seemed to see through Cheng Yangbin’s thoughts. Tang Bai curled his lips and said sarcastically: “You also want to quit the mecha manufacturing circle? But you have no place in this circle anymore.”

Cheng Yangbin’s face turned blue and white, and for a moment he didn’t know what to say.

“If you lose, can you please sponsor another one billion for the ‘Warm Spring Project’? What do you think?”

Cheng Yangbin’s eyes widened, “One billion?! That’s too much!” Where would he get so much money! The money Tang Bai asked from him last time had already wiped out his savings. If he really wanted to pay so much, he would have to sell the small energy mine that his family had assigned to him!

With amber eyes like some kind of expensive cold jewelry, Tang Bai said softly: “You bargain, so you are not sincere.”

[Pfft, this time I believe Tang Bai is the master]

[Hurry up and agree! Say yes quickly! If Cheng Yangbin didn’t agree, he wouldn’t be considered an alpha!]

[Fight, fight! I’ve dug out the question bank and prepared it!!!]

[I excitedly called my senior brother to come over and give the question. If Cheng Yangbin is scared, I will really look down on him!]

All the experiences of being insulted in the past came to mind because of these words. Cheng Yangbin’s eyes flashed with desperate ferocity. He gritted his teeth and said: “Come on!”

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