TBVSR Ch. 101.1: Polygraph

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In the consultation room, Jiang Yu and Duan Bo stared at each other for a whole afternoon…plus one night.

Duan Bo was like sitting on pins and needles, always looking down at his mobile phone, going to the door from time to time, and waiting anxiously for his return.

Jiang Yu sat on the sofa, very discouraged.

Still misguided.

Qiu Li was much smarter than her, if he really wanted to run, could she still lock him with a **** handcuff.

This guy was going to be a prisoner on death row in the future.


The more Jiang Yu thought about it, the more she felt that maybe she should take some extraordinary measures, and she couldn’t get used to him anymore.

So, she ordered a GPS micro-positioning tracker dedicated to preventing one’s husband from derailing.

Duan Bo slipped behind her, saw that she had placed an order for such a thing, and thought of the handcuff this morning, and couldn’t help but shudder.

He had always felt that a man like Qiu Li was cruel enough, and what woman could eat him.

After seeing Jiang Yu’s professional “equipment”, Duan Bo gave a thumbs up and called her an expert.

This little sister-in-law was also a ruthless person.

Duan Bo sat across from Jiang Yu and said, “Little sister-in-law, tell me the romantic story between you and Brother Li. How did you two get together?”

“It’s not romantic.”

Jiang Yu raised her gaze, glanced at him, and said casually: “All love stories start with mutual routines. He and I did the same at the beginning. We each got what we needed. But later, we found that neither of us had very good conditions. Except for the other party, if you can’t find a suitable partner, it’s better to just get together.”

Duan Bo’s mouth twitched, he really couldn’t see that Jiang Yu was still an old Versailles[1].

“Just based on the external conditions of the two of you… it’s really difficult to find a match. You two make do with each other and don’t ‘harm’ others, it’s good.”

On the contrary, Jiang Yu was more interested in Qiu Li’s affairs in the past two years, so she asked Duan Bo: “Then tell me, how did you meet him? My Qiu Li is not an easy person to make friends with.”

“You’re right.” Duan Bo took a plate of melon seeds and came over to chat with Jiang Yu: “I was his roommate. In the first year of university, there was really no special interaction. He basically didn’t interact with his roommates much. But in the sophomore year, my mother got cancer.”

Jiang Yu stopped eating melon seeds, frowned, and asked worriedly: “What happened later, how is aunty?”

Duan Bo sighed: “Our family’s conditions are average. My mother depended on selling fish in the vegetable market to let me grow up. She greeted me every day while slaughtering fish for customers. It was very hard. After my mother fell ill, our family did not have any source of income, this illness also cost a lot. Our family couldn’t afford that much money, so I took a break from school and went home to look after the fish stall, hoping to earn some money for my mother’s treatment.”

“I remember that that afternoon, I had just slaughtered three catfishes and was about to load them into the car to send them to the hotel. I didn’t expect Qiu Li to come suddenly, and he didn’t say much. He just threw me a packet of money wrapped in newspapers, turned around and just left.”


This simple and rude style was very harsh.

Duan Bo continued: “I opened it, and good god, it was tens of thousands! I hurried to catch up with him on the fish-delivery tricycle and asked him where the money came from. He said he earned it by himself, so I don’t have to quit school. At that time, I was moved. I was even about to kneel down on the spot. The incident took so long, but he was the only one who came to see me.”

“Later I went back to school, and he asked me to open this consultation room with him and gave me all the money he earned to treat my mother. Last year, my mother had a successful operation. The doctor said the situation was very optimistic. She is about to recover.”

Having said this, Duan Bo showed an uncontrollable smile, silly and especially sincere.

Jiang Yu couldn’t help but laughed, “That’s great.”

“In fact, I have been wondering why Brother Li wanted to help me. He and I are not friends, and we didn’t usually say anything to each other… After my mother fell ill, my relatives and friends asked about it, but no one was willing to lend me money. Just he… gave me all the money he saved without saying a word.”

Duan Bo could not understand why Qiu Li did this.

But Jiang Yu knew that maybe Qiu Li just didn’t want another child without a mother in this world.

Without those terrible encounters, he would definitely have become a warm and innocent boy.

Soon, Qiu Li returned to the consulting room.

The consultation room was brightly lit and the door was open. While Jiang Yu and Duan Bo squatted on the sofa to play games.

The little girl wore this low-necked loose sweater. Under the light, her skin looked particularly white, her eyes were clear, and on her feet, she was wearing SpongeBob flower socks.

This appearance of her gave Qiu Li a special feeling of home.

Hearing the sound of him coming back, Jiang Yu didn’t lift her head and ignored him.

But Duan Bo quickly said: “Brother Li, where have you been, my sister-in-law has been waiting for you for a day.”


Qiu Li put the skin care box on the cabinet and walked into the house.

Jiang Yu looked at the skin care product box, still ignored him, continued to play the game with Duan Bo, and urged: “Hurry up, come here to press the machine, you will lose!”

“I’ll press, you have good skills, go for a ghost walk first.”


Qiu Li reached Jiang Yu’s side, put his elbows on the sofa chair, slowly approached her, and said in her ear: “Put skills, yes, here, block him.”

Jiang Yu put her phone aside and said dissatisfied: “It’s so noisy!”

Qiu Li smiled a relaxed smile, as if there was something that he had let go of in his heart.

Duan Bo quickly said: “Hurry up, you are going to die.”

Jiang Yu continued the game, and Qiu Li lay down beside her obediently, watching her play games, sniffing her scent from time to time, making her ears and temples itchy, until she was almost caught by the “ghost” in the game.


Jiang Yu was about to dislike him, Qiu Li opened her hair, kissed her face, and then kissed her ear greedily.

It was extremely rare for Jiang Yu to see him so active. Hadn’t he been rejecting her intimacy for the past two days in an ugly manner?

She was a little surprised, and turned her face tentatively to see if he would kiss her lips.

And this temptation received a strong response from him. He opened his mouth and stuck out…


Jiang Yu was so frightened that she quickly moved away, looking at him in astonishment.

What’s up!

Duan Bo’s phone fell and said angrily: “Dog abuse! I can’t play this yet! You go! I don’t welcome you here!”

“It’s late, I’m back.”

Qiu Li took Jiang Yu’s hand along the way. Without realizing it, Jiang Yu threw his hand away with a temper: “Where have you been today?”



Do you need to go shopping alone? Isn’t it better to call her along?

“No lying.”

It’s just that he did not just go shopping.

With that, Qiu Li handed the LA prairie’s gift box to her and looked at her expectantly: “I bought it for you.”

Jiang Yu looked at the skin cream box and frowned suspiciously, seeming to discern the truth of his words: “Really shopping?”

“Well, I wanted to give you a gift, and I wanted to surprise by the way, so I didn’t call you.”

Jiang Yu had to believe it.

“Oh, it’s easy.” Duan Bo liked watching this kind of couple quarrelling full of Shura Field. He hoped that the two would fight and break up right there in order to satisfy his single dog evil thoughts that burned all over the world: “Didn’t we buy a second-hand polygraph in Taiwan last year? I heard that it’s quite professional. Come, come and try it brother Li!”

Qiu Li’s cold eyes glanced at him.

In normal times, Duan Bo naturally wouldn’t dare to use a polygraph to measure Qiu Li, but today the little sister-in-law was here, so he was not even afraid of the sky falling.

He hid next to Jiang Yu, blowing the wind in her ears: “Sister-in-law, do you want to do this?”

“This must be done.”

Jiang Yu had too many questions in her heart, she had to figure it out.

Anyway, he would not say if she asked Qiu Li, so it would be better to use modern technology directly.

Qiu Li: “I refuse.”

“Rejection is invalid.”

After speaking, Jiang Yu clutched Qiu Li’s collar and followed the excited Duan Bo to the second floor compartment.

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[1] Somebody experienced at showing off in a low-key manner.

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