TBVSR Ch. 101.2: Polygraph

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There was a small table in the room with a big-screen computer on the table, underneath the computer was the polygraph, and there were several complicated wires on the table.

Jiang Yu asked curiously: “Aren’t you engaged in psychological consultation, what’s the use of this polygraph?”

While debugging the equipment, Duan Bo explained: “Our customers here are the couples who want to ease conflicts and talk frankly with each other. The polygraph is specifically designed to meet the needs of customers in this area.”

Jiang Yu grinned: “You use a polygraph to adjust the conflict between husband and wife? You are afraid that the divorce rate is not high enough, right!”

“The couples we have advised, seem to have all basically separated.” Duan Bo scratched his head and said embarrassedly: “But this also proves that our polygraph is very accurate.”

Qiu Li said blankly, “Accurately, this is a second-hand product.”

Jiang Yu: “Oh, someone is in a hurry!”

Duan Bo: “In a hurry!”

Qiu Li: “I’m not going.”

Regardless of whether he wanted to or not, Jiang Yu directly pressed him on the chair.

Regardless of the little girl’s thin body, her body was full of muscles, even Qiu Li couldn’t do the high-intensity muscle training she underwent in order to dance every day.

So she easily pressed him on the chair, and, in cooperation with Duan Bo, put on stickers on his fingertips, wrists and temples.

Qiu Li deeply felt that in the future physical “exercise”, he really might not be able to keep up with the young lady in front of him.

“Did you open it?” Jiang Yu asked.

Duan Bo was crackling on the computer, and an electrocardiogram with Qiu Li’s stable frequency appeared on the computer screen: “Come on!”

Qiu Li said solemnly, “Jiang Yu, that’s enough, don’t kid around.”

“Even Jiang Yu has come out. Last time you called me by my first name and last name, I was still acknowledging my father.” Jiang Yu smiled and said, “Are you this anxious, does my boyfriend really have a secret?”

“No.” Qiu Li turned his eyes to the computer screen and took a deep breath: “Just ask.”

“Question 1: Did you really go shopping today?”


On the computer screen, Qiu Li’s heart rate remained stable.

Jiang Yu raised her eyebrows: “Why don’t you call me together if you were going shopping?”

Qiu Li: “In your menstrual period, it is inconvenient to walk too much. Do you have to force me to speak this out?”

Jiang Yu: “…”

Duan Bo put on noise-reducing soundproof headphones for himself: “I can’t hear anything, please feel free to ask anything.”

Jiang Yu’s face sank and she continued to ask: “Question 2: We had planned to go to university together, then why did you leave me and come to Haicheng alone?”

Qiu Li silently replied, “One, I did not want to face Ren Xian, and the other, my self-esteem was defeated, and seeing you getting better and better, I felt that I was not worthy to stand by your side…”

“Idiot, just for this…”

Jiang Yu felt uncomfortable when she heard it.

“Xiao Yu, you won’t understand, I was abandoning myself at that time.”

Qiu Li lowered his eyes and narrated calmly: “All my beliefs had collapsed. I had only one thought. I wanted to wait for you to forget me, then I was going to kill myself and leave this world.”

She gasped, and grabbed his collar with excitement, her eyes turning red: “Then why didn’t you die.”

Qiu Li smiled: “Didn’t you…you haven’t forgotten me.”


“Don’t…don’t…don’t do it, don’t do it in the instrument room.” Duan Bo hurriedly persuaded: “If there is anything, go out to fight, the equipment is expensive!”

Jiang Yu let go of him, sat on the chair beside him, calmed her mind, and gave an angry look to Qiu Li: “If you dare to hurt my boyfriend, I… I will hate you all my life.”

Duan Bo asked startled: “Your boyfriend, isn’t this the person in front of you? Who do you want to hate?”

“I will hate whoever kills A Li!” Jiang Yu vented her anger on Duan Bo, “Isn’t he eavesdropping? Is this professionalism!”

Duan Bo quickly put on earplugs.

Sure enough… Lie detectors really couldn’t be used casually.

Qiu Li squeezed the corner of his mouth, stretched out his left hand and patted her hand gently: “Sister, I won’t do that anymore.”

It was a very subdued voice, just like when he used to chase her, each “sister” being shouted in a very milky and coquettish tone.

Jiang Yu suddenly saw marks of burns on the back of his hand from cigarette butts, which were still fresh.

She grabbed his hand and asked, “Who did it?”

Qiu Li immediately withdrew his hand: “Accidentally.”

At this time, there was a slight change in his original regular heartbeat frequency.

“Here!” Duan Bo quickly said: “Little sister-in-law, he is panicking!”

Jiang Yu continued to ask: “Did you or someone else did it?”

Qiu Li’s expression gradually sank, his eyes clasping the electrocardiogram on the screen, pressing his throat, and said every word clearly: “It’s me.”

The electrocardiogram immediately began to beep.

Duan Bo turned his head: “He lied.”

Without his reminder also, Jiang Yu could see that this guy’s heartbeat was so flustered that several horses seemed to be chasing him.

Qiu Li: “…”

Jiang Yu continued to ask: “Who did it?”

“It’s me.”

At this time, the ECG unexpectedly returned to the normal frequency.

Jiang Yu frowned and asked Duan Bo, “What does this mean?”

“Huh? It didn’t lie, it was an accident just now, or sister-in-law, would you like to ask more?”

“In addition to shopping today, have you been to other places and met other people?”

Qiu Li: “No, just went shopping.”

The electrocardiogram on the screen was as calm as ever, and there was no more fluctuations in the heartbeat.

“Impossible.” Duan Bo patted the computer: “There is no reason, this polygraph is very professional, no matter how strong the anti-reconnaissance skills of the criminal are, it is impossible to escape the polygraph.”

Jiang Yu continued to ask: “Have you ever done anything against the law?”

Qiu Li: “No.”

The ECG was still calm.

Jiang Yu: “Is your machine broken?”

Duan Bo: “It can’t be bad. It just had a reaction. Just ask again! Ask a question that hits the soul!”

Jiang Yu took a deep breath, walked to the opposite of Qiu Li, supported the table and leaned over, until the scenery below the neckline was undoubtedly revealed before his eyes.

She leaned close to his ear and her breath stroked his ears like feathers. She whispered in a hoarse, seductive voice, “Do you want it?”

Qiu Li’s Adam’s apple rolled, and a faint swallowing sound came: “I don’t really want to.”

The electrocardiogram jumped violently, bang, bang, bang!

Duan Bo took off his earphones: “Look, the polygraph is fine! Even if Brother Li has the ability to hypnotize, he can’t escape the sanctions of the polygraph!”

Jiang Yu frowned. Could it be that… he didn’t lie, did he really go shopping today?

She took his right hand and carefully checked the scar on the back of her hand: “You really burned it yourself?”

“Well, because you are here, just test it to see if it hurts.”

“Does it hurt?”


She threw away his hand angrily: “You promised me, you will never do it.”

“Not anymore, sister, this was the last time, I promise.”

“You always say last time.”

“My sister will always love me.”

Then the several people walked out of the consultation room, Duan Bo said goodbye to them and took a taxi back to school.

Jiang Yu and Qiu Li were walking in the empty alleys. Not far away, there was a gangster who was drunk and walking embarrassedly…

Qiu Li escorted her back to the hotel.

In the elevator, he who had been patient and restrained just now…, it all came pouring out, he didn’t hold back the impulse, he just pressed her against the wall and kissed her wantonly.

Jiang Yu responded hastily, opened her eyes and looked at herself in the elevator mirror.

In the mirror, his right hand was around her waist. The right hand in the mirror should be the left hand in reality…

Jiang Yu suddenly seemed to have thought of something, and a thread in her mind suddenly broke!

The first time she saw his hand, it was his right hand that was burned.

But when he lied for the first time, until the end of the polygraph, she saw that his hand burned by a cigarette had turned into his left hand…

For no other reason, everything she saw after the first ECG jump was not the real world.

He controlled the frequency of the electrocardiogram and hypnotized her with the rhythm of his heartbeat!

Qiu Li was still kissing her affectionately, Jiang Yu said softly: “Qiu Li, I only want to do one thing now.”

“You can do anything to me.”

She pressed one knee against his abdomen, and the boy let out a muffled snort.

“Go to hell!”


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