MGSGW Ch. 213

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This was how to do?

Yes, isn’t there another Liu Ting in his shop? Liu Ting was also a student of Yan University, so she and Lin Mumu were also classmates.

Unexpectedly, Liu Ting had already guessed Boss Su’s thoughts, so she turned around and resigned.

“Boss Su, are you demolishing the bridge after crossing the river?”

“I am still a student at school, and I agreed to come to your store as a temporary worker, not a regular employee. I am a student, and if someone spreads gossip and it reaches the school, how do you want me to live?” Liu Ting said, and began to cry aggrievedly.

“Tingting, don’t cry. People will think that I have done something to you.”

Boss Su persuaded helplessly: “You see, you said that you can do leaf cuttings of succulents, so I spent money and bought such crap. Don’t be nervous. I will admit the loss of these leaves, and I won’t ask you to pay for it. But you have to do me a favour.”

Liu Ting’s most worrisome thing recently was if Boss Su would dump the blame on her and let her bear the loss of more than 7,000 yuan. Hearing what Boss Su said, Liu Ting also felt a little guilty: “Then what do you want me to do?”

“We all do business in the same market, so we can make money with harmony.”

“It’s that simple?” Liu Ting hesitated.

“This thousand dollars is for your hard work.” In order to ease the relationship with Lin Mumu, Boss Su paid a lot of money.

“Okay. I’ll go later.”

“Don’t, Boss Lin is still angry, don’t make trouble at this time, you’d better go in two days.”

“Yes.” Liu Ting accepted Boss Su’s offer. She packed the heavy red packet into her schoolbag before packing up and leaving.

Boss Su finally breathed a sigh of relief. There should be a turning point in this matter, right?

The trees in the flower shop were busy and full.

Especially with the addition of Yun Ting in the flower shop, which made Lin Mumu feel better.

She didn’t know how long Yun Ting could stay in Yanjing, and she didn’t know when he would go out on a mission next time. Maybe all she could do was to cherish this moment.

“Yun Ting, help me carry a bucket of water.”

“Yun Ting, help me dump the dregs.”

“Yun Ting, help me see if it looks good like this?”

“Yun Ting,…”

Yun Ting liked hearing Lin Mumu’s voice very much, and felt very satisfied when she called out his name from her mouth.

Liu Ting originally came over to apologize to Boss Su and Lin Mumu.

But she was a girl after all, with a thin skin. She wandered around outside Lin Mumu’s shop for a long time, and was finally spotted by Liu Yuanyuan: “The Work Office will report you.”

“I really didn’t do the leaf thing, it was Boss Su who was unconvinced and wanted to disgust you on purpose, so he broke the leaves. I persuaded him, but he didn’t listen. Ahh…, he is the boss, and there is nothing I can do about it.”

“Don’t say anything, you will benefit society by staying away from us.” Liu Yuanyuan was so angry that her face turned blue.

“Yuanyuan, do you hate me so much? You know, I can’t help it.” Liu Ting shed tears of grievance. She knew that among the people around Lin Mumu, Liu Yuanyuan was the softest, because Liu Yuanyuan knew that Liu Ting’s family was in a bad situation, she should be able to understand her.

“The most blind thing about me is that I once regarded you as a friend.” Unexpectedly, Liu Yuanyuan really didn’t give her any face, and she pushed Liu Ting away and rushed out.

Liu Ting had a ghost in her heart, knowing that she was in the wrong, she gritted her teeth, and left obediently.

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