SLDH Ch. 65.2: Lucky Little Squirrel

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Fan Chen had been busy at the company until very late before leaving work. When he started the car, he glanced at the dashboard inadvertently, and found that it was almost eleven o’clock.

“Is it so late?” As soon as he finished mumbling, Fan Chen felt that something was wrong, didn’t he just get home from work at eleven o’clock, why did he suddenly feel that it was late?

Although he found it strange, he didn’t think about it deeply, and Fan Chen continued to drive home. The car at night drove fast, and Fan Chen returned to the house in the eastern suburbs about half an hour later. After entering the courtyard gate, he habitually raised his head to look at the window next door, and the moment he raised his head, the light in the next door window went out in an instant.

“…” Lord Demon King showed a wry smile, feeling inexplicably uncomfortable, but helpless.

With a sigh, he entered the house, went upstairs, took a shower… but did not sleep, Mr. Demon King poured a glass of water, stood by the window, and looked into the distance. This afternoon, he suddenly felt a chill. Although this feeling was not very strong, every time he felt this way, it would be accompanied by some natural and man-made disasters.

“Has my demon power degraded so much? I can’t even feel when something is going to happen?” Lord Demon King looked down at his chest and sighed helplessly. It was only five hundred years old. If it was in the past, it would not be an issue even if he was asleep. But in the past five hundred years, his perception had degraded so much that he couldn’t even calculate the approximate position.

After a while, Fan Chen murmured again: “Fortunately, that perception is not strong, so it’s not a catastrophe.”

Although he wanted to predict what was going to happen in advance so that he could make preparations, he was not omniscient after all.

At this time, there was a slight noise from the window next door. Fan Chen looked sideways curiously and saw a little gray squirrel opening the window by itself as he squeezed out of the window with no effort.

Fan Chen naturally recognized this little squirrel, and since he hadn’t seen him for a few months, this little squirrel had a little more spirituality. It seemed that he had been raised well.

“Chichi~~” The little squirrel naturally saw Fan Chen, and it happily wagged its tail towards the opposite balcony.

“Come here.” Fan Chen beckoned, following his words, a green vine quickly stretched from here, connecting to the windowsills on both sides.

“Chichi~~” The little squirrel happily jumped onto the vine, flew with all four claws, and quickly ran over, squatting obediently on the balcony railing in front of Fan Chen.

“Come out to bask in the moonlight?” Generally, animals with enlightened intelligence liked to absorb the essence of moonlight at night. Usually the little squirrel would come out to bask in the sun, but at that time Fan Chen mostly rested indoors, so he never summoned the little squirrel like today.

“Chichi~~” (Yes, I will work hard to cultivate a human form as soon as possible.)

The little squirrel nodded and replied.

“Really, then you have to work hard.” Lord Demon King smiled encouragingly.

“Chichi~~” (My lord, did you come out to bask in the moon too?) asked the little squirrel.

“No, I just couldn’t sleep, so I came out to sit for a while.” Fan Chen shook his head.

“Chichi?” (You can’t sleep either?)

“Why, is there anyone else who can’t sleep?” Fan Chen asked casually.

“Chichi~~” (Mi Wan couldn’t sleep either, but she had to sleep hard on the bed even if she couldn’t).

The little squirrel’s tone was full of disgust. She was screaming in the middle of the night yesterday, scaring it to fall from the tree. He even knocked his head on a big bag of nuts.

“Wan Wan can’t sleep either?” Fan Chen subconsciously looked towards the opposite window and asked, “Why can’t she fall asleep?”

(I don’t know, but she’s been out of her mind recently, and she’s actually fantasizing about you liking her, and saying that if you were a human being, she would agree to fall in love with you. How could you be a human being? You are obviously a very powerful big demon.) The little squirrel never believed that their demon race could like humans.

After all, it was just a squirrel that had just opened its mind. Although it had the ability to think and learn, it was still an animal in essence and could not understand too complicated emotions. So it couldn’t understand, after it finished saying this sentence, the light that burst out from the eyes of the adult in front of it was actually a kind of joy.

“Wan Wan really said that?” Fan Chen said in surprise.

“Chichi~~” The little squirrel nodded and continued to betray its master.

(That’s right, that’s what she said, and she also likes to hide behind the window and peep at you. As soon as you come back, she will turn off the light guiltily and pretend that she is sleeping.)

Lord Demon King couldn’t bear it anymore, he held his forehead, and laughed softly, and with his deep laughter, the flowers and plants in the garden once again bloomed silently, and under the soft moonlight, a faint fragrance floated.

The little squirrel originally wanted to ask what the adult was laughing at, but when it felt the continuous demonic power, it suddenly realized something, and closed its eyes to absorb it.

The next morning.

Mi Wan woke up from her sleep, and then keenly noticed that there seemed to be something different in the room. It took her a long time to find the source of the strangeness, which came from the little squirrel’s tree house.

She walked over curiously and found that the little squirrel in the tree house was still sleeping, no, to be precise, it should be practicing. Because there was a faint demonic force floating around the little squirrel.

“Strange, why did this little guy change his body after only one night?” Mi Wan stared at the little squirrel suspiciously for a while. She remembered that this little guy was just an ordinary spirit beast yesterday, so why did he know how to collect demon power today?

That’s right, the faint strangeness that Mi Wan felt in the morning was the weak demonic power of the little squirrel. Although the little squirrel’s demon power was weak but being able to possess demon power proved that the little squirrel had officially moved from a spirit beast to a demonic beast. This was an essential leap.

Although it was strange, Mi Wan was still happy for the little squirrel. In order not to disturb its cultivation, she even went downstairs and told Butler Ye, who was very caring for the little squirrel, not to go upstairs to play with the little squirrel today.

At school, during the first class of class, Peng Jia took the initiative to sit with Mi Wan, and the two had a private conversation for a while in class.

“Mi Wan, Guan Shu asked me for your phone number, and I said I need your permission first.” Peng Jia didn’t want to mention this at first, because she knew that Mi Wan didn’t like Guan Shu, but for the sake of her boyfriend, she still had to ask this question.

“Ah, then you can give it to him.” Mi Wan replied indifferently.

“You want to give him a chance?” Peng Jia said in surprise.

“What chance?” Mi Wan was stunned for a moment and realized, “No, I didn’t mean that. We are all classmates, so it’s not good to not even give a call.”


Peng Jia knew what to say to Guan Shu in a while, although it was a pity, this kind of thing couldn’t be forced, “Then let’s hang out together next time.”

“Ah? I… I don’t want to hang out for the time being.” Mi Wan quickly refused.

“It’s not a friendship meeting, just go shopping together.” Peng Jia was speechless, what was Mi Wan thinking, she already had a boyfriend, so what kind of friendship meeting would be there.

“Oh, let’s go shopping, okay.” Mi Wan breathed a sigh of relief inexplicably.

In the next week, Mi Wan went to class as usual, and took Xiang Zhen and Wei Ji to catch demons as usual. The only difference was that she didn’t take the demons home and hand it over to Fan Chen like last time but let Quan Juncai come and take them away after capturing them.

Quan Juncai also became very efficient. As soon as Mi Wan called him, he went over, and after he went there, he lifted the demon and left. During the period, he didn’t say a word of nonsense, so cool. If Quan Juncai hadn’t smiled at her every time, Mi Wan would have wondered if she had offended him somewhere.

However, after a week of hard work, Mi Wan finally found all the gardeners, and because of her frenzied demon-hunting action recently, some lawbreakers among the demons had also stopped their actions by a lot. This made the Demon Hunter Association very happy. Every time Xiang Zhen went back to exchange points, President Bai would pat him on the shoulder and praise him for a long time.

On this day, Fan Chen was bowing his head to sign a document, when he suddenly felt something, he turned his head and looked out the window.

“What’s wrong?” Quan Juncai said sensitively.

“There’s an earthquake, a thousand kilometers to the east, a small-scale earthquake.” Fan Chen said.

“Is it serious?” Quan Juncai frowned.

“Not serious, a small earthquake.” Fan Chen frowned and said, “However, it seems that a mountain has collapsed.”

The mountain that he could feel, the mountain range must have a spirit, and there was a spirit on that collapsed mountain calling him.

“I’ll go and have a look.” Putting down the pen, Fan Chen disappeared instantly.

The author has something to say:

Mi Wan: Why did you betray me?

Little Squirrel: You told me yourself.

Mi Wan: Don’t you know not how to speak human language?

Little Squirrel: But the Demon King can understand.

Mi Wan: …

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